Friday, November 30, 2007

.:mini chip choc:.

my mini chip choc frosting with orange cheese cream and top with M&Ms peanut. *please ignore the crack one of the M&Ms ya. i will make sure there will no crack M&Ms on ur mini cuppies

i was thinking how to enjoy the cuppies with the choc & orange flavor in only 1 bite. 1 bite to me is pop all the cuppies inside ur mouth! suddenly this idea came across my mind. why dont i try a combo of chip choc cake frosting with the orange cheese cream and top with M&Ms peanut. wallah, i just love the combo! so here's the promotion up till end of this year.

1 large box consist of 60 pieces of mini chip choc -> RM54
1 small box consist of 30 pieces of mini chip choc -> RM30

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

.:frequent ask questions:.

1. Did Bake Freshly accept bulk oder?
since ada la beberapa orang dok tanya saya, if saya accept in bulk order or not. the answer is YES. saya terima, tapi for order more than 100, kena la bagitau saya awal. kalau design dia simple ok la kan if bitau saya less than 3 days (subject to availability).

2. Can Bake Freshly fit into my budget?
ada jugak yang bertanya pada saya, boleh tak buat cuppies ni within their budget. the answer is also YES but again, ni semua tertakluk kepada cadangan saya. mayba anda ingin jadikan as door gift semasa akikah atau kenduri. so tak boleh la kan dgn harga less than RM2 with casing nak buat carrot walnut kan. there will always way for me to fit in within your budget. cuma yang perlu dibuat, do let me know and i will make the calculation.

3. Did Bake Freshly do the delivery?
for a time being, im so sorry that i couldnt do any delivery other than putajaya.

Monday, November 26, 2007


dear all, now i would like to announce that i'm ready to accept order for these mouth watery tartlets. for a time being, i only accept blueberry cheese tart and fruit tart. but inshaAllah more to come somewhere mid of December, such as egg tart, almond tart and many more. 1 box will contain 36 pieces and 1 box would coast RM42 BUT would give less RM6 and the price for 36 pieces of these tartlest is RM36!! and this less RM6 valid till 31/12/07. order for more than 100 pieces will be given special price).

the blueberry cheese tarts

fruit tart
(you can request either to put 1 type of fruit only at 1 tart assemble like this one. and you also can choose to put what kind of fruits to be the topping of your tartlets)

A Little Note For Ordering Tarts:
dear valuable clients, if you would like to order tarts, i would advice you to let me know the time you would like to pick up your order. since this tart life span is short (in term of the crispiness of the shell) once when the shells were filled with the filling, after all i didnt use any chemical @ preservatives in my cooking. it is okay if u still want to eat the tarts if the shell is no more crispy, but it would be HEAVEN to eat while the shell is still crispy!

.:carrot walnut:.

its order from ina or more famous known as mama ellyazz :P sebenarnya ina ada 3 boys including ellyazz but i only remember ellyazz since his name is so unique the way of spelling. since ina's mama didnt eat cheese topping or what ever icing, so she request not to put any topping for 10 cuppies. as to compensate the cheese cream topping for that 10 cuppies, i made something special for her 5 cuppies topping. that is gummies bears on the top! glad to hear that most of the family enjoy the cuppies. and i must say dia ni langkah kanan since the time she pick up the cuppies, i just finished baking my blueberry cheese tart.

ordered by ina

the swirl of love

can u see the gummie bear on the top?

if u would like to put all 16 or 25 cuppies with the gummie bears, the price will not be the same. do check the pricing list ya. thank you :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

.:Sinful Chip Choc With Ganache:.

can i say this week is the choc week? yerp, it's choc week! both of them are my very 1st client. nana, would like to order for her hubby (i guess). so she requested football theme. i was like, erk. can i do that. eventhough she didnt ask me to draw exactly what she wanted, but i said to myself i would like to draw the MU's logo. drawing on the plate seems easy, BUT to draw on the cuppies was like "alamak". so i surrender to draw the logo since dah beberapa bijik cuppies ku terbuang :P to nana, hope u like it and do let me know ya few questions that i left on the notes. the next order was from eyzzah. she requested the chip chop to be coated with the ganache. so below are the photos of todays order.

the football theme yang tak berapa nak menjadik. i need to polish my drawing skill back la

this one is from eyzzah to her friend

and among all, i love this pattern so much, simple yet nice. take note ya, this choc deco i didnt use the cocoa powder as it didnt blend well & doesnt look nice with the butter cream. i use choc powder which is more expensive from the cocoa

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

.:yesterday & todays order:.

praise to Allah cause He give me strength to finish for today's order. thanks to aida (one of my early client) and musz @ mommy darin (her very 1st order from me) for trusting me. heres the picture of the order. include here is the size of my cuppies since some of u ask me whats the size.

ordered by aida. tak muat kotak terpaksa la guna 2 kotak

ordered by musz @ mommy darin

Monday, November 19, 2007

.:next order;.

this one been ordered by Rafik, a member of Geranium Studio, for her wife's burfday. i never knew that was for surprise. if only he told me earlier, surely i will make something more special la kan. but somehow, he's okay with that. since it's the wife surprise burfday (so sweet kan), i did gave him few sparkle candles. he ordered the carrot walnut, the sinful chips choc, blueberry cheese & peanut butter cheese.

please welcome aboard.... peanut butter cheese flavor!

Friday, November 16, 2007

.:flowery carrot walnut:.

i never ever think to use the fondant as 1 of the method decorating my cake as im still beginner. but this order, when she requested me to write few words on the cuppies, i was like "erkkkkk". yeah i know i can write on it, but seriously, lawa ke tak tu tatau la kan. did that once. but the outcome senget-senget. the worst part is, my cheese cream icing tak friendly sangat malam semalam. tak jadi seperti biasa when i mix with the colour. so the best way is, use the fondant icing. which is very easy, very nice to 'play' with. and right now, im in love with it.

the topping is made from varieties, which are cheese cream, fondant icing and buttercream

to lela and family, thank you ya. hope u guys will enjoy eating my signature (sangat prasan okeh) cuppies :P

but for this sunday order, i think i want to deco like traditional deco. which is the usage of carrot and orange slices. boleh ke rafik?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

.:the other formation:.

practice make perfect kan. so yesterday i did these. which makes me really happy and satisfied. mind you ya, i never go to any deco or baking class (but intend to go someday to polish my skills). so here i present you the orders for today's delivery. those are carrot walnut (highly demand) and chip chocs.

Friday, November 9, 2007



6"= starting from RM80
7" = starting from RM90
8" = starting from RM120
9" = starting from RM180
10" = starting from RM200
11" = starting from RM260
12" = starting from RM300

  • price mention above are for cake with butter cream frosting. for choc ganache @ cream cheese frosting, additional price depend on the size of the cake
  • price shown are for round shape cake only
  • for drawing certain character, additional cost depend on the drawing


  • 25pcs = starting from R120
  • 16pcs = starting from RM90
*additional cost will be charge for drawing 
*not for fondant deco

.:mini cupcake:.
  • 36pcs = RM45 (normal)
  • 25pcs = RM40 (sorts of cheese tart)
  • 25pcs = RM45 (fruit tart)


  • price base on deco. price start with RM10.00/cupcake.
  • for mini cake, price start with RM45/mini cake.
*final price base on design

Buttercream/Choc Ganache/Cream Cheese
  1. 7" round cake = price start from RM150

Hantaran cake
  1. 7" round cake = for ready made flowers, price start from RM190
  2. 7" round cake = for handmade flowers, price start from RM250

Cutting cake

2 tier (non fondant) = start from rm650
3 tier (non fondant) = start from rm800

2tier (fondant) = start from RM900
3 tier (fondant) = startt from RM1300

  1. placing must be made at least 1 week ahead. but the date chosen subject to availability;
  2. order for more than 100pcs @ fondant cake/cupcake, must be made 1 month in advance;
  3. payment upon collection;
  4. order with total more than RM100, 50% of deposit will be needed upon confirmation. i only will proceed once i receive the 50% deposit.
  5. 3 days before the pick up date, full term of payment needed and no refund on cancellation made 48hours and less;
  6. adhoc order (less than a week), will be charge extra;
  7. cancellation MUST be made via sms only.

*all prices are subject to change without prior notice

.:menu (flavor & frosting):.

price effectively start on the 1st february 2009 (*subject to availabality)

.:cake @ cupcakes:.

  • choc moist
  • carrot walnut
  • choc chip
  • lemon cranberries
  • lemon
  • orange
  • vanilla
  • strawberry
*mix flavor applicable for order 25pcs and above

.: cheese cake:.
  • blueberry
  • choc hazelnut
  • new york
  • peanut butter choc chips
  • more to come
  • blueberry cheese
  • strawberry cheese
  • fruit tart
  • choc cheese


  • buttercream
  • cheese cream
  • choc ganache
  • fresh cream

Thursday, November 8, 2007

.:Sinful Chip Choc With Ganache:.

our latest flavor, choc with ganache topping sprinkle with almond flakes. buttercream topping can be request but my personal opinion, this choc mini cake or cuppies would be nice if topping with ganache sprinkle with the almod topping.

the plain chip choc cuppies

*please note that photo below is captured by a phone camera and of course the quality of the photo is poor. once i get the good photo of the mini cake @ cuppies, i will replace.

Sinful Chip Choc With Ganache, sprinkle with the almond flakes

Chip Choc with buttercream topping (credit to Geranium Studio)

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