Tuesday, May 12, 2009

.:liya & farid:.

peace be upon u

melly, serious akak tatau nama penuh awak =D just tau melly jerk. so bila awak suruh tulis nama liya, akak takut akak salah =D tahniah ya on ur engagement =)

mellly ni one of my very early & loyal customer. i still remember one of her cake yang dia minta i buat is white and black theme. and happen to be, that cake appear kat nona sebab wedding cousin (correct me if im worong if dia bukan ur cousin ek melly) keluar kat nona.

this time, it is melly's turn. dan dia minta i buat silver theme. to tel the truth, it wasn't easy nak come out with the silver theme unless u are willingly to pay extra =)

again melly, tahniah ya

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