Friday, April 29, 2011


peace be upon u

sorry for being away for quite some time. i havent had time to set up my new nest (still hoping that i can save this nest). just wanna inform u guys that i will be away for few days, starting from 30th of april till 2nd may. therefore, im not available to reply mails. will surely attend ur mails once im back at home. reason? i have wedding to attend in kuantan =)

till then, have great weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.:the shrek wedding:.

peace be upon u

1st of all, thanks wan. thank you very much for trusting me buat shrek & family. tho im not that happy sbb features shrek & family tak brape menjadi sangat. but im so happy to know that u are happy with the taste =) jauh tau cake ni berjalan...from putrajaya to pulau pinang.

on the way to bangsar this morning, i received sms from wan. and i was so touched with the words. almost drop my tears but at the same time cheer up my a lil bit. thanks wan!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

.:moving soon:.

peace be upon u

photo: credit to google

i guess i know the reason why some of u guys cant view photos in my blog lately. i've been using almost 95% of the storage for photos =P therefore, im going to have another new blog and will let u guys know soon =D stay tune ya

okay, i give up. been trying so hard to uploading photos in my new nest but, goodness me. still didnt work. anyone can help me?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

.:why la?:.

peace be upon u

why la so difficult for me to betulkan my blog ni? seboleh-bolehnya i tak nak cari new nest sebab i truly love this nest of mine. banyak sangat kenangan with this nest =( anyone can help me with this matter? dah buat banyak cara dah, even resize the photos, but still it didnt work.

.:blog archive:.