Wednesday, April 28, 2010


peace be upon u

thanks kema!

.:sara is 5:.

peace be upon u

thank you azza

.:zaraa turns 2:.

peace be upon u

thank you reen! happy to know that zaraa loves her cake so much!

.:liverpool & u:.

peace be upon u

thank you dang

.:go chelsea go:.

peace be upon u

thank you ida

notice something about this photo? yes!! its blur! huwaaaaa something wrong with my lens and just send it the service centre and here i am...lensless!

.:badminton anyone?:.

peace be upon u

thank you nur!


peace be upon u

thanks ezzati!

.:lets go fishing:.

peace be upon u

thanks linda

Sunday, April 18, 2010

.:when i say yes:.

peace be upon u

thanks ina! for the endless support. dari kak anna mula into this line, sampai la ke hari ni. thank you so much!

.:wud u be mine:.

peace be upon u

confirm la yang order ni laki kan. tapi i lupa nama dia. such a sweet way to approach =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

.:im in love:.

peace be upon u

ni la kan padah kalau banyak sangat tunggakan entries. jenuh dah selak buku, check kat mail. tetap la tak dapat trace sape punya ni. but apa pun, thank you so much!

.:happy birthday dear:.

peace be upon u

thanks shareena!

.:hijau cinta ku:.

peace be upon u

lupa nama penuh tuan punya ni, but kalau tak silap lela panggil dia jal. sorry ek lela kalo kita salah nama kawan awak ni =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

.:enchanted garden:.

peace be upon u

ampunnn...lupa sape punya ni. can the owner stand up =)

.:white myvi:.

peace be upon u

sorry ya if ada delay in replying mails. im not feeling well, sore throat & cough. but never sakit cemana pun i try my best to update regularly & reply mails.

zett, sorry sgt kalo comot the drawing coz its the 1st time i try this method. next time i will improvise the method =p

thanks zett!

.:purple theme:.

peace be upon u

erkkk sorry. lupa hat sape punya ni. can the owner stand up =D thank you so much ya =)

ain, is this urs? if yes, sorry dear akak terlupa =) btw, thank you

.:rantaian kasih:.

peace be upon u

thanks zety & widat!

.:wonderful colorful:.

peace be upon u

thanks emi!

A Lil' Note @ Reminder:
i dont know where to start @ how to put in a good words. cause im sucks in writing. memang sungguh tak tahu nak menulis. but here we go... at least u try my best.

dear valued customer, i really appreciate cooperation from u guys. once when u email to me & i h ave replied ur mails, please follow up with me. meaning, if u guys didnt received any emails about confirmation from me @ u guys confirm want to engage me as ur cake@cupcakes maker, please contact me. ive include my handphone number along in the email.

jangan la berdiam diri, sampai waktu date yang u guys request to pick up, baru nak contact i. please bear in mind, yang i didnt take any deposit @ advance payment. therefore, like ive mentioned in blog, 3 days before the pick up date, please sms me as finale confirmation @ a gentle reminder to me.

thank you so much

.:pink purple:.

peace be upon

lupa siapa punya ni. ada catit, tapi since im rushing nak update my blog at the highest speed, tak dan nak selak buku. nanti ada masa i letak nama sape punya ni ya.

thank you

.:sargeant keroro:.

peace be upon u

thanks azliza!

.:the engagement:.

peace be upon u

thanks anum!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.:ameer & afeeq's bash:.

peace be upon u

happy birthday ameer & afeeq! to zatul, thank you so much!

.:baby ihsan turns 1:.

peace be upon u

happy 1st birthday ihsan! thank you niezan!

.:blog archive:.