Sunday, June 29, 2008

.:wedding gift:.

been very busy last week. and how i wish i could have hands like an octopus! eheheh just kidding. i love my hand the way they are. why headache always attack me when i have tonnes of works to do? ke alasan erk. but serious, this thing happen. not a light headache, but enough to make me feel dizzy.

here are few wedding cakes & cuppies that i made last week. those are cakes and cuppies were collect on the same day. penat tau buat, but im happy with the results.

shikin's =D selamat bertunang!

from melly'sto her relative, cousin perhaps? betul ke melly

melly's and baiti's

and this, for elena's bro. selamat pengantin baru!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

.:treat for her:.

1st, sorry for being silent few days. i wasnt in good condition. 2nd, for delay in replying emails. i had problem with my emails and manage to get thru again my mail last nite. but being too busy last night, i wasnt able to reply it.

thank you for the nice comments regarding my enchanted jungle. some send via mail, sms and yes, @ my chatbox. it does make me happy =) and enlighten my day at least.

this order actually the night after i finished the enchanted jungle cake. but due to excitement, betul-betul lupa nk upload. saidatul, sorry ye. tapi seronok akak dapat pusing-pusing P11 hohohohhhooo serius pening kepala carik rumah saidatul. bukan sebab apa, tp signboard dah hilang! kalau tak, dah lama jumpa rumah awak tu. hepi sangat akak dengar awak cakap yang anak buah awak enjoy makan cuppies ni. thank you ya.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

.:the enchanted jungle:.

well, this will be the longest entry so far. but of course, full with photos! not my writing cause im not good in writing. if i can write, definitely i will be a journalist =D

by looking at the title, i bet u guys know roughly what kind of cake it is right? and to tell the truth, i truly enjoy making this cake though i suffer from backache *LOL =D and this is one of the reason why i cant accept any order for last week & the following week. i need to put all my strength & concentration on this cake. i've been working with the animals figurine past few days. mind you, all are hand made, including the bark =D hubby didnt believe when he saw the cake and ask me "did u use any mould to create the bark effect?" nope, i didnt =D did that with knife.

for a person like me, who never had chance to attend any figurine class @ any 3D class, i would say that im more than happy to see the end product =D and of course when the customer say "buat la cemana pun cake tu janji ikut theme dia, jungle". meaning budget is not the limitation =D

till fingers meet the keyboard, happy viewing =D

the enchanted cuppies =D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

.:suspend for a while:.

ive been looking for this souffle cup since last 2 weeks. tapi nampak gaya mcm lambat je lagi nk sampai. kedai yg saya selalu beli utk dapatkan supply barang-barang baking told me that the kontena tak sampai lagi. tu la susah if bergantung harap pada barangan luar negara *mengeluh. so untuk sementara waktu, saya dengan berat hati terpaksa menggantung order utk cupcakes sampai la suatu waktu nanti. just hope that the contena sampai cepat. but order for cake masih dibuka cuma saya limitkan =) nanti saya akan updatekan bila saya boleh terima semula tempahan yer. bagi yg dah tempah, usah usai =D inshaAllah, tempahan anda selamat berada dalam list saya. cuma saya pohon, minta hantar email reminder 2 hari sebelum tempahan anda diambil. saya amat menghargai kerjasama awal dari anda semua =D


.:a teaser:

Friday, June 20, 2008

.:chocky crazy:.

a bit slow eyyy? well this entry will be the last entry...LOL =P no no no... dont get me wrong. i mean the last entry for the delay entries =D after this only fresh from oven ;p

this is for reen, lela's friend. she said the she 1st taste my cuppies at lela's bash =D thank you so much ya reen. i really hope u enjoy eating this chocky crazy set =Pa

this is premium set. later i will make 1 entry regarding premium set

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

.:from my deepest heart:.

what shall u do when u feel down? well the answer is, FRIENDS! yerp ... to me, apart from my soulmate & my queen of my heart, friends are the person that i turn to. to "you know who u are" (yerp i know ur location as well), thank you for the comment. i take note on that =) and i appreciate it.

just a small note from me. since july is just around the corner, i would like to say that starting from 12th july and onwards, i have to limit the orders as i will be back to school. and this semester, i bet it will be a disastrous for me because i need to complete my writing & there will be presentation on it at the end of semester. anyone of u guys work @ DOE or know anybody @ DOE that can help me with my research? im trying to get data about API and others that relate to environment. and inshaAllah, if i finish my study within the time line, i will further my study.... again =D someone did offer me to continues =D and please dont ask me whether will i be a cake/cuppies maker anymore. i dont have the answer. let time tell us BUT for sure i wont be a cake/cuppies maker for the rest of my life! till then... let the photos speak

owh ya im close for order from 1st - 18th july. those who already place order/s, worry not because ur order/s safely listed in my schedule =)

at least these make me happy =)

owhhh this cuppies are sooooo delicious! bukan nak puji diri sendiri. actually im not a sweet tooth person. i cant even finish 1 cupcake! percaya la..but this cupcake, my goodness! i can eat 2 at a row... this is chocolate peanut butter cuppies =D the black dot is chip choc, where as the white dot is the peanut butter chunk =D since i had plenty of time this week, i really really hope that i can try few others recipe =D but they wont be in the list ... yet =D nnt la i will make some more and and give some sample for those who live within my area =D

till fingers meet the keyboard, thank you & good night

.:cake anyone?:.

let us have a look what did i did last week =D

a choc hazelnut cheese cake, frost with fresh cream.
from mai to her hubby who loves aquarium so much. glad u guys enjoy it

and, choc moist cake, frost & layered with choc ganache is from fadd to her hubby. seronok bervacation fadd *wink wink
size 6", weight almost 800gm

sorry ya lin if the deco too simple. but i guess i did the best since this is last minute order. try so hard to cramp all the wordings! phewwww what a relief when all the wordings fit in
6" choc moist, frost & layered with choc ganache. weight almost 800gm

and this, for kak ani's family birthdays celebration =D kak ani sorry sangat-sangat sbb i wasnt at home when u come to pick up the cake. i really hope u guys had blast birthday bash!
13.5"x8.5" choc moist cake, frost & layered with choc ganache. weight more than 2.4kg

.:wedding gift (hantaran):.

mai requested to use triplets roses for this hantaran with dark yellow color. over all, im ok la with this time output. but i shouldnt over do the petals. she ordered 10pcs of this type and 15pcs of carrot walnut as photos below.

.:baby shower:.

this is ordered by nadia for a baby showers party. she requested to have colourful but then i change it to blue & pink since it is synonym to baby shower's party. and please take a note that if u guys order carrot walnut with cheese cream frosting, i cant use any fondant elements as this type of cuppies need to be refrigerated all the time (before serving). where as fondant cant be place in the refrigerator because it will melt.

okay back to nadia's cuppies. i really hope u guys have great time at PD. tp mommy to be, all the best! and welcome to parentshood!

i've been searching this type of sprinkles! and finally i found it. but when i return to the shop to buy some more, its already finish! arghhh

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

.:my phone gone crazy:.

dear valuable customer & potential customer, i would like to inform u guys that my hp gone crazy. so who ever try to reach me via hp @ sms and seems like i dont reply ur sms @ pick up the call, forgive me. sometimes the phone mcm sewel sikit =P regarding emails, i do received several emails mention that they didnt get my reply. normally i do reply emails at night and please do check also ur spambox. because i did experience that 'clean email' were send to spambox and since that incident i always check my spambox. and i would appreciate if u guys would leave remarks at my shout box (@ blog) =D thank you so much for early cooperation =D

.:more cuppies:.

sementara ada banyak masa senggang (ya ka? walhal banyak menda nk kena buat tp dok berangan ada banyalk sangat masa lapang) baik la kalau diupdatekan cepat-cepat kan. kang dah back to the kithcen, mmg alamat akan berperam lebih lama lagi la gambar-gambar ni. semua semua last weeks punya order. tu yang rasa semput kejap badan buat. apa-apa pun terima kasih kepada anda semua yang sentiasa menyokong saya =D

this one, yg order kak shieda =d seronok tau baca blog dia, terutama entry dia pasal burfday dia. terasa seperti mengimbas kembali ke zaman kanak-kanak. apa pun thank you ya kak shieda

yg ni plak elin (kawan fp). memula cam mati kutu apa la nk deco yg menarik minat si efi. last-last belasah je la buat cars & traffic lights ni.

dan yang ni plak, from julie (kawan fp jugak). yg best nama anak dia sama cam anak my daughter =D suka sangat kalo diminta buat deco mcm ni. sebab tak peningkan kepala. then 3 cuppies last tu mcm dah blur kejap. sib baik otak cepat pikir..maka buat la character depa anak branak. terima kasih ya julie

.:blog archive:.