Sunday, November 23, 2008

.:bumble bee busy pt 4:.

peace be upon u

yayyyy im suffering from pain at my shoulder. sakit amat-amat ni. i guess i need to ask my maid to massage me again. these orders were made by my good old time friend, sab. its for her SIL's engagement. i'm ok with the cake but sirih junjung??? alamak. where to find because most of the wedding planner didnt accept only one hantaran. so i ask my mom to help me with this task. alhamdullilah. i manage to complete task given by sab to me. to sab's SIL, congratulations!

pssstttt! dont get me wrong. the sirih junjung wasn't my moms touch. mom order it from her SIL's friend. sound complecated eyyy =P

i love so much the tuberose smell. gonna go to petaling street to buy some!

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