Monday, February 22, 2010

.:1001 apologies:.

peace be upon u

dear all, due to unforeseen circumstances, i would to make announcement at here that i have to cancel all orders that have been placed from 10th March to 18th March as i have urgent matter than i cant avoid. therefore, i really really seek 101% cooperation from u guys, to sms to me if ur orders within that date. i will help u guys to place order from few of my friends.

i am very very sorry for the inconvenience.

thank you so much for the endless support.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

.:ayra is 1:.

peace be upon u

i know.. i know .. im way late behind! ayra pun dah more than 1 year =P to tell the truth, i truly enjoy making ayra's cake. maybe because of the colors are very bright and also the deco are too cute =D

thanks iza

.:garden of roses:.

peace be upon u

sorry, i didnt get the name of the owner cause the person who did the ordering is my friend, mimah. she told me its for her cousin. thank you ya mimah.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.:5 years:.

peace be upon u

zareene, sorry i lambat upload this entry. thanks ya =) and im so glad that u pun suka

.:cupid heart:.

peace be upon u

im not sure i dah upload the entry ke belum. seriously ive lost my track. please forgive me. inshaAllah, very soon i will be right back on my track.

thanks suriaty and tahniah to salina & nizam!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.:flower power:.

peace be upon u

ni pun satu lagi. betul-betul lupa siapa pun. dalam buku ada nama tapi tak pasti which is which. apa pun, thank you so much to the owner ya

.:MU & U:.

peace be upon u

1st, ampunnnn. i totally forgot who order this. empunya yang order, kalau nampak sila maklumkan ye. apa pun, thanks alot ya

.:aisyah is 6:.

peace be upon u

sorry ya aisyah. aunty a bit late behind in uploading ur cake at here. what ever it is, aunty wish u many happy returns! jadi anak yang berjaya di dunia & akhirat ya. to siti, thanks alot. u take extra care =)

.:glory glory MU:.

peace be upon u

maaf ya lama tak berupdate. betul-betul tak sihat. suara pun masih tak ok. flu masih tak hilang. perhaps i should pegi jumpa doctor again kot..aihhh penat la makan ubat ni. mana taknya, kompem ngantuk

okay set yg untuk 'asler' dari ms. XYZ =) and yang untuk hubby tu from hajar. thanks both!

.:my love:.

peace be upon u

thanks suriaty and congratulations to salina & nizam. sorry ya lambat upload this entry

.:blog archive:.