Friday, May 30, 2008

.:beach babes:.

this is for fadd. since she going to bring the cuppies to tioman for vacation, this idea suddenly pop into my mind. i call this beach babes theme =D i really enjoy making this cuppies. the idea of making the bikini si from kak jun and other flicker members =D and thank you so much to zalita for her tutorial on how to make these gorgeous flip flops! goshh i really adore all her cuppies! sangat la cantik okeh! wish one day i could do like her too!

so fadd, enjoy ur beach babes cuppies @ tioman ya =D

this cuppies set is premium cuppies

Thursday, May 29, 2008

.:arsenal fan:.

i never been knock down with flu & fever badly like today for quite sometime. got few orders to be completed by tonight and i really really hope that my body could hang in there.

this arsenal cuppies were ordered by nana fot her hubby. like te arsenal logo? yeah me too because hassle free. this set is under the premium set which will be different prices from ordinary set. for this set, the price will be RM65. soon i will create an entry regarding price for certain premium cuppies and cake. well the images will not only for arsenal, but any football club. u just name it and i will do it for u =D

nana, i really hope ur happy happy with his arsenal cuppies =D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

.:choc hazelnut cheese cuppies:.

yong, thank you so much for the orders. 30pcs of choc hazelnut cheese with less sweet for u & ur family. i am very happy to receive great testi from u. thank you so much =D

.:more & more cakes:.

since yesterday i feel my eyes hot, running nose and sore throat. but i need to fight it as i have fight it as i have few orders to settle with. i guess, i cant write that much. here are some photos last week orders. thank you =)

thank you aida! dah kasik mak ke blom?

this is strawberry cake, layered with strawberry filling+fresh strawberries for lin & her son, ammar. thank you ya lin

Monday, May 26, 2008

.:the wedding cake:.

i was very excited when aida (jr @ semsas) ask me to do 2-tiers wedding cake. and she did request to top it with bride & groom doll. i hate to use the ordinary plastic bride & groom doll. sungguh la ketinggalan pesen rasanya =P being eager to create own bride & groom model, i dare myself to make it. along the way in creating those figurines, i really had great time. i started at 1.30am and finish at 5.30am! result? as u can see in my previous entry =D love the bride, not so happy with the groom. owh well, i feel quite happy because it is my 1st time making such figurine =D horray for myself =P (perasan sungguh)

well aida, i really hope ur brother will feel proud with the 2-tiers cake =D and really really hope the cake survive along the journey. selamat pengantin baru azmil!

i really cant get enough from eying this cake. i am so happy with the 1st time 2-tiers wedding cake! do u think it is ok? well, for this type of cake, i would advice to place order at least 1 month before ur big day! or else i have to use ordinary bride & groom topper! price depend on the size, types of finishing. anything just email to me =D

.:Man Utd Glory:.

my sister order the ball cake for her hubby's birthday. since hes a big fan of Man Utd, so i decide to put the MU logo on the ball cake. and what a coincidence MU won the game! i bet he must be very happy. to my BIL, happy birthday and speedy recovery ya doc! enjoy ur MU ball cake. and owhh silly me. i forgot to snap the cuppies as well! haihhh

received sms from my sister. this is the sms:
"adam cakap padang bola mana ada bunga"
i reply:
"cakap kat adam padang bola mak long ada bunga"

.:more cuppies:.

this week seems a hectic week for me. and as usual, my sleeping schedule will turn up-side-down. dah jd musang dah aku ni. i dont think so i can write anymore...kepala dah berat. so here are photos for past few days orders.

120pcs of mini cuppies from annur ... for a sister who is celebrating her 10th birthday.
happy burthday jawidah!

from jue. quite disappointed with dora as it doesnt look like dora =(

from linda to her mom

farisya order this as her wedding gift

from ruby @ penang for her nieces & nephews

and last but not least, from ann. ann if u want my FP key, email me ya =D

Thank you so much for the endless support!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

.:the eagerness:.

i've been dying to do these ever since i got the books! and finally (after manage to find small cutter that i've been searching quite sometime), this morning i manage to complete it. and to tell the truth, im not satisfied with the groom's look. he need to be groom...yes definitely i will do.. whenever i have luxurious time =P

this is what my sister at nz commented:
"the groom looks fat!" and then she laughed.
haiseh... it took me about 4 hours to finish the bride & groom and i didnt have much time to do another groom. belasah je la

Thursday, May 22, 2008

.:hantaran cake (wedding gift cake):.

gosh i fall asleep eventually. then woke up feel dizzy. this always happen to me if i take a nap during day time =( sometimes i just cant help it. im too tired. actually aida (my jr at school, semsas) ordered the cake with gold theme. but its difficult to create 'gold' as it is unless i use few bottles of the pearl dust gold colour which will increase the price of cake. satu botol kecik mahal weh!

to tell the truth, this is my 1st hantaran cake made of fondant. yeah i know, ive done with fondant so many time, but it is different when it comes to 1 whole big cake. must be more mature, serious. totally different from children birthday cake. but alhamdullillah. over all, im satisfied with the finale product. not bad for a 1st timer like me. thank you aida & family for having trust in me =D

.:engagement cuppies (triplet roses):.

i still feel sleepy but i cant sleep as there are some errands need to settle. haihhh feel like those pillows & bed keep on calling me =( ngantuk okeh! before i start do some baking, better for me to take 5 by updating this blog. the person who order these cuppies are my neighbor's daughter (the time when we stayed at ipoh). if not mistaken its for her cousin. she request to have maroon theme but my goodness! its very difficult to get the exact color. so for next order, i really appreciate if we could discuss the color. but overall, i really heart this cuppies as i try the new method of making roses. making those small roses really drift me into another world. the cuteness of thoses roses really mesmerize me (cheh perasan sungguh la diri ku). some may said why bother & make ur life difficult when u can buy ready made roses. well, its all up to u. for me, if i had plenty of time (actually tak banyak, but the eagerness of trying new method drives the mood to create such lovely roses) why not i make by myself =D

.:deco class:.

no, please dont get me wrong. though the title is like that, but im not going to conduct any deco class. i received quite handsome queries regarding deco class. im sorry. for a time being i dont have time as well as courage and enough knowledge to conduct even simple deco class. i would suggest who ever interested in learning how to deco cuppies, go to LynnHassan to ask for class. she's a good teacher besides very creative person! i bet, u wont regret to spend any single penny for her class as u will get lots of knowledge and tips. just drop an email to her and she will reply to u =D hope that will help those out there who eager to learn how to deco cuppies! good luck peeps!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

.:more cuppies:.

im too tired today to to hard work with fondant! naik segala urat-urat ku. tak payah ke gym lagi =P okay back to our story. kak ani from TM placed the order quite sometime...rasanynya awal bulan mei kot ke akhir april. she mention that she wanted to bring to megat's school. so i suggest her to have mini cuppies. besides the medium cuppies. she request to draw batman, ultraman and spiderman. uhuhu i cant draw the whole body of the superheros since surface are too small. so i decide to draw the logo as well as the head only. owh boy! i really need to polish my drawing skill. to megat, happy birthday!

the super heros cuppies

the mini cuppies

next order was from rina, a return customer. she did request the design and once when i finished the deco, rasa mcm tak kena plak. but then again, she request like that. kita ikut je la. she told me that she & her hubby have been know each other for about 15 years! happy anniversary to both if you!

the anniversary cum music cuppies

.:blog archive:.