Sunday, May 24, 2009

.:bistro cupcake class:.

peace be upon u

when lynn text me and mention calvin gonna conduct bistro cupcake class, i was hoping so much mention date im free and available. lucky me, im free like a bird (which is yesterday). its a hands on class and merasa la kena tegur dengan teacher "haiyaa u cut butter like that then u can cut ur hand!" heheheheee as expected, kelas memang gamat la dengan hilai tawa. over all, we are all excited to taste the molten choc cuppies and like always, the best time to eat masa dia tengah panas-panas. nak lagi sedap, scoop vanilla ice cream and put on it. wallah! heaven!

the teacher with students =D

coffee walnut cupcake

molten choc cake and this remind me to molten choc cake @ chillis .. yummm

the bistro cupcakes - apple crumble, coffee walnut, molten choc

p/s: lynn, nanti kalo kompem kelas july kita nak duduk sebelah awak erk =D kita dah block dah date tu =P

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