Sunday, January 31, 2010


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peace be upon u

dear valued customer @ viewer, sorry to inform that i have to suspend from taking orders until further notice. orders that have been agreed will be delivere as promise. for those who have send emails to me regarding January 2010 order, i will reply asap. thank you & sorry for any inconvenience

dear beloved customer & viewer, sorry to inform that i will not be able to take any new order/s for January 2010. except order/s that i've agree to accept previously. but business will resume as usual in February 2010 and therefore i highly recommend u guys to start placing order/s now as i have been receiving quite numbers for February.

apart from that, i strongly advice any of u who would like to engage me to make 3D cake @ any figurines deco to place order at least 1 month in advance.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

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peace be upon u

those yang send mail, and waiting for my respond, harap sabar ya. im having slight fever and the most annoying flu plak accompany fever ni. so my eyes easily shut down after taking medicine. yang mana dah confrim order, especially early week of february, i really hope u guys can sms me for reminder.

im helping watie in promoting her tapai. serious sedap & manis. ive tried some and to tell the truth, one is not enough. its not that watie bagi sample sikit but im having fever kan. kang tak pasal-pasal drag few weeks. below here, i copy paste what she've wrote to me.
tapai pulut manis traditional dibungkus dengan daun pisang
  • harga RM1.30 sebungkus & if tempah dalam kuantiti yang banyak, harga boleh dirunding
  • sebarang tempahan dalam kuantiti yang banyak, sila maklumkan kepada kami dalam tempoh 5 hari sebelum tarikh tempahan
  • kami memerlukan agent yang berminat
  • agent yang berminat akan diberikan harga yang menarik & juga terma-terma yang telah ditetapkan
  • berminat sila hubungi kami di talian 016-6648032 (ramlan) / 016-6788577 (watie)

Monday, January 25, 2010

.:extra cheese tarts:.

peace be upon u

i would like to make 1 announcement. there will be 3 extra boxes of cheese tarts on this 27th Jan (Wednesday). only 3 extra boxes (1 box contain 25pcs). price for each box RM35 for 1 flav only but if u wish to mix & match (choc, strawberry, blueberry) in 1 box, you may do so but price will be RM40.

please sms me at 013 32 888 31 and its first come first serve basis. mention ur name & whats the flav u want (either 1 flav @ mix & match)

thank you!

quota dah penuh. thank you so much ya & sorry pada yang saya tak dapat nak amik. perhaps next time, inshaAllah

Sunday, January 24, 2010

.:udek's hen nite:.

peace be upon u

hehehe sorry nad! lambat giler akak upload entry ni =P kawan awak dah selamat dah pun kan jadi isteri orang pun kan =) say tahniah kat dia ya

thanks nad sebab percaya kat akak

among all, i paling suka this =P

Friday, January 22, 2010

.:choc cheese tarts:.

peace be upon u

do u know that i looooove so much looking at the plain cheese tart? heheheh weird but somehow i found they look marvelous!

thanks jue & dang =)


peace be upon u

thanks najidah. hope u are doing much better now ya =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

.:commercial break:.

peace be upon u

i love technologies =D why? i met long lost friend at fb! when i mean long lost friend, it mean very very long time ago.. like 21 years ago! lama giler kan. she's my friend during primary school, sekolah kebangsaan tg aru, kk, sabah =D i still remember i follow her home cause her home just nearby our school.

and the best part, shes into this cake thingy too! what a sweet coincidence right =D feel free to browse her blog at here, ColorliciousFairyCake.

all the best mar (i use to call her mar).

.:choc & me:.

peace be upon u

minta maaf sangat-sangat. saya dah lupa siapa punya ni. but the only thing that i remember, i gave her extra M&Ms since the color of it 'worn' out when u take thise set of from fridge. lesson to learn, never put M&Ms in fridge cause they will melt! =P~

.:lil miss nufah:.

peace be upon u

aisyah, thank you so much for the chocolate all the way from abroad. silap-silap by now u dah & family dah balik semula ke state (is it state @ UK) kot. sorry dik, akak lambat sangat up ur entry ni.

and yes, nufah sangat la cute & comel. hugs & kisses for her ya

p/s: mind you ya the strawberry filling i tak pakai yang biasa ada jual kat kedai. i use the pie filling (yang chunky) and trun them into puree. definitely the taste much better than the normal one =)


peace be upon u

alhamdulillah. im feeling much better now though sometimes cant help it much. thanks for being patient waiting for my reply. inshaAllah, will reply the rest soon as possible =)

judith ordered this set for her boy's birthday. and she wanted to put few of the aliens as well. thanks judith

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.:dance with me:.

peace be upon u

thanks faizah!

Monday, January 11, 2010

.:love story:.

peace be upon u

thanks lina

Sunday, January 10, 2010

.:soothing blue:.

peace be upon u

ordinary design but i never feel bored reproduce this design cause different colors give different reflection. i found that this blue really soothing my mind. thanks fa & friend =)

on the other note, i do received so call last minute request to make my own roses. yes i can produce my own version of roses BUT please let me know at least 1 month in advance as i need ample time to make it. making handmade roses a bit time consuming and definitely if u guys request and give me short notice i have to decline.

same goes to 3D cake. the answer is yes, i can make 3D cake. reason why ask u to place at least 1 month in advance because i need to reduce the order intake the day im preparing this kind of cake.

.:nightmare before chirstmas:.

peace be upon u

sorry sangat-sangat pada yang telah hantar mail untuk place order bagi bulan Feb. i wasnt in good state if health. ni pun im recovering. hope i can reply urs email pada kadar segera, inshaAllah. and iye, saya masih ada banyak entries yang saya berhutang dengan anda semua. november punya pun tak habis update lagi. inshaAllah, saya cuba update secepat mungkin.

to sofia, thank you ya.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.:pinky daisy:.

peace be upon u

i really love making this kind of flower tho kerjanya a bit tedious =) but the outcome never failed my eyes =) hahahaha nasib la kalo nak kata i puji sendiri kerja. siapa lagi kan nak puji if tak diri sendiri =P

to saleha, thank you ya =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.:sweet pink romance:.

peace be upon u

hehehehehe title tak bagus tak tahan la =P dah tatau nak fikir title apa.. btw, hope im still not to late to wish Happy New Year to all of u. may this year will bring happiness to us, inshaAllah

like always, meen kalau order senang je permintaan dia. tak susah =) thank you so much meen for the endless support. bila la aku nk jumpa ko ni. dah lama kan kita tak jumpa

Saturday, January 2, 2010

.:rantaian kasih:.

peace be upon u

when i saw this design in the wedding cake, i was like "when will i have chance to make deco like this?". and my prayer been answered 1 day when melly, a very loyal & among the earliest customer, says, "kak anna, buat la cemana deco pun as long as the theme is peach & white". weeeehuuuu. i jump jovially =D who doesnt right. macam orang mengantuk di sorong bantal.

the original idea was from Maki's Cake and she's one damn talented lady. and dont be surprise when u read her biography, as she graduated with law degree =D

i always believe that if u have patient & passion, u will be whatever u want!

to melly, congratulations on ur wedding =)

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