Sunday, May 31, 2009

.:happy birthday tan sri:.

peace be upon u

it's very ad-hoc. but i do consider because the theme is easy and the most important thing, i do have stock of chelsea. then when mr shahrol told me that this set for his big bos (tan sri dr wan, KSP), i was like.. alamak. ok ke ek design mcm tu.

to mr shahrol, thank you and to tan sri, happy birthday sir!

p/s: btw, ada sape-sape tak nak beli LV since my parents nak ke europe and will stop few days @ paris and my mom & sis nak ke LV. murah la sikit compare to LV kat KL ni. if any of u nak, just let me know thw model, then once my sis sampai sana she will let me know the price. anything just mail me before 10th of June

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