Wednesday, May 13, 2009

.:syaza's minnie mouse cake:.

peace be upon u

both of us, me and my angel, down with fever. so i dont feel that good today and i bet i'll be away to lala land after i finish with today's task.

yatie mail me quite some time ago and request to have 2 cakes. 1 for her niece and 1 for her 1st anniversary. for this entry, i'll be posting syaza's cake. next entry will be her anniversary cake.

at 1st, i wasn't so so to say yes or now. knowing it will not be that easy if i use buttercream @ choc ganache frosting. and as expected, the surface quite difficult to smoothen. and thats the best i could do. and i guess if i receive such cake, i will suggest them to have fondant as the finishing.

to yatie, thank you and to syaza, happy 1st birthday.

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