Sunday, March 30, 2008

.:april availablity (latest):.

assalamualaikum and good day all!

since some of u guys did ask me whether i accept order/s for april or not. yes i do BUT it would be very very very limited quantity as im having my final exam. to make u guys much more convenience, this entry is all about date that im available or taken. please place ur order as soon as possible to avoid any troubleness. those who already pre order from me since previous month, worry not because ur order/s have been block in my calendar.

11.4.08 = 1 slot more
12.4.08, 14.4.08= available
16.4.08-28.4.08 = close due to exam (wish me luck guys!)
29.4.08-30.4.08 = available
*i will update from time to time

Thursday, March 27, 2008

.:'hantaran' cuppies:.

i must admit that i have fun doing these engagement ke wedding ek ema cuppies thought it consume lots of time & patient from me. but every second that i spend on these cuppies really worth! this is ema's order for her relative. since she going back early and the ceremony only will take place during weekend, so i advice her to have fondant for finishing as fondant wont give trouble along the journey. they just need to be place careful to avoid the breakage of the flowers. so ema, i really hope u satisfied with the outcome. have nice & safe journey!

this is the clear box that i use to coupled with those cuppies. and yes, i made this box ;)

.:chocky cuppies:.

dear meen, though im a late behind but i guess the thought is count. happy birthday! may your dreams become reality and u hit ur target again, i pray for you. thank you for being great customer to me. and the support that u gave to me, really appreciated. thank you meen!

thank you meen!

Monday, March 24, 2008

.:excuse me please:.

pathetic me ... sooooo lame. same excuse which is busy catching up my studies and due to that i cant write longer like usual. actually im in the middle of finishing some of the homework and suddenly i remember that i haven't update the latest so call creation of mine. thanks a lot to thoose who support me endlessly. i heart u guys so much. kak mus, jangan serik ek nak order dari saya. mintak maaf sesgt la if the deco to simple. to hasni & family, all the best in sudan. hows the bananarama? and thanks a lot to my return customer, shelly. really hope that your gynea happy to receive the cuppies.

simple deco for kak mus's mini carrot walnut

hasni's orders. the one with aeroplane is carrot walnut. selamat berangkat ke sudan ya!

this is for shellys's gynea. actually i took few hours to do these deco as i dont have specific idea what to suit the medic themes. the only thing i can draw is the stethoscope. wanted to draw syringe, but i feel awkward. i really hope shelly's gynea happy to received.

owh i really loves the small flowers. no, i didnt use any special nozzle to do so (yes there are nozzles to do this design but i dont have it). just use tip number 2 and repeat the procedure again & again. seriously i need to enhance my rose skill.

and this one, chocky crazy set is for herself. i will show one of the design that i really fork my a** out doing it. but every details of work really paid off as it turn as what i want.

this is it, curls that i made by myself and to make this curls really curls like this consume lots of time and effort. but once when i finish with it, dear me! i love it so much!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

.:chocky crazy attack:.

this 50pcs chocky crazy ordered by muzie (ira's frenz). thank you so much muzie. but the last testi really make me suspend :P i am so happy & glad reading all ur testi. kiranya berbaloi la penat membuatnya :D thank you so much ya muzie.

owhhh im in lurve so much with this curl. how i wish i could to like this to all my curls!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

.:colorful cuppies:.

ive been ask by jojet to do colorful theme for this time order. its a farewell party for their friend, marina. and since i dont have any idea on how to deco with colorful theme, i just did the swirl with lots of combo color. normally i didnt stick the letter stick by myself. i let the job done by themself. cause i know how eager to do so. but this time i did because they are having 'makan-makan sesi' in the morning. apart from that, she also order 1 mini carrot walnut and i love the outcome! sooo colorful and cheerful! to marina, good luck in ur new place.

the 'togel' version

and these cuppies are carrot walnut with cheese cream topping. tadi masuk kt fp sifoo and tak prasan plak ada entry cuppies dia mcm ni. secara kebetulan plak :D

the colorful cake!

.:yesterday's order:.

to ayu, thank you so much. we had fun right to make this order come true. ye la, need to make sure your hubby was at office. but so sorry that i cant delivery right to his room because its difficult to get parking there. in stead of going up, i ask him to come down. hope ur hubby & and his colleague enjoy eating ur orders. and i bet, that pastry gone soggy kan. tak pe la, next time ek.

carrot walnut

the fruit tarts

Sunday, March 16, 2008

.:engagement cuppies:.

i guess its the time for my cousin to set up their family. last week cousin from my mom side get engage and this week, cousin from my dad side. he choose blue as the theme. to tell the truth, i love blue (apart from red & black. trust me i did request to use black & red during my solemnization but been reject by my mom :P). my aunt ask me to do simple deco but i refuse :P stubborn me :D and i choose a similar design from my sifoo, lynn hassan, minus the handle. and here are the photos.

consist of 15pcs (m) choc moist cake.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

.:in mode of busy bee pt 2:.

this entry is continuous from the previous entry. enjoy the photo!

jojet's friend, zaiton. she ordered mini carrot walnut.

the star wars theme *so call

ordered by marani & she request the star wars theme. but unlucky i cant draw the dart maul face, yoda or others. the best i can draw is dath vader. but it doesnt look like dath vader right? dart vader should be in black right? but if i use all black colour, then we cant see the clear face for him. thats why i use black only as the outline.

nur's order, mini carrot walnut

liza's order for her son birthday

hajar blueberry cheese tarts

.:in mode of busy bee pt 1:.

i cant write that much for todays entry as im having flu & headache. to my valued customers, ira, ira's staff, shelly, ezan, marani, zaiton, liza, nur & hajar, thank you so much.

ira & her staff orders. thank you ira for ur endless support. and ur 'ali' soooo charming

the barbie+spongebob moist choc cake

ordered by shelly to her twins niece & nephew. she requested to draw brabie & sponge bob. i had no idea how to deco this cake at first. but during half way frosting it, the idea came. lucky me that i do have the disney princesses edible image. i just use it and the put those spongebob images around the cake.

and this is ordered by ezan for her friend (i guess so).

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