Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.:de heart edible image:.

peace be upon u

frequently i've been ask from where did i order my images. before this i print from Pastry Pro but since there are lots of obstacles, i started to take from kak ayu (loveliana). and now, we have de heart edible image service. i bet some of u already know ellie right. me? yes i already use her service and so far i am satisfied! example of her work can be view here. but please ladies, make sure u give the the highest resolution of the photos so that ur images will be sharp as knife! or else it will 'jagged'.

since my stock kotak dah susut, im not able to sell it anymore like i use to do. walau sekeping pun i kta dapat nak jual sebab unfair la kan. perhaps u gusy can seek other source to buy that kind of boxes ya. sorry.

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