Sunday, December 30, 2007

.:busy bee:.

being busy for a while in the kitchen sometimes does not allow me to update frequently my baking blog. even worst, i didnt manage to capture some of the out put! last few days, i was busy in the kitchen doing my signature cuppies (can i say my carrot walnut as my signature?? :P), which the patterns almost the same. then ina did ordered again the mini cuppies for hantaran on her brother wedding. same pattern. then, julie @ mama iman ordered 3 mini carrot walnut. julie if u read this, i am so so sorry for being careless in spelling. and i do notice that i always left my "H" but i hope the taste will be the same. thanks ya julie.

my very old friend @ my schoolmate @ SEMSAS, ordered a mix of carrot walnut & chip choc cuppies. it is her first time ordering from me. since she out of the town, so he did asked her big bor to fetch from me. while driving back to home, i receive sms from her bro & sil that makes my day! thank you misha!

misha order these for her mom

and today, i feel like loosing both of my heels after being working in the kitchen from yesterday morning until today. why? will write it in next entry as soon as i get the photos. on the other part, i put the blame on myself for not being able to check my baking email frequently. as a result, i miss 300 mini cuppies order! so sad right. tak pe la, tak de rezeki. but dear valued customer, whenever u contact me via email, do leave me ur contact number so that i can contact u guys back. or perhaps u can leave a short message at my shout box saying that u have send an email to me. boleh kan.


starting from Jan 2008, there will be few changers in pricing especially the promotion items. apart from that, there will also changers in certain items IF price for raw material in baking keep on rising! for example, pure creamy butter (i use scs butter) from RM3.70 to RM4.30 and now RM4.90! and the supplier mention to me during the last visit that it will goes up to RM5++! new listing of price will be upload soon.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

.:lynn's deco class:.

i always adore her work. so neat yet so nice, beautiful, simple and elegant! what i can say, almost every day i do browse her fp and i adore her work so much. then the opportunity came when i did ask about the deco class. she emailed to me whether i would like to join her class on the 25/12 or not. and of course the answer is yes. the reason why i do badly want to join her class is, to get some tips from her how to bake cuppies nicely. i mean yeah i can bake it nice. but sometimes my cuppies too high and some too low and i do need to frost it with lots of frosting (which i hate to do so). most of her cuppies (can i say all?!) have the same height. she is a great teacher. tak sombong pun. i learn so much from her which i would like to thank her so much for her generosity and all the tips. her hospitality, her kindness during the lesson from 9am until 545pm really embedded in my heart. thank you so much lynn! owh ya, on the other side, while cruising the deco class, i didnt notice that my camera battery low. so i manage to capture only few photos during the session and the rest were taken this morning.

the orange cuppies that have same height

during the class session

my very own master piece! did these 10 cuppies from 9am till 530pm! very tiring but worth it

i love these 2 cuppies so much! can u see the roses? those roses i made it by myself with guidance lynn. notice the cuppies that full of roses is actually just to display the roses. if u guys would like to order that type, i will not put all 7 flowers on it! only 2 @ 3

i need to work more on this roses

i heart this also. very nice to be given as 'hantaran'

conclusion, i love all the designs that been teach to me!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

.:my new logo:.

since im afraid that i will be accuse for using the logo without consent of the owner, so i ask my hubby to do few amendments here and there... so here's the out put. and i love it so much. so from now own, i will be using this logo officially as Bake Freshly logo.

Friday, December 21, 2007

.:last week:.

i received few orders last week. mostly from my return customer. to nadya, so sorry because i didnt manage to make the mini carrot walnut cake. i just manage to complete the cheese cuppies. sorry again sebab lupa sangat nk capture the cheese cuppies as im to tired. then erna order fruit tarts. she do told me that she dont want blueberry @ raisins to be include in the fruit tarts as her hubby didnt like it. so i just top with strawberry and kiwi. hey guys, if u want to order varieties of brownies, u can go to her website at here. oy dear me! her brownies look delicious and tomorrow, i will get mine! then yesterday, ina pick up her order while im away to celebrate eid adha at my pil's house. sorry ya ina i couldnt be there. she's also my return customer. this time she order mini chip choc cuppies for her bro's gift (hantaran). she only asked me to use transparent box and no need to deco. thank you ina!

the fruit tarts, ordered by erna

the mini chip choc in the golden box

simple deco as they will redeco it

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

.:the wedding:.

last weekend the most hectic weekend for me. thou the order is not that much, but it does give me headache. for a first timer like me, the 200 cuppies are quite lot! *maklum le, akak tak pernah buat banyak-banyak skali gus kan :P but again, i really enjoy doing it so much as the mom and sister do help me! the order are chip choc and carrot walnut. i love the simple deco BUT i am so so so sadf. why? i forgot to snap not a single of the cuppies photo! maybe i am too tired that moment and forgot at all about that. but, i surely enjoy doing this job. may the couple live happily ever after. amin!

on the other part, i have received the books that i ordered! yippey. more and more flavor of the cuppies will be here soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

.:chip choc ganache:.

this one ordered by Jue who is working at Palace of Justice. we never meet and i hope to meet her when she come to collect her order. hopefully sempat la since im going out this evening. she request to do the same design like eyyzah had order. so Jue, hope u like the design as well as the cake! thanks for trusting me.

.:the roses garden:.

finally, i've guts to try out this roses that i've learn few weeks ago ;P and now, officially the order for this roses garden theme are open! but the price will be different from standard cuppies as it need more attention in doing the petals. this is more suitable for wedding. of course for wedding the deco would be more than what i've shown in photos below.

1 box/16 pcs: RM 40
1 box/25 pcs: RM 60*
*terms & condition apply

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

.:varieties of mini chip choc cuppies:.

here are few designs (simple one since its too small to deco & im too lazy to deco) and topping for the mini chip choc cuppies. happy browsing!

.:double swirls with flowers:.

.:double skittles:.

.:topping with hersheys multi colour:.

.:mini carrot walnut cake craze:.

jojet is one of the photographer for Geranium Studio. she ordered 3 mini carrot walnut cakes last monday. she said some she want to eat by herself, some she want to give to her friends. by the time she come to pick up the cakes, the mini chip choc cuppies were ready to be eaten, but in 'togel' version. to jojet, thank you very much ya. hope to see you soon *wink wink

Sunday, December 9, 2007

.:todays delivery:.

she's my silent reader of my personal blog. she said she's been 'searching' my personal blog ever since. but lucky somehow she saw the message at someone's blog with the link og this baking blog. shikin ordered choc hazelnut cheese cuppies & mini carrot walnut cake. sorry ya dik, the cake couldnt fit all the wordings that you ask me to do. thanks for trusting me ya!

the mini carrot walnut cake
*need to buy more and more alpha cutter with variable sizes & design!

those are the choc hazelnut cheese cuppies
*punya la seksa nak carik stoberi okeh

there is balance batter of carrot walnut for todays delivery. then i try out to deco this 2tier mini carrot walnut. and wallah! i love the result. just didnt have much time to wait for the frosting to cold. thats why the frosting look like melting *sort of la melting. and knowing that we couldnt finish this 2tier cake though this cake weight is around 500gm only, so i gave it away to my sister's in law (they came to visit the newborn ;P)

my 1st ever 2tier cake!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

.:mini everything =D :.

she's my return customer. im glad that she enjoy my carrot walnut as much i enjoy baking it. but for todays order, she add 30pcs mini chip choc and wanted it to be frosting with cheese cream & buttercream. to tell the truth, i prefer the cheese cream since the taste is better than buttercream (too sweet la buttercream nih). but luckly me, having the kitchen all mine last nite gives me opportunity to do some 'experiment' with the buttercream. so from now on, i would be happy to work with the buttercream since i've my own version of recipe ;D thanks ina! if not because of you, until to this point i will fell reluctant to do any buttercream frosting

the mini carrot walnut cake
(please pardon the quality of the photo as im in hurry doing something while snapping the photo)

seriously im in love with these mini cuppies!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

.:mini carrot walnut:.

no, this is not cuppies. mind u, cuppies is different from mini cake. this cake is about 4 inches diameter, height about 1 1/2 inches. what i can say, this is so cute & nice. very suitable if u would like to give to others. this standard mini carrot walnut is only RM12* (promotion up till end of this year)

view from top

the texture of the carrot walnut

.:fruit tarts & carrot walnut:.

shes my return customer, but this time she had fruit tarts. i did ask kak hali whats the time will she pick up her tarts since i dont want to prepare the filling easly (to avoid the 'shell' distroy). its very challenging to prepare within few hours. but alhamdullilah, i manage to finish all the tarts!

assorted fruit tarts

thanks to faridah @ mama norman & alicia. sorry for the very so so design of the carrot walnut as they (the cheese cream frosting) can easily 'melt' due to hot temperature exposure. and sorry again because i didnt manage to snap the photo of the cuppies before deliver since im was so 'kalut'. faridah, ur alicia sangat la adoreable & baik! we shud meet again so that i can hold ur littel lady.

credit goes to faridah since this is her photo

.:blog archive:.