Tuesday, September 30, 2008

.:Salam Aidil Fitri 1429H:.

assalamualaikum .....

kurang beberapa hari lagi, umat Islam bakal merayakan hari kejayaan. seperti kelaziman, saya dengan penuh rasa rendah diri, pohon kemaafaan kepada anda semua, terutama para pelanggan yang di hargai andai ada salah bahasa hingga mengguris perasaan. sesungguhnya yang baik dari Allah dan yang buruk itu datangnya dari diri saya sendiri. mohon dihalalkan segala urusan jual beli.

kepada yang pulang berhari raya di kampung mahu pun di bandar, hati-hati di jalan raya. kepada anda semua (pelanggan & pembaca setia blog ini) terima kasih yang tak terhingga atas sokongan kalian.


salam ikhlas,
bake freshly

.:close for eid-ul fitr celebration:.

assalamualaikum & good day to all of u.
would like to take this opportunity to inform Bake Freshly will close from 28th sept till 6th oct for eid-ul fitr celebration. will start baking again after 6th october. those who plan to place order for october, i would like to advice to make reservation from now on since i've received few orders for october and november.

apart from that, those who plan to hire me to make their wedding cake @ cuppies in november @ december, i would appreciate so much if u can place order now. date for november is moving fast. for november, i'm fully occupied from 1st-11th november.

till then, have nice & bless ramadhan!

p/s: please scroll down for the latest entry

Saturday, September 27, 2008

.:dini is 3 & more strawberries:.

assalamualaikum & good day

this week i have received 'tonnes' of request to use strawberries deco item. so here we goes =)

Dini is 3!
thank you zett for choosing. im so glad and happy to know dini is happy with her cake. yerp, budak-budak zaman skang memang sangat la demanding! so i tak hairan la kalau u cakap dini want her cake to be completely in pink color! shes so cute masa u datang to pick up the cake & cuppies. thank you zett!

dini's cake

25pcs cuppies tag along dini's cake. kebetulan ada black berries kat rumah.
dari terbuang mcm tu better for me to use as cuppies topper kan

More Strawberries please!

ini suhana punya cuppies. kebetulan strawberries cute-cute, boleh la letak sebiji. thank you suhana

and this 16pcs of choc moist with big fat strawberries are for niza.
memang rezeki niza dapat strawberries gemuk-gemuk and merah ni. thank you niza

.:my backyard:.

assalamualaikum & good day

these set of cuppies were ordered by hubby's friend for out of iftar. im totally running out of idea. so this is the best i could do for her.

Friday, September 26, 2008

;.gol & gincu:.

assalamualaikum & good day

cant write too much as i have so many things to do but so little time. again, mumbling at the insufficient time. manusia...manusia. mcm ni la. never feel satisfy with what they have (peringatan buat diri sendiri, sentiasa la bersyukur dan redha)

dear maisarah, thank you so much for choosing and trust me again. alhamdullilah, when i received ur sms, i feel so glad because whit one box of cuppies make more than 1 person happy. thank you mai!


for a time being, i have to suspend all milk base deco items from China, such as M&Ms and others until government announce milk base products from china is safe.

.:for khalis:.

assalamualaikum & good day

few days more to celebrate eid-ul fitr. some of us already back to hometown right. as for me, where ever my parents stay, thats my hometown =D for this year, i'll be celebrating eid-up fitr at here 1st, then will join my parents in law. so, before i close my lil' oven, better for me to update all the backdated entries.

to huda, thank you so muc ofr the ideas. i do really enjoy making this cute little cake =D i do hope khalis enjoy the cake as well. thank you huda

please take note that decoration for mini cuppies will be no more longer with M&Ms until further imformation from MOH due to contaminate milk from China

Thursday, September 25, 2008

.:hepi besday dedi:.

assalamualaikum & good day

yesterday i feel much better, but today after iftar, i feel hot within my eyes and flu...still the same. ahhh clarinase not so great in combating flue germ. haihhhh bila nak sihat ni.

sorry mona if the cake seems so bald. akak tak sempat nk beli cake topper ready made. and kebetulan the frosting tak menyebelahi akak utk akak buat any golf theme figurine. but i hope ur hubby happy with the cake. thank you mona.


for a time being, i have to suspend all milk base deco items from China, such as M&Ms and others until government announce milk base products from china is safe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.:more of cakes:.

assalamualaikum & good day

maddy call me and request to have cake with the deco exactly same like in previous entry, stripes of blue+pink. since the deco is not that complicated, i wouldn't mind at all to accept it =D to maddy, sorry if the front part a bit messy sebab terkena box. i really hope it does meet u & ur family taste buds. thank you dear!

it is her mother's birthday. maisarah ordered carrot walnut cake. and also request to have same design except the frosting is cheese cream (cause carrot walnut soulmate is cheese cream). kindda difficult to do that kind of deco on cheese cream since the deco cannot be refrigerated where as the cheese cream frosting must be keep in fridge before serve. but somehow i manage to overcome the prob. alhamdullilah, feel so glad to receive the sms from maisarah. thank you maisarah.


for a time being, i have to suspend all milk base deco items from China, such as M&Ms and others until government announce milk base products from china is safe.

.:the 5th anniversary:.

assalamualaikum & good day

betul-betul nak updatekan semua entry yang tertunggak. nanti kalo lagi peram, laaaaagi le lambat nak di uploadkan.

siti, thank you so much ya though ada masalah komunikasi sikit. my mistake too sebab tak mintak ur hp number. sudahnya u kena datang the next day. apa pun tahniah ya, dah 5 years dah. semoga ur marriage will last forever.

.:muffins & cuppies as favour:.

assalamualaikum & good day

i did received queries regarding muffin. yes i did muffin too. a lady did ask me to do muffin & also 30pcs individual packing cuppies for her "majlis khatam Al-Quran".

.:cranberries lemon:.

assalamualaikum & good day

alhamdullilah, i'm getting better though i still have flu. currently i feel so 'cramp' due to so many things to do but so little time i have. gheeee, why human always complain this and that. i bet, even Al-Mighty give us 25 hours/day, we still keep complaining "masa tak cukup la".

well, better stop those crap =P qistina ordered 16pcs of cranberries lemon for her sweetheart's birthday. i'm so happy when i received her sms saying all of them enjoy eating those cuppies. thank you qistina.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

.:happy birthday dato' and datin:.

assalamualaikum & good day

flu, fever, headache, running nose...what else. lemme see .... ahhh thats all. cant write to much. kepala rasa ringan je ni as i didnt take any medicine. im so lazy as medicine will put me on bed for the whole day. cant do that as i have bunches of cuppies & cakes waited to be make up!

isnt it would be great when ur soulmate not only share everything in ur life, but the birth date as well! when ive been given task by my dad to deco this cake, i was a bit blur. ya la, cake utk orang-orang besar and some more 'mature' couple, tak kan nk lukis bunga-bunga...love sana sini kan. so this is the best deco that i can think at that moment. something simple yet soooo sinful and devine!

cake details:
10" choc moist cake
layered & frost with choc ganache
deco with almond flakes, choc grate and strawberries
weight around 3.2kg

Saturday, September 20, 2008

.:mike is 7:.

assalamualaikum & good day....

as expected, ye saya demam+selsema. sangat la great combo. actually i already feel the aura since last nite. tapi buat tatau and tak makan ubat pun. and today, i sneeze banyak kali, mata panas, tekak kelat semlm and last idung muka srot sret. and due to that, terpaksa mengtidak hadirkan diri ke majlis berbuka puasa di fakulti. im so excited okeh nak attend, alih-alih tak dapat dtg. tak de rezeki la namanya.

okay tinggalkan dulu cerita saya yang tidak sihat. semalam ada 3 orders yang saya kena siapkan. salah satu ialah birthday cake utk mike, ina's eldest son. mike mintak aunty lukis gambar kung fu panda. masa ina bitau nak kung fu panda, i was like "can i draw?". so here's the kung fu panda cake made of vanilla sponge cake, layered with fresh cream+blueberry, frost with fresh cream. to mike, happy 7th birthday. thanks ina

cake details:
9" vanilla sponge cake,
layered fresh cream+blueberry,
frost with fresh cream
approx 1.3kg

.:happy birthday mama:.

assalamualaikum & good day

im not feeling well while writing this entry. start sneezing several times, my eyes feel hot and migraine getting worst. but what else could i do other than force myself to complete my tasks.

this 25pcs of carrot walnut were ordered by shue for her mom's birthday. thank you shue for being such loyal customer. really hope ur mom happy eating those cuppies. to aunty, happy birthday to u!

Friday, September 19, 2008

.:choc moist+carrot walnut:.

assalamualaikum & good day

just a little update on my baking. though i'm quite pack with my study, i think the best way for me to release my tension is baking and decorating. i found by doing such can liberate my stress. a lady order these cuppies for 'majlis ilmu'. she said up to me do deco as long it wont take much time of mine. so here it is. i really hope all the ladies who attend the 'majlis ilmu' enjoy those cuppies.

p/s: sorry for the bad quality of the photo. still cant get the rythm of this camera

btw, order for SEPTEMBER 08 is officialy CLOSE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.:savoury tartlets:.

tuna mayo

seafood mayo

i love savoury dishes so much. for example, i can eat 3,4 curry puffs in a row compare to cake =D last two days, i made tuna mayo @ seafood mayo tartlets =D and yes, i did make a lot of the pastry so that i can have my savoury tartlets anytime i want. please take note ya, those fillings are ready made =P hassle free due to lack of time.

owh ya, i do remember that some of u did ask whether did i sell those pasty shells or not. yes i do (now). do let me know if u guys would like to order the shells ya (but depend on the date).

the shells

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

.:anis is 3:.

this is my very 1st in making doll cake and i think it is not neat =( the frosting over the dress were not smooth but thats the best i could make. have u ever notice that i love to frost my cake with choc ganache? if client ask me to deco with buttercream, then only i will use buttercream. if not, i prefer to use choc ganache as they taste better then buttercream. decorating the dress with choc ganache wasn't that easy as u need to think what colors and designs suit with the black background. pening kepala akak menatap gaun doll tu tau. and finally, i just follow my heart and here it goes, a doll cake for anis is ready. happy 3rd birthday anis!

.:happy birthday fiza & fhansurie:.

this couple turns 23 somewhere last week. so they celebrated their birthday together. she ask me to deco with blue & pink theme. so here it is. hope both of them happy with the theme. happy birthday fiza & fhan!

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