Thursday, May 7, 2009

.:mirza d cute cowboy:.

peace be upon u

i learn something today which is very precious and valuable to me. let it go no matter how difficult it is =D then only u can smile and have peaceful life.

and yes, making birthday cake like mirza's cake really cheer me up. i love making this kind of cake =D to maizura, thanks alot for trusting me and have faith in me. sorry ya i kacau u pepagi tu sebab nak confirmkan size =P i tak mau cake tu nanti berlebih & membazir =) and im so glad perkiraan yang i buat just nice =D takde bazir kan mai?

and looking at mirza's photo with his cowboy hat and cake betul-betul buat penat i hilang =) thanks again maizura. for photos, credit to jojet =D

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