Thursday, November 24, 2011

.:love story:.

peace be upon u & hello

making rainbow cake always make me happy. 1st, i  love to see those vibrant colors (yeah i know there are 7 colors in rainbow). 2nd, the smell of the cake from the oven makes u feel like wanna have a lil bit of it! especially when the green one in oven. sedap sangat bau dia!

thanks iza! hope all of u enjoy eating these rainbow cakes! congratulations!

p/s: btw did u notice something. in my previous entry pun theme color black & pink kan. seriously lawa kan these two colors? and one more thing, i love andy william version of lagu Love Story =D

seriously .. to combine any color with black is brilliant decision!
and yes, these cakes are tall! especially rainbow cake
i love gerbera! photo courtesy of Iza
love this to the max! photo courtesy of Iza

Monday, November 21, 2011


peace be upon u & hello

couldn't agree more with statement 'less is more"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

.:kecil itu comel:.

peace be upon u & hello

last entry before i hit the sack. my head a bit ting tong. hope i can sleep early & wake up early too because i need to prepare fondant. till then, good night folks!

.:Dibo & Friends:.

peace be upon u& hello

paling suka, character crow

.:go green pt. 2:.

peace be upon u & hello

 thank you!

.:go green:.

peace be upon u & hello

not in the mood to write.tengok je la ya gambar-gambar ni

.:tyka & tmie:.

 peace be upon u & hello

thanks julie. btw julie ni photographer but part time. feel free to visit HERE

tyka &tmie =)

Monday, November 14, 2011


peace be upon u & hello

dear all, i dah pindah ke kajang ya...somewhere near (actually belakang je) Impian Golf Club =P and still tengah dalam process nak unpack barang-barang. so kalau saya lambat reply mail, please text me & mention ur name & date of ur pick up.

btw, thats not the main point i nak inform in this entry. ada orang minta i advertisekan job vacancy and the payment is project basis. kiranya if ada project, ada la payment. criteria as below:

  • multimedia designer
  • student 
  • css
  • female
  • able to do website
  • shoping cart
  • willingly to work under pressure
for further information or nak tau dengan lebih jelas, sila drop email kat and dont forget to attach ur resume

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.:alvin, simone, theadore:.

peace be upon u & hello

they are one of my fav cartoon character. why? because i love their voice! so cute. but among 3 of them, i paling suka theadore. makan je keje dia =)

.:i heart u:.

peace be upon u & hello

not in the mood to type ... so lets have a look at the photos.

thanks fa!

.:elmo & me:.

peace be upon u & hello

tak mo type banyak-banyak sebab kepala sakit+pening+ngantuk+stress. tengok la gambar ni ek. thanks zatul for the endless support. btw zatul ni party planner. visit HERE to view her workmanship. 

.:for my dear:.

peace be upon u& hello

masyaAllah. i feel extremely tired. and worst part, im having back pain. this packing work betul betul buat i penat. ni pun i just pack my own stuff and baking tools, my helper yg buat. the rest of barang-barang kat rumah ni, packers yang buat. nak harap kami pack, ada yang berminggu baru siap. owh yea, im moving to kajang =) but aiseh lupa la that area...saujana impian ke impian saujana. all i know, its near the impiana golf club. will let u guys know the exact  location. till then, have great day ahead!

thanks dora!

.:afiq is 3:.

peace be upon u & hello

i've gone cuckoo! keep on lupa which photo dah upload and which one belum lagi. haihhh ni la kan kalau tangguh kerja (but it wasn't my fault. hari tu blogger cakap my my photo allocation dah almost reach the max. tu yg malas nak update blog).

i love the colors! owh ya, please bear in mind ya. rainbow cupcake/cake for each color lain tau flavour dia

happy 3rd birthday afiq!! thanks diana

.:baby blue+pastel pink:.

peace be upon u & hello

feel very sleepy but need to finish this last work. though the design is simple but when u in sleeping mode, everything will be difficult. mau taknya, kat mata ni terbayang-bayang bantal, tilam, duvet and bilik yang sejuk...erkk never mind. this is something that i love to do. turning my passion into job is something most of us really wanna do right? so i guess im lucky to have it =)

a lesson to learnt ... must ask my client the location for their wedding. either close place like hall or open space. because most of the colors will fade if expose to sunlight

courtesy of bride

Monday, November 7, 2011

.:smurfy pt. 2:.

peace be upon u & hello

how's eidul adha celebration? banyak makan daging korban? i tengok sana sini at my friends FB masing-masing sibuk with daging korban =) as for me and family, this year biasa-biasa je because we are busy with our current situation. pening kepala nak packing barang-barang ni. now i nak take five from packing thingy and update my blog. 
photo courtesy of yanti. thanks erna & happy birthdy damia!

these 3 cupcakes actually di order oleh same person macam cake smurf village kat bawah ni. the smurfette tu i bagi ad gift to the birthday girl sebab that day masa i nak letak figurine kat cake, tangan dia patah. so i promise to her that i will make one for her. then the mom, laifa, order another 2 =) perasan tak kenapa smurf house kat bawah ni nampak pelik sikit dari smurf mushroom house in previous entry? ceritanya....

i already cover the 2nd cake and then i just realize that i forgot to carve the cake. sebab tu nampak pelik sikit. i feel very disappointed sebab this is not the 1st time i buat mushroom house kan. if 1st time tu, acceptable la this kindda silly mistake. betul-betul rasa frust. thanks laifa!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

.:eidul ahda:.

peace be upon u & hello

picture from Google
buat semua umat Islam, saya mengucapkan Selamat hari Raya Haji. semoga pengobanan kita diterimaNYA, inshaAllah. dan inshaAllah saya akan mula terima tempahan selepas 19.11.2011, inshaAllah

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

.:take 5:.

peace be upon u & hello

dear all, as mention in calendar (extreme right column), for november 2011, i have to 'take 5'. which mean i cant take any new orders as im in the middle of shifting place/location (will let u guys know exact location soon). but to those that i already promise, inshaAllah, deal is still on. therefore, please keep closely with this blog. till then, have great day ahead.

thank you

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