Wednesday, December 31, 2008

.:firdaus & marcella:.

peace be upon u

today sangat penat. serius penat giler. sebab.. ehemmm.. ada la =D but over all, i did had FUN.. FUN.. FUN. hajat hati nak langsaikan semua entry yang tertunggak tapi apakan daya, masa sangat jeles. ni pun ada few entries yang tertangguh. sabar erk kepada yang empunya order.

selalunya bila saya amik order 1000pcs cuppies, saya akan bagi masa sehari dua kepada diri saya untuk rest. and tak de orders sampingan in between. tapi disebabkan ada sedikit masalah teknikal yang dah terjadi, masa last week adalah week yang paling horror buat saya. saya dah jadik more than zombie! bayangkan 1000pcs dan dalam masa yang sama ada orders sampingan. ya Allah, rasa berpinau bijik mata dibuatnya.

salah satu order yang buat saya bagai nak pengsan, order from najha. she wanted it to be mix and match. meaning ribbon are not from the one that i use. she wanted it to made of fondant. and being me, tak mo nampak sama macam order lepas-lepas, bertafakur sekejap la jugak depan cake yang dah di balut dengan fondant. tapi cemana erk...once when i touch the fondant, the idea datang tiba-tiba. se here it is, firdaus & marcella's engagement cake =D to both of u, tahniah. to najha, thank you =)

.:triplet roses & colorful swirls:.

peace be upon u

sigh! when u already get use to sleep around 3 @ 4 am, then u will feel pretty hard to sleep early unless u are extremely tired. so here i am...after finish decorating and preparing for tomorrows event, i cant sleep. lagi carik pasal, pegi minum nescafe kaler hijau. aiayaya memang saje carik pasal la kan.

okay. since i cant sleep, i guess u should do something better than surfing here and there. baiti actually order the banarama flavor but since i cant find any of pisang mas, so i call baiti and ask her whether shes okay with the lemon cranberries flavor. phewww lucky shes okay with that. so here we goes, 50pcs of lemon cranberries and 10pcs of triplet roses. thank you baiti. and yes, shes a return customer too =)

sangat la frust okeh bila tengok semua gambar triplet roses yang tak bermaya =( ni la jadi kalo badan dah terlalu letih sangat tapi dipaksa buat kerja tak henti-henti. nak angkat camera pun tak larat. apatah nak tune dapat shoot yang cantik

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.:plain cuppies:.

peace be upon u

my head feels pusing-pusing. though had 1 day off from baking yesterday, doesn't mean i'm off from everything. i was at in laws house yesterday to celebrate my father in law's birthday. and yes, i didnt bake anything. not even a cake for him. gugugaga... im extremely tired and wasn't in mood of baking. so i ask my brother in law to buy the cake. bagus punya menantu kan.

okay let us skip this part. anish order bout 180 plain cupcakes for her majlis ... izit akikah? at 1st she request to use the largest souffle cup. but suddenly she change the size due to a the technical prob. kesian dia. i should warn her earlier, tapi ye lah. menda dah nak jadi. lucky she infrom me 1 day earlier and i haven't bake it yet. so here u go, 180 plain choc moist cuppies =) alhamdullilah. glad to hear the respond

.:congratulations, epul & nurul:.

peace be upon u

goodness me. memang rasa betul-betul tak cukup masa. while waiting for the cake in the oven done, curi-curi masa nak update entry lagi. suzie from mpaj place order 1000pcs cuppies for her brother's wedding (betul ke suzie? correct me if im wrong). she request to deco with blue & white. so here we goes, blue+white cuppies. lucky me this time, all my siblings, be it at bangalore, auckland & melaka were all at home. lega sangat-sangat. but when it comes to decorations part, i did it all alone! huhuhu almost lost my hands during the decorating time. and yes, again i fall asleep at the kitchen. sib baik le sang suami terjaga and kejutkan me. if not mesti kelam kabut nak siapkan 2 trays lagik. to mom, sisters & maid, thank you. to suzie and family, thank you so much for choosing me. to epul & nurul, congratulations!

the designs for wedding favour

.:happy birthday mak:.

peace be upon u

another order from my earliest and loyal customer, melly =) it's very adhoc order but how shall i decline when she say it's for her mom. and to tell the truth, i was super duper extremely busy baking 1000pcs cuppies and yes during melly came to pick the cuppies i was having my bath. tak sempat jugak kan akak nak jumpa awak. lama betul tak jumpa awak...rindu. thank you soooo much dear for the endless support. happy birthday aunty!

owh ya, the mother is a teacher =D

.:happy birthday bos:.

peace be upon u

aiseh masih tak dapat nak tunaikan janji yang satu ni, update entry as soon as possible. ni pun curi-curi masa in between segala menda yang nak kena selesaikan.

lieya, one of my regular customer email me to place an order untuk bos dia. but that moment order untuk bulan december dah close. lucky the date choosen im a bit free and okay. so here it is, lieya's bos cupcakes. thank you ya lieya for the endless support.

Monday, December 29, 2008

.:ina's engagement:.

peace be upon u

sarina @ ina ni kawan sama-sama kat MAMPU dulu. dan dia ni la jugak slalu jadik partner in crime masa me kerja dulu. so bila dia minta nak cuppies untuk hantaran tunang dia, of course i will say yes! im looking forward to hear the news actually. weh makcik, lagi sekali ko buat kerja gila aku suruh zaki marah ko.

haihhh the photos taken semua macam hancusss

.:from kuantan to serdang:.

peace be upon u

i cant write to much as im rushing. in a short while i'll be going back to in laws house. yes there is internet connection there BUT it is a dial up! so sendiri mau ingat la kan if dial up dia punya azab cemana.

this chelsea set was ordered by fiza, currently at kuantan. she request to deliver it to her fiance at serdang. yes, i do provide delivery service (of course with certain charges) since i manage to engage with someone to do the delivery. later will update on that.

to fiza, thank you ya. glad to hear that both of u happy.

.:5th anniversary:.

peace be upon u

i did make few orders to celebrate 5th anniversary. orang cakap bila dah masuk 5 tahun of marriage, the rumbles dah makin kurang... ghee i dont know cause mine is only years years =P jauh lagi perjalanan. to lina and fiza, happy 5th year of anniversary. semoga bahagia bersama pasangan & keluarga sampai bila-bila, inshaAllah

fiza's cuppies

lina's cuppies

.:mini me .. mini u pt 2:.

peace be upon u

salam maal hijrah! sorry for not updating regularly. i had a very very tremendous & hectic week last week. indeed, my week always like that pun =D okay so here are the updates regarding last week. i love making mini cuppies. they are sooo cute especially when i've topped with M&Ms. very colourful!

these mini cuppies are belong to ain, 60pcs & noraini 30pcs. thank you ladies =)

i wonder why the colors of M&M bought at Langkawi very pale

Sunday, December 28, 2008

.:salam Maal Hijrah 1430:.

peace be upon u

to all muslimin and muslimat all over the world, salam maal hijrah 1430. may we live in peace and harmony forever...
goodness me.... i've lots of pending entries =( will try my best to upload asap and yes, finally today i manage to clear up all my inbox reply.

Friday, December 26, 2008

.:something that soothing me:.

peace be upon u

making flowers always enlighten me! my passion towards gumpaste works really take me away. i can seat infront of it one whole prefect day. though mine are not perfect as tombi pec @ alan dunn, but im more than happy because i only learn the basic from lynn hassan. then i did it my own way =P how i wish i can make something pretty and something that can take anyone breath away when see it... haishhh i suppose change my course kan...from environmetal to sugar craft =P

.:bon voyage:.

peace be upon u

it will bet the last day for sharifah @ pah to be work at there, Jab Perangkaan. so she wanted to give something for close friends at there. so here we go, 30pcs choc moist in dolly box for her colleague. to pah, all the best in ur study ya

.:adhoc orders from jane:.

peace be upon u

i must say that being work in this line is much more tiring. it does not only require u to be creative but also in good condition of physical & mentally especially. i just finished decorating 1000pcs wedding favour this morning. will tell the details in the entry ya. cuma nak bitau currently im more than zombie

jane ni kerja kat Aldo putrajaya. so sape-sape yang nak beli shuz aldo lepas ni bleh jumpa jane

the 2nd ad hoc order by jane and its for her son, dylan whos celebrating his 2nd year
jane lepas ni jangan buat mcm ni ya. i boleh kena heart attack .. huhu

and this one is the 1st adhoc order from jane for her collegue @ aldo

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

.:5 years together:.

peace be upon u

farra request to have set of bikini as deco for her hubby. they are celebrating their 5th anniversary. i got inspired by swissy missy. and the most important thing is, i really enjoy making these deco =) haihh lepas ni bleh jadik pereka baju la pulak *perasan sungguh la. thank you farra for trusting me in making these cuppies. hope that your marriage will last forever... inshaAllah

ohh i love this the most

Monday, December 22, 2008

.:all the way from leeds:.

peace be upon u

a dear friend, nadd already book the date awal-awal ever since she knew she that she wont be around for the ceremony sebab dah terbang jauh ke Leeds sana. sorry nadd, i didn't catch it, who's ceremony ya?

she request to have white and gold theme. so here it is, purely white & gold. i really hope that cake make a save journey to terengganu and the receiver happy with that. and the most, i hope u like it nadd. thank you for trusting me ya nadd

Sunday, December 21, 2008

.:helmi's big day:.

peace be upon u

is green the fav colour of wedding for this year? because this is my 2nd green wedding cake less then 2 weeks. this is helmi's cake. actually he order together with the fondant hantaran quite some time ago. since these cakes gonna get thru quite long journey, i have no choice other then use the gumpaste flowers. nanti kalau pakai bunga from bc, esoknya la baru helmi ni sampai. ye la, dia kena bawak kereta pelan-pelan kan. i really hope these cakes arrive safely. to helmi and his wife, tahniah! semoga kekal bahagia selamanya.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

.:happy 'mature' day:.

peace be upon u

bila mula rasa tak sihat, mula la .... berhari-hari rasa tak sihat. bukan la demam with high temperature ke apa, tapi mata rasa panas, badan rasa sengal-sengal. lama sungguh rasanya tak jalankan aktiviti rutin =( betul-betul tak de masa

thanks anim. actually this is an adhoc order. i mean i already close order for december. but then when she mention the design is simple, how can i decline. btw anim, rizqi sangat la comel. nanti kalau jumpa, aunty nak dukung rizqi tau

.:mini me .. mini u:.

peace be upon u

kindda received lots of mini cuppies order this week. 1st from adlin and i made a lil' mistake. thought she wanted 30pcs. so me buat la 30pcs jer. huhuhu actually she wanted 60pcs. apa lagi, kelam kabut la la . nasib baik dia sanggup nak tunggu. sorry adlin.

then for faez, who's celebrating her birthday. sorry dear, i didnt get the age. u & friends enjoy eating the 60 pcs of mini me ya =)

.:terima kasih:.

peace be upon u

actually kak ana dah lama order this cuppies nak bagi kat cousin dia, tini. since hari tu ada buat bunga extra kan, why not guna. lagi pun kalau simpan lama-lama nanti patah la ... faded la colour dia. the simplest design i could ever think. to kak ana, thank you.

owh ya, by the way photo below ni design extra cuppies yang me jual last few days. thank you to yus & ellie

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

.:zanira 'heart' saiful pt2:.

peace be upon u

the wedding cake theme is green. was planning to deco with buttercream roses but due to not feeling well, like it or not i have to use these ready made gumpaste flowers. i planned to attend the wedding since it is near to my sister's house but since i haven't finish with the deco, how can i attend the wedding?

okay back to wedding cake. it is 3tiers. from top to bottom, vanilla sponge cake layered with blueberry filling (bottom & top cake) and strawberry filling (middle cake). goshhh im so happy to know that zaimah and her family enjoy eating that cakes. thank you so much zaimah! again ... to ceera & saiful, congratulations!

.:blog archive:.