Saturday, May 30, 2009

.:miss u alot:.

peace be upon u

adehhh, gimme some oxygen pleaseeeeee. goodness me. i've been doing marathon in baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes for past few days! haven't have good and enough rest. and thats the reason why i close May so early. i need to recharge myself before the 'battle' start. and tonight, i'm a bit relax compare to past few days. sebab tu sempat nak update blog ni =D

izan, i am very very glad to received your sms yesterday, saying that your hubby @ bintulu, sarawak received the parcel. cuak okeh. to tell the truth, this wasnt easy task given to me. there were few obstacles happened along the way in sending this parcel, but alhamdullilah, i manage it. thought of using the DHL service but sorry la ... lembap and banyak songel okeh. last resort, i pakai pos malaysia jerk. sampai pun! the best thing, tak banyak songel.

to izan, happy 1st anniversary. thank you for trusting me in making these special cupcakes =D

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