Sunday, November 30, 2008

.:i 'heart' u:.

peace be upon u

this doll cake was ordered by lin from seremban. 1st she told me that it's her hubby's birthday but she wanted to have doll cake. because her children would love to have a doll cake. i'm okay with it as long customer happy with it. my previous doll cakes were a bit sexy (uhuhu one of kawan mama dok habaq yang my doll cake sexy =P). so here i am, thinking of her appearance. seksa la nak carik idear on how she should wear. and finally i came with this. alhamdullilah, lin as well as the kids happy with it. me tersenyum sorang-sorang masa baca sms lin. she told me her kids sayang nak potong =D thank you lin.

.:ur big day ayah:.

peace be upon u

anis order vanilla sponge cake for his hubby's birthday since her hubby not into choc flav. i layered it with blueberry filling and weight for this cake is around 1.5kg. anis, so good to meet u. asyik senyum je and hilang la sikit perasaan nervous saya. yes, i do feel nervous every time my customer come to pick up their order =p

.:zakwan is two:.

peace be upon u

gosh it's difficult to find images on mickey club house on net. i did try my best searching the finest image so that the image will sharp when printed. hubby keep on saying "pecah la image. tak boleh buat". i almost cry (almost je, tak de la nangis lagik) when i couldn't find one but alhamdullilah. lucky was my side this time. to hani, thank you ya for trusting me in making ake for zakwan. dear zakwan, happy 2nd year! semoga berjaya di dunia & akhirat.

notice the tall candle? do let me know if u want this kind of candles but of course, ada la sikit charge kan. sikit je pun =)

.:sara hani is 2:.

peace be upon u

dear Allah Al Mighty, what happen to me?? it seems like i've lost my magic wand *sigh. im not happy at all with the deco lately =( i guess i need a break. i suppose to join my family for a short vacation to KK end of this year. but still have not decide yet.

these were ordered by Dr Hani for her lil darling, sara hani, sedap nama. she such a darling lil lady. to sara, happy 2nd year. may u grow beautiful day by day ...

.:celebration of love:.

peace be upon u

1st and foremost, to those who send email/s to me, sorry for being late in replying. trust me, i didn't did that on purpose. but alhamdullilah, i've just cleared my mail box this morning and there is no more pending emails to reply. so, please check ur mail box ya (do check spam box as well).

this couple just got engaged last week but her fiance would like to celebrate the 5th year of them being together. he's quite lost with the choices and being me who loves so much choc+berries i suggest the choc+berries set (actually he did mention this choice at 1st place =P). to zul & ain, tahniah. selamat sampai ke jinjang pelamin ya

Friday, November 28, 2008

.:i love u:.

peace be upon u

haiyooo im to tired to updating my blog but i MUST. kalo tak nanti, sumpah bertimbun! well i must say that cah is lucky to receive this. wanna know why? this is because the things that i order to make flowers dah sampai a day before i make these flowers! yippie. i love the end result sooo much! to cah, thank you ya =D

uhhh im in love with my new daisy center =D

.:berries again:.

peace be upon u

yash, thank you so much. sorry ya if they are not like the same way u want it but i really hope the taste will remain the same. masa yash call akak, akak tgh tido =P tu yg kalut siapkan =D thanks ya yash

.:chocolate attack:.

peace be upon u

anne, masa memula anne nak order ni semua kan, anna macam.. "anne nak buat kenduri ke?" =P jangan marah aaa. thank you so much anne. really hope that our plan kali ni jadik erk. sebab hat plan dulu tu tak jadik-jadik lagi sampai skang =D

7" sponge vanilla, layered with blueberry, 1kg

choc cheese hazelnut cuppies

choc moist cuppies

huhuhu huduh photo kali ni. tatau la apa pasal

.:congratulations aimi:.

peace be upon u

aimi samihah is my neighbor's daughter, i mean used to be our neighbor =P she is a bright child and same age like my sister. the parents is my parents friend =D we never knew about her success story until i fluke this news. i got goosebumps when read the articles! dont ask me why. seing someone u know on the paper and read success stroy kot yang buat me rasa goosebumps.

my mom ask me to bake some cuppies for her. dok asek pending jerk as i dont have much time unitl la this week. to aimi, congratulations!

pardon me for the bad quality of the photos. i dont know why this week the skills seems slip away from my fingers =P

.:farid's day:.

peace be upon u

melly order this cuppies for her bf, farid. at 1st, she want 16pcs and suddenly her bf's mother plan to have eating session and definitely 16pcs are not enough. since i have extra, so i wouldnt mind to fulfil her request to have 25pcs. yes, i always have extra cuppies while baking but i cant make fast sale or what so ever due to tak larat nak deco lagik =P or to be precise, dah penat =D

she told me he bf loves karaoke & cars but, alamak. cars?? how to draw erk. blasah je la labu! to melly, thank you soooo much! ingat dapat jumpa awak semlm =D

sangat la tak puas hati dengan gambar ni. tak santek =(

.:calling all pirates!:.

peace be upon u

1st, would like to inform that im in the middle of clearing my email inbox. so sabaq nak. i usually reply all my mails after finishing my task for that day. but im not so lucky last night. after finished my works, terus masuk bilik & surf from bed. and of course, i fall asleep at the corner of my bed! psstt sometimes i fall asleep with my fingers on the keyboard =P

okay skip that sleeping story. this is sara's pirate cuppies. dear sara, is it for hen's night? correct me if im worng. thank you so much sara for ur endless support. baru tau yg u ni kawan julie & hana. so nant jumpa at anas's bash ya

Thursday, November 27, 2008

.:more than meet d eyes:.

peace be upon u .....

malasnya nak citer pepanjang. a picture is worth a thousand words. kak ana dah plan lama nak datang ke sini. tapi punya banyak kali tukar plan...kan kak =D alhamdullilah, memang dah rezeki kami nak berjumpa. dan paling tak sangka, the same day kak zati pun turun dari pekan! wahhh betul-betul dah jadi rombongan cik kiah memborong di kedai-kedai baking supply. mana taknya, siap kak pah pun ada sama. cousin kak ana, tini pun ikut sama.

kak ana bawak 2 askar =D kak zati pun bawak 2 askar. me tak bawak anak sebab tahu nanti tunggang terbalik. mau taknya, kuar umah sekitar jam 930am sampai umah dekat maghrib! betul-betul memborong derang ni =D masa kat wilton, kak pah call lynn. alahai lynn, kami betul-betul tak rancangan nak membuat rombongan ni. kalau tak, dah lama kami bitau lynn. maybe next time la kan lynn. memang sakan meronda (to me la, but to others sakan memborong!). 1st stop pegi chang tung, lepas tu ke pastry pro, lepas tu ke wilton and last ke yen. punya la berkejar-kejar sebab yen kan tutup awal.

apa pun me really enjoy outing dengan para kakak-kakak yang sungguh la sporting. kak ana, kak zati, kak pah & tini, jangan serik ye bertandangan ke sini. kalau ada yang terkurang tu, saya mintak maaf ... maklum le, tengah kalut-kalut. inshaAllah lain masa kita jumpa lagi....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

.:suriana's day:.

peace be upon u

i had a wonderful day yesterday. and the best part, some of us didn't plan it at all. will tell more in next entry ya.

baya request to have black and pink theme with ribbons & butterflies. i was like "apa ek nk lukis". and suddenly while starring at those cuppies, idea pour in =D there u goes, ribbons & butterflies. to suriana, happy birthday!

on the other part, i would like to say congratulations to nisa for the newborn. selamat berpantang la cik kak =D and im so glad the arsenal theme cake for ur hubby u guys suka. and yes, i wont upload the cake photo as requested =D again, selamat berpantang okey

Sunday, November 23, 2008


peace be upon u

after almost a year involve in this line, mom's friends just discover that i am cake maker. i was a bit nervous when it come to dad's @ mom's friend. ye la ... mau tak takut. and last 2 weeks aunty azi came to house and order 3 tiers wedding cake. she choose choc moist as the flavor and purple as theme. i was a bit knock out but lucky that day i didnt take any order (suppose to be my rest day). i was planning to use fresh flowers but i'm a bit late to the florist as they already used all the white roses. tak kan nak carnation je semua kan. nak ke petaling street, memang dah too late. so here i am .. pening kepala fikirkan nak deco cemana. like it or not, i've to use roses BUT with different assembles. ni yang susah ni. alhamdulllah, the idea suddenly blooming in my mind =) but im a bit frust as i didnt manage to snap the cakes on the floating tiers. will ask aunty azi la nanti. to aunty azi, thank you =)

.:bumble bee busy pt 4:.

peace be upon u

yayyyy im suffering from pain at my shoulder. sakit amat-amat ni. i guess i need to ask my maid to massage me again. these orders were made by my good old time friend, sab. its for her SIL's engagement. i'm ok with the cake but sirih junjung??? alamak. where to find because most of the wedding planner didnt accept only one hantaran. so i ask my mom to help me with this task. alhamdullilah. i manage to complete task given by sab to me. to sab's SIL, congratulations!

pssstttt! dont get me wrong. the sirih junjung wasn't my moms touch. mom order it from her SIL's friend. sound complecated eyyy =P

i love so much the tuberose smell. gonna go to petaling street to buy some!

.:bumble bee busy pt 3:.

peace be upon u

it is a continuous entry from previous. and yes, made them same day! this one is for ain & alin. derang ni bakal jadik biras (hehehe kena betulkan ni sebab dah silap) =p am i right ain. ain sooo cute but she wasnt in great condition when she came to pick up these cuppies. hope u are ok during ur engagement day ya ain. congratulations!

zul, akak dah betulkan. huhuhu pening kejap kepala sbb nama ain & alin dekat-dekat =D

for ain, from alin's side

from ain to alin's side

bumble bee busy pt 2:.

peace be upon u .....

it seems like this type of deco really in great demand. this one if for nurul's brother. the theme is yellow. and im not so sure was it for wedding or engagement but what ever it is, congratulations to ur brother nurul.

i love the new look =P

.:bumble bee busy pt 1:.

peace be upon u

what a week! that's the reason why i close accepting orders for november quite early. there's sometime when i received lots of order for one day! normally i only accept not more than 3 orders (depend on the types).

let us start the race one by one =D

congratulations harida. lucky ur house is not that difficult to find. ghee didnt have chance to meet u because the time i reach there, u were busy doing the henna drawing =D and to qistina, i really had enjoyable time chatting with ur cousins & aunty (is it ur aunty. correct me if i'm wrong). congratulations on ur engagement.

qistina's, 9" vanilla sponge cake, layered with strawberry filling

harida's. 25pcs choc moist + berries

Saturday, November 22, 2008

.:happy birthday girls:.

peace be upon u

gosh. while writing this entry i still suffer backache, especially my left shoulder. (ini kes injured masa main netball zaman muda-muda dulu. lepas jatuh kena hempap dgn org lain tak pegi urut. maka rasa la sakitnya bila dah tua ni).

these two sweet ladies celebrated their big day last week. age? trust me, they still young.. as young as me =P to muzie & ira, happy birthday! may both of u stay happy and live life to the fullest!

psssttt muzie, me baru nak start read the book =D

Monday, November 17, 2008


peace be upon u ........

owh please bear with me. dont get bore with this entry as ive upload with loads of photos =P cant get enough of it. i must admit, the moment when i say yes to eizera's request i was very very very nervous, excited & anxious. this is because im not good in handling buttercream cake. did that once but i use readymade gumpaste flowers. but this time, i need to came out with the buttercream flowers. goshhh, for the past few weeks, i cant breath properly whenever i think of this task.

ya Allah, i was so afraid that i couldnt fulfill eizera's request and due to that i did lots of homework. and when the day came, few hours before i started the decorating works, i text nina. ask her tips on whether i should put all the roses 1st and then only put the leavese of vice versa. i know shes busy with her task too & didnt expect her to reply very soon but i was wrong. few minutes after that i got her text. thanks a lot nina! i guess u guys know how much i adore her roses works (in fact i adore all her touch and did mention that in my previous entry).

and finally, around 5.30am im done. owh dont get me wrong, if i concentrate on this cake, surely i can finish earlier that that. but i take my own sweet time as i afraid if i did it in rush, i will feel stress and end up cant make any roses.

never imagine that i've to drive not more than 40km/hrs when deliver this cake. omg! i was so slow and due to that, i've to switch on my hazard lights. takut la orang marah kita sebab bawak pelan sangat. serious, never in my life i drive as slow as that! i think next time i should put some writing behind saying "I'M SLOW BECAUSE IM DELIVERING WEDDING CAKES". but it was a great relief when i reach the place and all my roses are intact.

to eizera thank you so much for trusting me. congratulation to both of u =D

boxes as mention in this entry dah ada dengan saya. should any of u would like to see how does it look like, just click the link attach. and do send me email for purchasing. price are as mention in the entry (while stock last and subject to changes).

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