Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.:lovely broderie anglaise:.

peace be upon u

omigosh! kak J, thank you sooooo much for giving me this opportunity =) to tell the truth, im dying to try more and more new pattern but most of u guys, my beloved customer, prefer the previous design which is okay la to me. it just that not very much of challenging =p mengada kan

when kak J sms me, asking whether i can do the broderie anglaise technique, im jumping over the moon tho im not very sure exactly is it the same thing that i've in my mind. cepat-cepat selak kitab and yippieeeee, it is! terus cakap dgn kak J that i agree =D

and here it is, the broderie anglaise technique. i cant do much as this is the way kak J want it to be. to kak J, thank you very very much!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.:lil red riding hood:.

peace be upon u

definitely i would say shes creative mom! or shall i say supermom. shes blessed with 3 adorable, pretty daughters, arisha, ariana & arlia.

thanks shikin!

.:happy birthday amirah zahirah:.

peace be upon u

again, ordered by raz from razzledazzlepartybox. u can view her website at HERE. trust me, u would get upset seeing her magical touch =)

thanks raz!


peace be upon u

it was dad's birthday and happen to be that day dads office are having family day anddddddd his big bos birthday too! so here are 2 cakes for all of them!

.:yaeesh is 5:.

peace be upon u

suka sangat dengan adorable yaeesh. u guys shud see him and hear when he talk. he can talk in english fluently and the best part, he's very talkative. seeing a lil boy who's having good social skill is something awesome. btw, figurines were provide by yaeesh since aunty tak reti nak buat figurine ultraman & raksasa. try few times but end up, i penyetkan all of it sebab buruk gila.

.:happy birthday yanti:.

peace be upon u

am i crazy or my blog gone haywire? i guess it must be me kot. wish i can do better with this theme but since nana order it ad-hoc, so the best way ... edible image. happy birthday yanti!

.:mickey mouse theme:.

peace be upon u

this cake was ordered by raz and fyi, she's a party planner. trust me, u would never feel thwart for engaging her as ur party planner. click here to browse her website.

thanks raz!

.:hantaran cuppies:.

peace be upon u

love the colors in these 3 sets of cuppies...sweet & soft.
thank you

.:go green:.

peace be upon u

after one another..haihhh. my external hard disk gone weng and now my lappy keep on shut down by herself whenever i try to upload photos to this blog. saba je la...breath in, breath out! i need my coffee dosage!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

.:ba ba black sheep:.

peace be upon u

sometimes my mom she can be very mean in criticizing my artwork. for example these sheep. she told me that they look like turtle! haiyaaaaa sampai hati tau. but what ever it is, im happy with them =D

.:roses are red violet are blue:.

peace be upon u

haihhh i miss place this plaque. where la did i put it. my life sooooo miserable since my dearly maid left us =( i miss her so much

btw, i really love this design, sweet simple yet elegance

.:romance blue:.

peace be upon u

aimi,anak kawan my mom wedding day. this is the cake for her 1st reception at home. omigosh, i love her 2nd reception @ POGH. cantik sangat =)

the hantaran cake

the cutting cake

.:endless love:.

peace be upon u

dear valued customer @ potential customer, starting from today, whenever u guys send email to me, on subject column please put month of ur order. its easy for me to sort all the mails =) tak susahkan

thank you very much!

below are cakes & cuppies ordered by my cousin

Friday, December 24, 2010

.:something sweet:.

peace be upon u

i love the colors that i use for these sets. kindda calm and soft. thank you =)

.:shirt for u:.

peace be upon u

frust! thats the word pop in my mind when i saw this photo. no, im not frust with the outcome of this cake, but im frust with the photos. satu ni je yang ada. the one from top view gone! huwaaaaaa. i really dont like when this happen =(

yippie ... ive found the rest of the photos!


peace be upon u

this is the reason why i dont like to use driscol strawberry @ any US strawberry. the size are out of shape. ada gemuk..ada kurus..ada bulat & lonjong. they cud never beat the korean strawberry.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

.:dazzling red:.

peace be upon u

pardon me for not being able to reply mail as much as i can and ignoring this blog. i was down with very bad cough and on and off with fever. i really cant tolerate with cough. 2 bottles of cough syrup seems nothing at all.

but today, im feeling a bit better though the pace of recovery is very slow. better than nothing rite. and omigosh! 2010 left few days and i havent finish uploading even for jun! im sooo late! hope i manage to uploading all the pending entries.

btw, thank you kem for placing order with me =)

.:jedi hakeem turns 11:.

peace be upon u

happy 11th birthday hakeem!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

.:sofea turns 4:.

peace be upon u

happy 4th birthday sofea lyana!

.:blog archive:.