Sunday, May 3, 2009

.:huda maisarah is 3:.

peace be upon u

hello malaysia! eheheheh feel so fresh today because i have great sleep last night (after a great movie show and definitely will go &watch it again!). i dont want to waste my energy in typing more =P so come and have a look photos below.

this is vanilla butter cake. order by Dr Khairul Bariah for her niece, huda maisarah. She request to have black, white and fuschia. for black and white is a not a problem to me but fuschia, aiseh jenuh mengadun nak dapatkan fuschia.

thank you so much doc for the endless support! to huda maisarah, happy 3rd birthday!

p/s: ye ye.. saya tau... saya berhutang amat-amat banyak entry. ampunnnn.. nak buat cemana, betul-betul tak larat nak update regularly. but inshaAllah. malam ni saya try update sebanyak mungkin!

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