Friday, July 31, 2009

.:me & u:.

peace be upon u

nadia mention in the mail that there is no special occasion but "nak makan-makan je". and the deso, up to me.

thank you ya nadia

.:swirl of love:.

peace be upon u

seriously i tak rasa best sangat but to come again, why should i bother. hati kena senang selalu =D fikiran kena fikir positive selalu (walau kekadang susah okeh nak buat).

kek ni jaja punya kek hantaran =) thank you ya jaja

Thursday, July 30, 2009


peace be upon u

lucky huda sms me early in the morning so that i still have time to bake for her set. i was like, alamak. im so dead sebab lupa nak bake. ni la padah kalo tak catit terus dalam buku. kot otak ni cekap & ingat tak pe la kan. and lucky me again, the design very simple. thanks ya huda

.:love story:.

peace be upon u

emma order this cake on behalf of her friend (dik kawan ke =P jangan marah ek. akak tease u). katanya kakak kawan dia nak kawin and nak bawak balik ke kedah. thank you ya emma =D

but to tell the truth, how i wish i could make more and more new designs.. but what else can i do if customer ask me to do the same design kan

.:u r 36th now:.

peace be upon u

this one, set from norizan to her hubby. she told me that her hubby loves to play golf & he's a photographer. thanks norizan

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.:love of life:.

peace be upon u

it's very easy to deal with shikin. thank you ya shikin =)

.:stripes attack:.

peace be upon u

yes i know...ramai yang hantar mail asking & requesting to have deco class with me. bukan tak mo. nak, tapi cuma masa tak berkesempatan & tempat belum ada yang sesuai. bukan my place tak selesa, cuma kalau boleh i tak mo buat kat rumah sendirik =) nanti ada yang tak selesa, either u guys (kena kacau dgn my daughter) @ orang-orang kat rumah ni =)

but this time, i memang tak dapat nak decline sebab kawan i, ila punya la beria minta sangat-sangat buat. sudahnya i mengaku kalah jugak. then i email norain, ask her whether she would like to join or not since its very very abrupt. ye la, after all weekdays kan. alhamdulillah, dapat jugak dedua ni join the class. and mind u, they prepare everthing by themselve but of course la 1st few steps i tunjuk kat derang cemana. both of them fast learner =)

to ila & norain, please make sure u guys apply apa yang dah dipelajari ya. if not, such a waste masa & duit.

p/s: should any of u yang rasa nak belajar, just drop an email to me. i will arrange tim. btw, thanks aida from BHEU sebab ajar akak nak godek blog ni erk =D

.:im in love:.

peace be upon u

simple yet nice kan =) the flowers self made and i really like this kind of flowers. dont ask me bunga apa sebab ini namanya bunga syiok sendirik and main taram jer =P

thanks raz

.:23rd birthday:.

peace be upon u

sakit perutttt. i need a good rest =(

thank you akma. yang email awak tu, akak dah reply. nnt awak reply cepat ek sebab akak nak kena prepare things if ur friends confirm nak deco macam tu


peace be upon u

these 2 sets were order by yana. 1 for her colleague and another 1 is for her father. since for her father, there is no theme at all, im a lil bit lost. sudahnya buat abstract jerk. thanks yana

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.:darling babe:.

peace be upon u

what else can i say.. i loveeeeee bag so much! im a bag and shoes freak! hehehehe biasa la kan.. perempuan. actually there is another item that i should put on it but im not that good yet in making heels. maka terpaksa la tukar kepada beberapa deco. thanks yana

.:colorful floral:.

peace be upon u

sorry guys. cant write much as im racing against time. this set was order by reen, mama zaara. the idea also been given to me by her. thanks reen. btw, akak tak dapat pun email yg reen cakap tu. resend please. thank you

.:rainbow hearts:.

peace be upon u

uhuhuhhhu cant write to much. need to sleep now but suddenly i realize that i owe so many entries =( sorry sangat-sangat. will try my best to update this blog frequently.

dear lodylia, thank you so much ya. it is an easy 'transaction' with u and im glad u love it =) thank you again lodylia

Monday, July 27, 2009

.:shila 1 year wiser:.

peace be upon u

KC email me the detailf of order, disco. seriously, i dont have any idea on what to do except the 'crystal ball'. tak kan 16 bijik semua nak buat crystal ball kan. finally, KC told me, anything as long as it is girlie =P

thanks KC

Sunday, July 26, 2009

.:blueberry cheese tart:.

peace be upon u

yerp, i ready to take order for tarts =D BUT for blueberry cheese tart, min order is 50pcs because i use premium blueberry filling which will cost me RM20.50 percan (will upload the can once i dah snap gambar ya), bukan yang normal filling tu ya. if u guys nak tau cemana rupa, dia punya filling sama cam yang SR guna untuk blueberry cheese cake dia tu. worry not, i still can accept 25pcs (normal quantity) for blueberry cheese tart but i will use the normal filling la ya. bukan yang ini =)

.:i love u ibu:.

peace be upon u

a colorful roses specially for mom, from liyana to her mom. thank you ya yana for helping me a lot.

.:arlia is 1:.

peace be upon

she's such adorable baby. as sweet as her name and pretty to like her two sisters and mommy. she is arlia, shikin's 3rd daughter. owh some of us already know her cause she's the owner of Girl Charms.

i must say shikin such a wonderful person blessed with multiskill. she's an engineer, she's a good party planner, good tailor and of course good mommy =)

to arlia, happy 1st year dear and to shikin, thank you. btw, we've been knowing each other for almost 15 years thought we are from different school. she's from SHAH Pekan & im from SEMSAS Kuantan. but we met in a camping program for SBPian @ Taman Negara and yes, both of us are USM

Saturday, July 25, 2009

.:arsenal & me:.

peace be upon

fazi, 1st sorry sangat-sangat ek i terlupa nal snap gambar cuppies ni. thank you sebab send this photo to me. and thank you also =)

.:soon u r mine:.

peace be upon u

wuhuuuu. i feel damn sleepy .. erk pardon my language ya. seriously, extremely tired after decorating 5 cakes last night. and i have 1 more to go. sib baik empunya cake nak amik malam.

this set was ordered by angie but through mas. angie nak bagi kat kawan dia, johana =) sweet kan dapat kawan macam ni. johana, u are so lucky! congratulations ya

Friday, July 24, 2009

.:i love u darling:.

peace be upon u

how i wish i was in the bed now =( though there are not too much work to do, but making doll cake is very very challenging. especially when u've left the 'skill' behind. sumpah terhegeh-hegeh nak get back the rhythm. but well, i did take my own sweet time since it will be the last deco for this morning =)

yes yes i know... i've been making this design too much! but actually, im enjoy making it.. every single detail. from making the scrolls, the flowers and taking photos. everything seems perfect (at least to my eyes). thank you fizah =) sangat senang berurusan dengan awak

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.:MU & u:.

peace be upon u

sorry ya i terpaksa dahulukan entry ni. mai, this is ur hubby's cupcakes yang my gurl send pagi tadi. thank you ya mai

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.:blue+red baby shower:.

peace be upon u

making baby shower cake always put me a smile whenever im done with it. this time it is for a dear friend, julie @ MJ @ mama iman =) the design, were given to me by alin, another supberb party planner. the theme for julie's baby shower are red+blue. sangat menarik okeh. to julie, semoga semuanya selamat ya. take good care of urself. to alin, thanks alot babe! ur design, never fail my creation

the diaper cake, by alin. didnt manage to capture all the deco items

btw, introducing my new alpha cutter =P
cute eyy the alpha cutter =D i have many more tools waited for me to invade =p

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