Wednesday, April 30, 2008

.:heating up my engine:.

after yesterday, alhamdullilah. i manage to get back to my track. to shue (MeCD), lieya (MOH) and sab's frenz (MOE), thank you so much. i heart u guys. to lieya, akak owe you something. nnt akak sms lieya and lieya amik dari akak yer. hope ur mom will be happy to see those cuppies. most important, i really really hope they survive through out the journey. have safe journey lieya. next sab's frenz. weh merasa aku naik kereta idaman aku tu. kalo tak kerana ko tolong nak antokan aku ke MOE, tak tau bila bleh naik kereta tu =D paling cuak... sib baik tak terserempak dgn bekas boypren aku tu *LOL. last, to shue. i am so glad that u are happy to have such cuppies. hope taurus babies enjoy eating those carrot walnut as much as i enjoy deco it.

this is lieya's order. for her mom birthday. hope all of them survive along the journey

sab's friends, choc moist. when it comes to men, im totally outta idea. what to draw??

the cats & golf theme by shue for taurus babies

since i make extra for todays order, i decide to do on fast sale. but i didnt manage to make advertisement on it because all of them have been grab earlier by previous customer. thank you jojet, ema & friends. thank you so much for endless support.

photos above are the fast sale cuppies. for the rosettes, they are inspired by seafrost @ nina


dear valued clients and viewer, due to time constrain, i am so sorry to announce that from now on, epsecially this in may, who ever place order for for engagement or wedding with box, i will sub it to my friend, Su. you guys can view her works at here, which i highly recommend it. no worries okay. u can give me ur budget and i will forward it to Su and she will come out deco within to ur budget. and u no need to go to Su's place as i will take the box from her. But those who already place ur orders in may, i will ask Su to come out deco same price like i use to charge. thank you.

.:may availablity:.

dear valued customer & viewer, as listed below are the date that im available for may. other than that, im full. thank you and have nice day!

6.5.08 = 2 slots
8.5.08 = available

19 - 20.5.08 = available
21.5.08 = 1 slot (for simple deco only)
26.5.08 = 2 slots

28 - 31.5.08 = available
*terms and condition apply

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

.:after hibernation:.

i must admit that once when we off from doing our routine task, when we get back to the track, we will feel like, goodness me. need to warm up the engine, then only we can do our work like usual. after almost 2 weeks of hibernating, last night i face big problem. my ideas seem to lost in the middle of dessert. to complete the 16pcs seems like very difficult for me to do. over all, i manage to finish with my task when clock almost strike to 5am! but somehow, i feel satisfied with the end product. to alycia, siti and as, thank you so much. to as, akak minta maaf sangat-sangat. sebab akak dah confuse and get mix up with both of ur email =( sorry sangat-sangat erk.

this is mini cuppies set, chip choc flavor. ordered by as

and thats the size =D

and this 40pcs faces made of carrot walnut ordered by alycia. each face represent her colleague. the original idea was from Cake Frosting.

and this is for siti. assorted of chip choc, carrot walnut and vanilla.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

.:charity cupcakes:.

yesterday, my bro's school had 'minggu keusahawanan' or entrepreneur week (not so sure the term. am i using the correct term?). since im having exam, so i told my mom i cant make that much & the design will be simple. i manage to contribute 25pcs choc moist cupcakes with simple deco. according to my bro, those 2 cuppies with clown head were sell fast. ghee never though of that. if i know, definitely i will do more because it is super duper easy! and YEHAAAA, my final exam is over!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

.:the exam cuppies:.

yeah i know i should concentrate more on my studies. but OMG! i just cant stop my hands from baking & decorating those cuppies. it seems like they are calling me to make them pretty *LOL. just kidding =D actually syaz has placed her order since last month i guess. the time when she placed the order, my exam schedule was not available. but somehow, i owe her a lot! ehehee because her order really makes my day =D syaz ordered the chocky crazy set. its for her hubby's birthday. then hanis, tag along syaz orders. she requested the shopaholic theme. at first i have few ideas what to draw on it. but suddenly in the middle of working on it, i just realize that i'm short 2 designs. i was like..."alamak. what to draw erk". hanis, i really hope that u like the drawing i've made.

syaz's order; the chocky crazy set

hanis's, the shopaholic set

Monday, April 21, 2008

.:i've been tagged:.

i have been tag my MamaFaMi, Kak Tun and Zuhri and im not so sure how does the tagging game goes this time but here we go =D

This is another of those Linky Love game where you only have to tag 10 person in one post but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow! Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself!
BennyLiew, RamblingMoo, Mum & Kids In Wonderland, Judelittle, Our mini blogsphere, Rooms in My Heart, J@n!ce Ng, ChinNee, Jo-N, LadyJava's Lounge, Apples Of The Eyes, aNgRiAniWoRLd, persismutiara, my little family, LG a.k.a Lemongrass , McTa ,manje ,nitta,yatt, mat gebu


The lucky 7 person I am going to tag is S_Shamen, Siti Azma, Sweet Bobo, Mak Lang, Kak Pah Sherry, Lizah Zakaria, Dayang.... (Dan, untuk senarai nama di atas, sudilah kiranya menerima gambar "Touch Of Nature" dari mat gebu untuk blog/fotopages anda..)

10 person i'm going to tag is shima, jasmeen, yullina,soulha,elianas,rani, sabrina,zuhri, kak rinchan,umi-kal...dan sudilah kiranya menerima TOUCH OF NATURE dariku untuk mu wahai sabahat sekelian untuk ditepek di FP/blog memasing supaya dinding umah cantik berseri.

Mereka yang ku rasa sudi menerima (sudi tak sudi, kena terima jugak! Wakakaka) bunga kantan kembang mekar ini ialah..... 1. Erna 2. Kak Noor 3. Muna 4. Cak 5. Aimi 6. Kuchai 7. Mama Ca 8. Mummy Jam 9. Zakiah 10. Anna

i would like to tag 10 people but i guess most of u have been tagged =( as a conclusion, i dedicate this "touch of nature" to all of u, my customers as well as my viewer =D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

.:distress treatment:.

actually i've been working on my proposal paper for last 3,4 days. but the progress very slow. and i believe that the only way to distress is baking! i pitty me, i dont have time to do so. this is the 2nd last order before i face my final sem exam (less than 2 weeks okay!). such a good therapy. to see the outcome (tho they are not as good as pro, but hey, im an amatuer cake maker) really make me feel a lil bite less nervous. this is for alycia & mona. both of them are colleague. to mona happy 3rd anniversary. hope those cuppies as romantic as u expect. and to alycia, happy birthday!

alycia's carrot walnut

mona's anniversary cuppies

Sunday, April 13, 2008

.:yaya's cake:.

its my niece 3rd burfday. her mother ask me to do only 1 cake this time. normally if the bro have cake, the lil' sister also will have 1. just like me & my sister when we were small. when its my burfday, surely i can pick what ever pressie i want to, but she surely will have smaller pressie. wnd when her burfday, vice versa happen =) how i miss my kiddie time.

okay back to the cake story. since the day i've received one of debbie's book, my eagerness in making figurine cake stronger and stronger. so i guess now is the right time for me to do a little experiment though i have tonnes of school works to be settle. i just cant resist! in the book said that 12 princesses but due to lack of time, i only manage to make 4 princesses @ cake keeper. over all, what i can say is im not 100% satisfied with the end product but what else can i expect...without any formal about figurine cake, only this i can produce which i need to practice more and more. and i cant wait for my semester break =) and im waiting for more books! so guys, enjoy the photos below!

there are cupcakes inside the princesses =)

the main cake

Saturday, April 12, 2008

.:the garden of rosettes:.

i tried to copy cat nina @ seafrost style, but end up not exactly like her. i really adore all her garden of flowers with those pastel colours. sangat la harmoni. anyway nina, ur garden really inspired me! this order is from hubby's friend, radin. thank you very much radin!

i guess the attack of garden of rosettes didnt stop at radin's order, but also to siti's. she actually ordered 30pcs of carrot walnut. and i only manage to came out with 25pcs. running out of stock for few ingredients so i cant bake another. i really hope that cuppies survive while u spend time @ alamanda siti. thank you ya siti. nice & such pleasure to meet u =)

.:adhoc engagement cake:.

this is an ad-hoc order from musz. actually im not that happy with the finale product since the flowers are ready made and the cake itself is not a fondant cake. i cant prepare fondant in less than 1 day. for engagement cake, especially need to travel far, i would suggest to use fondant. but then i did try my very best to create this cake and did said to musz please give extra care since its a buttercream cake. but the unhappy with the finale touch it counter back by the tulisan jawi :p though its not that nice, but hurray. i made it! i really hope the bride to be & her family enjoy eating the cake =)

Friday, April 11, 2008

.:my elmo cake:.

iffah placed the elmo cake order for her baby, sofiah who is turning 1 year, together with the 1st order. it was like a mth ago kot. at 1st im thinking to rent the elmo head pan @ wilton. but then i cancel the plan since the TAC sangat la mengarut. after all iffah request to draw complete elmo. after did some homework, finally i find the simplest elmo =) proudly presented ... "elmo on the wall". coupled with 4 cuppies. to dear sofiah, happy 1st burfday.

.:buzzing bee:.

i really cant wait for the semester break. because ive plan to do more and more figurine experiment. i know my figurine is not that good and i need a proper lesson. debbie brown is coming to KL and she giving 3 days lesson on making figurine cake. but dear me! the fees is almost RM3k! which i can buy new & heavy duty mixer, kitchen aids perhaps. so i guess i have to put aside my intention to attend her class.

these cuppies were ordered by marina to treat her colleague on her burfday. i was glad to receive her sms saying that she likes those cuppies very much. for her cuppies, i use a new version of buttercream which is much more smooth & nicer. i should thanks to our sifo, lynnhassan, who always inventing new recipe. to marina, happy burfday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

.:order for mei:.

sometimes plan ahead is better than last minute. like i stated at the terms & condition, at least 3 days for placing order. dear valued customer & viewers, order for mei open for booking now. hurray book ur date to avoid any inconvenience. really appreciate early cooperation.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

.:choc here & there:.

whenever customer seek advice from me what flavor of cake should they pick up, definitely i will say CHOC. anything relate to choc will be my 1st recommendation. i know some of u guys out there didnt fancy choc as much as i do :P nak buat cemana, choc mmh sedap sangat

shikin is one of them i guess. because this is her 2nd time ordering the same flavor, choc hazelnut cheese. she wanted the same design like i did last few weeks. but the most frustrating part is most of the strawberries that i bought @ KLCC rotten! just imagine out of 24, only 7 meet my QC. as a solution, i use daim choc. i donno how does it taste to combine it with daim. i really hope shikin & her hubby (those cheese cuppies utk ur habby kan dik?) enjoy the so call new deco :P

next, its from jue. ada 2 cerita menarik behind the scene :P 1st, i still manage to escape my self to join my family @ melacca for dinner that particular nite and the best part is, i still havent bake jue's order. just imagine we make a move around 6pm and reach back home at 12.30 midnite and as soon as i change my outfit, i started the baking thingy. 2nd story behind the scene is, both f us confused! tak pe la jue...maybe bukan rezeki bebudak kat nursery tu kot. len kali la kot. anyway, thank you ya jue.

.:blog archive:.