Monday, November 29, 2010

.:yana is 5:.

peace be upon u

thank you leen!
to yana, happy 5th birthday dear!

.:sharvinnah is 5 pt 2:.

peace be upon u

again, thanks kavitha =)

.:sarvinnah is 5 pt 1:.

peace be upon u

dear sharvinnah, happy 5th birthday. and kavitha, thank you so much...for the marukku as well =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

.:ainul turns 7:.

peace be upon u

happy 7th birthday ainul! thank you very much ana

Saturday, November 27, 2010


peace be upon u

i cant really remember whether i already upload these photos or not. tak kisah la kan kalau dah upload =P

thank you =)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

.:rantaian kasih:.

peace be upon u

cute? owh my! i love making these miniature cakes. errr they are not really miniature or petite four la because the size of these small cakes is 4" and they are tall. seriously, im in love with this design very very much =D

.:25th today:.

peace be upon u

i know im way too late in wishing but wise man said, better late than never

.:off orange..:.

peace be upon u

i love the color, orange. it look very outstanding for hantaran cake =)

.:happy birthday:.

peace be upon u

"u are my only sunshine. u make me happy when skies are grey..."

i lupa siapa punya ni but whoever these cuppies belong to, thank you very much!

.:double fiesta:.

peace be upon u

my email is okay now but haihhh lots of spam mail. annoying giler.

im a bit blur actually. if im not mistaken, this cake belong to fila. betul ke fila? ke akak salah? its a double fiesta.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.:when email semput:.

peace be upon u

hate this...hate this very much. i mean i hate it when my mail buat hal, semput! haywire like *tutttttttt*. haihhhh so stressful and i dont need this kind of extra problem in my life la. to all, who wanna place order (sementara my mail haywire), u may do so via sms meat 0172001135 (for temporary). mention ur name, date to pick up, types of order and theme. if u have specific design, let me know the date of the entry and title as well. but just try to send the email to me (who knows my email dah ok and i can voew it).

till then, have great & good day ahead.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

.:3 years:.

peace be upon u

may ur marriage last forever =)

.:new version mini me:.

peace be upon u

to tell the truth, i hate uploading photos via picasa cause it will down grade the quality of my photo. *penat je beria snap gambar* i've no choice other than use the picasa since my usage for uploading photos in this blog almost reach the maximum level. *malas nak beli sebab nanti end up ntah hape-hape. just look at my shout box. so called premium and can eliminate those unwanted IP. penuh jugak spam*

okay okay, enuf pf babbling. like i've mention in my previous entry, heres the new version (yang lama masih ada lagi) of mini me. i use 1oz souffle cup and therefore, i can draw or even use the edible image for the decoration. but of coz la kan, the price will not be the same like the classic one. for 36pcs, normal deco, it will be RM50

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

.:things make u happy:.

peace be upon u

having heartburn is very very annoying and taking gaviscon is like...euwwww but what choice do i have? like it or not, terpaksa la telan.

owner of this cuppies, thank you very much!

Monday, November 15, 2010

.:afiq turn macho 2:.

peace be upon u

happy 2nd birthday afiq. im a bit annoy with the quality of the photos because my nikon was having some technical prob and i have to use my compact which i have not use it for many many years. sumpah la dah tak reti, bukan poyo, but once when u are used with something, and suddenly it broke down, and u have to use what ever u have, kompem azab okeh. but what ever it is, im thankful at least i manage to capture this photos.

thanks diana!

.:anis batrisya is 6:.

peace be upon u

color combo as requested by the momma =)

anis dearie, happy 6th birthday. aunty doakan anis berjaya dalam segala apa yang anis ceburi

.:acha turns 3:.

peace be upon u

what a weekend. i truly enjoy and indulge it =P

to acha, happy 3rd birthday dear!

Friday, November 12, 2010

.:alesha's jungle cake:.

peace be upon u

happy 3rd birthday alesha!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

.:zara is 1:.

peace be upon u

nuthing can beat the excitement feeling of making kids birthday cake. i always wanna give the best for the occasion. and yes, i do love this cake very much!

to zara, happy 1st birthday dear!

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