Friday, May 29, 2009

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peace be upon u

owhh nope. it wasnt my birthday. my birthday dah lepas jauh dah =D this one is for ainoor. she ordered this cake to celebrate her birthday with her sibling & collegue . looks like ordinary moist choc cake i made right? actually it is not. at first ainoor request to have 1st layer with strawberry filling and 2nd layer with blueberry. since i've tried before this with strawberry filling and the out come just so and so, i suggest ainoor not to have strawberry filling. just let the blueberry alone. alhamdullilah, the fedback from ainoor buat penat i susun those almond flakes hilang. yerp u read it correct. i susun satu persatu sebab i tatau nak tabur macam cake maker @ cake house selalu buat =P

to ainoor, happy birthday! semoga panjang usia & murah rezeki =)

p/s: cake information? naa no more. malas nak letak and it is due to personal reason. so anything u want to know, email to me ya. bukan sms ya =)

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