Monday, January 31, 2011

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peace be upon u

i was extremely pissed off today. seriously sangat sangat sangat bengang! wanna know why? my phone, which i've been using less than 6 months...dead! yeah u read it correctly...DEAD. omg! what happen la sony ericsson nowdays? teruk okeh. few of my friends also complaining that they are having issue with SE. my previous phone, also SE and she survive only for a year and half. then..puff! there u go...RIP.

so for a time being, pleaseeeee...anything communicate with me @ the shout box @ drop me an email. to dang & nomy, as what we've deal, pick up date on the 2nd. and normie, urs will be on the 3rd.

p/s: why la iphone outstock =(

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