Monday, January 31, 2011

.:a small favour:.

peace be upon u (this is sticky entry. please scroll down to view latest entry. tq)

2010 soon will be leaving us =) therefore, i really appreciate if any of u send mail to me, in the subject column please put month for the order. reason? its easy for me to spot immediate ur order and easy for me to sort out and put it in the same folder. a small help from u guys mean a BIG help for me =)

thank you =D

p/s: dear valued customer & viewer, starting from 1st Jan 2011, there will be new price for certain items. there's nothing i can do as the price for almost everything goes up! sangat la tak suka but it left me with no choice. view HERE for latest price (will update from time to time)

.:there u go:.

peace be upon u

i was extremely pissed off today. seriously sangat sangat sangat bengang! wanna know why? my phone, which i've been using less than 6 months...dead! yeah u read it correctly...DEAD. omg! what happen la sony ericsson nowdays? teruk okeh. few of my friends also complaining that they are having issue with SE. my previous phone, also SE and she survive only for a year and half. then..puff! there u go...RIP.

so for a time being, pleaseeeee...anything communicate with me @ the shout box @ drop me an email. to dang & nomy, as what we've deal, pick up date on the 2nd. and normie, urs will be on the 3rd.

p/s: why la iphone outstock =(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

.:1000 apology:.

peace be upon u

dear valued customer & viewer, sorry for the kindda-long-silent. school already started for almost 1 month and here i am, try very hard to fit in with all the errands. rasa macam nak tercabut kaki tangan bila kena buat almost everything. so, if i a bit behind in responding ur mail, please pardon me. but will try my best to respond asap.

till then, have a great day ahead!

p/s: inshaAllah, soon i will put some of my cheese tarts @ kiosk in axis atrium, ampang. owhh dont get me wrong, its only for cheese tarts =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

.:juita & nazrul:.

peace be upon u

seriously i love making it animal, cartoon character or human! but i think i still need to learn a lot in making human figurines. well practice makes perfect right =) whatever it is, im more than happy when received sms from fazrina =) thanks fazrina

to juita & nazrul, congratulations

Thursday, January 13, 2011

.:alyaa turns 1:.

peace be upon u

happy 1st birthday alyaa!


peace be upon u

i really think that i fail big time in making the ferrari cake =( though it is my 1st time in making this kind of cake, i shouldn't use this as an excuse. but again, to ease the uneasy feeling, i told myself there's always a room to improve.

to saeidah, thank you very muc for the endless support!

.:amani is 2:.

peace be upon u

i really hate taking photos dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa. because the result will be very disappointing *sigh* i really need to well manage my taking-photos-time. kalau dah tergesa-gesa macam ni, D90 pun tak dapat nak produce gambar cantik kan

btw, happy 2nd birthday amani! stay cute & cheeky ya

.:shafiq & ida:.

peace be upon u

congratulations to shafiq & ida!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.:love is in the air:.

peace be upon u

thank you very much kak zai! congratulations =)

.:F1 and adam:.

peace be upon u

happy birthday adam!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

.:qistina turns 6:.

peace be upon u

happy 6th birthday qistina yasmin!

.:shazimah the ballerina:.

peace be upon u

happy 4th birthday shazimah!

.:cuppies for celebration:.

peace be upon u

thank you dear valued customer =)

.:me and you:.

peace be upon u

love doing this because i made it! i mean when i show this photo to my other half, straight away he ask me, "policeman?". yeayyyy i made it =D

thanks puteh =)

peace be upon u

this is the special edition of mini cuppies, which mean u can request anything to deco with (hand drawn @ edible image). thanks Su!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

.:happy day:.

peace be upon u

told ya rite, i waaaaaay late behind in updating my entries. to who ever order this cake, thank you very much!

Monday, January 3, 2011

.:happy birthday damia:.

peace be upon u

happy birthday damia!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

.:lil caliph's born day:.

peace be upon u

happy birthday to afiq & naimuazijidah!

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