Friday, October 31, 2008

.:silly me:.

peace be upon u .....

auwwwwww how silly i am! or shall i say how scatty i am!!! i totally forgot that october has 31 days. there is bulk order to pick up on the 4th of november and therefore i plan to start my work on the 1st of november which i though today! haaa sib baik tak buat okay. i realize that today is 31st of october while washing the eggs. huhuhu nasib baik.... therefore guys, do send me a reminder either via sms (i prefer thos method but mention ur name as well when send the sms ya) or email to remind me ya. im merely normal human being...pulak tu dah makin tua.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

.:wedding favour:.

peace be upon u ....

this is one of the reason why im so busy this week. had 250pcs cuppies to work on yesterday. i take my own sweet time to deco these 250pcs. sebab tu siap lambat =D buat sikit, rehat yang banyak. jessie request to have varieties of design with 4 flavors. they are choc moist, pandan, orange & vanilla. gosh love so much the pandan flavor =D

jesse smsed me a day before the collecting date. she told me that her friends will pick up the cuppies and i didnt even know that they gonna get through a long journey than usual. they are going to ipoh! wallaweh! sib baik le cuppies tu di pack dalam kotak dengan rapi. if not, confirm aku susah hati. thank you jessie =)

.:spidey cuppies for u:.

peace be upon u .....

1st foremost sorry ira, i didnt get ur son's name as u didnt ask to write anything on the cuppies, except the spiderman's image. thank you so much for the orders. i really hope the birthday boy enjoy his cuppies as well as his classmates. happy birthday!

.:flowers for you:.

peace be upon u .....

haiseh... mintak napas..... mintak napas. penat giler. terkejar-kejar sana sini rasanya hari ni. macam tak cukup napas dibuatnya. ehehehehe mcm kena jalan kaki kan... walhal tekan paddle minyak je pun =P tapi still, rasa tercungah-cungap sebab terlalu banyak sangat benda yang nak kena settlekan dalam masa sehari ni. and only today je saya free & available. esok dah mula busy semula.

last few days, ina dgn suami (betul ke suami tu ina? correct me if im wrong ya) all the way from ampang to pick up 16pcs if carrot walnut. tapi ina cakap dia nak buttercream frost. i was like, alahai... kesian carrot walnut tu. sebab dia punay soulmate is cheese cream. tapi tak pe la kan, dah customer cakap nak macam tu. kita ikutkan. tapi masa ina amik, did told me that this carrot walnut would taste better if coupled with cheese cream. alhamdullilah, i did received good & great sms. tak penah la ina datang jejauh amik cuppies. thanks ina =D

Monday, October 27, 2008

.:happy burfday muzie:.

peace be upon u ......

sikit je lagi..... sikit jer =p i mean the backdated entry. left few more and i hope i manage to finish it by today! if not, i need to refer to my book to know who order this cake @ cuppies . is that the sign of getting older???

these cuppies were ordered by muzie. happy birthday muzie. semoga panjang usia, murah rezeki dan berjaya di dunia & akhirat.


peace be upon u....

haiseh, i did try my utmost effort in updating regularly. but i fail. but like wise man say, better late than never! would u trust me that by baking & decorating can divert my stress? yes!!! they are now rather than shopping. i use to shop like a mad dog when i feel stress (itu citer jaman-jaman keje). but now no more =D such a good diversion kan. owhh worry not, inshaAllah, all my deco will be in good (at leat to my eyes) condition. photos above & below are examples of me making cuppies while having stress =P to fiza, congratulations on ur engagement! i love her engagement cuppies so much, especially the danggling buterflies. a note to myself, need to stock up the butterflies =D

cuppies details:
1. combo colors up to 2 only
2. min order is 10pcs (RM60 *subject to changes)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

.:berries = love:.

peace be upon u.....

berries is love, love is berries =P ehehehee doesnt is sound so synchronize? this set were ordered by balqis. thank you balqis =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

.:effy is three:.

peace be upon u......

this is my 3rd doll cake. its for effy and yes her age is three actually =D dah silap. and lucky i manage to do the correction before her aunty handle the cake to her. and lucky i did ask her aunty first! poor little effy. she's not feeling well during the pick up, but when i receive sms from her mom this morning i feel relief. the cake was used as bait to make effy take her medicine! speedy recovery ya effy. by the way, happy 3rd birthday effy!

owh ya. notice that my doll cake never same? yes! i did try my best not to replicate the design =D making doll cake not only u are cake maker, but u are the dress designer as well as hair dresser! menarikan??? rasa mcm seronok pulak =D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

.:the blooming garden v2:.

peace be upon u.....

ahhh again, pardon me please. have a mercy to me for posting lots of photos in this entry. i just cant get enough of these, especially those with blooming roses! haihhh, feel heart sank when handling these cuppies to nurul... boleh plak erk rasa mcm tu. i guess the color of base, that is peach, create the elegant & vibrant feelings *cheh prasan sorang-sorang je pulak saya ni. owh im in love again with these blooming garden set =) to nurul, thank you so much for trusting me

1.) promotion for this set already end and now price for this set is RM70 (10pcs, min order)
2.) for this set, need to place the order 1 month in advance (depend on the availability)


1. if u guys ever drop sms to me, please mention ur name as i dont keep all the numbers. mati la nk simpan semua num dgn ada nama yang sama;
2. i dont have any branch. im a home base business and amik pun base on my own capacity. yang saya letak kat link saya adalah kawan-kawan yang sama-sama buat cake @ cuppies home base. they are not MY BRANCH. sebab ada yang call mintak number phone derang cause they thought they are my branch. u can always click to the link and it will lead u to their web.


peace be upon u....

jangan rasa bosan ya. entry ni memang sengaja letak banyak-banyak gambar sebab malas nak bercerita banyak-banyak. yang ni azlina tempah. azlina, comel giler okay anak gurl u tu. especially kaler mata dia. and the big bro sangat la bro dia sangat la bagus sebab rajin jaga adik dia. ur kids semua comel-comel & lawa =D to azam & ellie, tahniah ya

1. min order 10pcs
2. for 10pcs, RM60

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

.:damia is 5:.

peace be upon u ......

when i finish deco this cake, i was very very satisfy. i love making colorful flowers like this. actually after making the gate, i had a mental block. dont have specific idea how to deco this cake. but suddenly the idea pop =D and here we go...colorful flowers around the cake and the best part is, this cake really match the goodies bag. erna, thank you so much for trusting me =) glad to hear that everyone enjoy eating this cake

cake details:
weight almost 4kg
layered & frost with choc ganache

.:barcelona fc:.

peace be upon u.....

this set was ordered by niza for her hubby's 27th birthday. she said that her hubby is a kipas-susah-mati of barcelona fc =P nasib baik le logo FCB ni senang nak lukis. kalo tak kompem dah nanges. to niza, thank you ya

.:ainul mardhiah is 5:.

peace upon you......

thank you ana (rasa mcm pelik sebut nama sendiri). rasa happy sangat-sangat bila u call bitau i how happy ur daughter & kids at the nursery. alhamdullilah, this is the best part of being cake maker. to know people out there happy to see & eating ur cake! all these were ordered by ana from keramat. ehehe lepas ni i kena buat pelekat kereta la pula ek saying that "i'm slow because lots of cake inside my car!"

.:fatin is 6:.

peace be upon u & good day

alhamdullilah, i had a great day though had plenty of works waited for me =D kerja sampai mati pun tak pernah habiskan. okay since fila did mention updating her cake, so i give a way for her entry. thank you fila =D glad to received sms last nite saying that u guys enjoy this cake. happy 6th birthday fatin!

cake details:
9" diameter; 2kg weight

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

.:happy birthday adib:.

peace be upon u....

this sponge bob & 60pcs of mini cuppies were ordered by aida for adib. happy birthday adib! thank you aida

.:edible image:.

i did received few emails asking about edible image. yes most of them are custom made. i mean the designs. before i send for printing, i ask my hubby to do the designs. if u send the image that u want to the printing place, they wont do the editing. they only print the image as it is. few designs made by my hubby as below. owh ya, pleaseeeee pretty please, give the best & clear photos to me. so that when the end product will look clear and sharp. jangan la bagi gambar yg diambil dari hp ya sebab sah-sah blur unless pixel more than 3.5MP. and one more, to produce such image, i need at least 2 weeks before the collecting date.

.:blog archive:.