Wednesday, March 23, 2011

.:batrisya & rafhana;.

peace be upon u

1st of all, sorry yus. lambat upload this entry. i am very thankful i manage to patch up all the loop hole =D hope those 2 angels of urs happy with the cake =)

happy birthday angels!

btw, im planning to conduct a class on figurines making, animals figurine to be precise. and deco a cake as well, of course the theme will be jungle =) should any of u be interested with the class, please email to me. put the heading, figurine class. limited place only. date 9th april 2011. for human figurine, separate class needed as making human figurine requires loads of attention.

i have to postpone the date & dont know yet when. but should any of u would wanna join the class,feel free to drop me an email.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

.:princess Mya:.

peace be upon u

sorry if im a bit late in responding mails.

this cake belongs to Mya, ordered by her mom, ida. to Mya, happy birthday!

thanks ida!

Friday, March 11, 2011

.:lightning mcqueen:.

peace be upon u

kepala pening...tangan still in pain but i still have too complete my work. since i am taking 5 right now, might as well i update this blog right?

dear saeidah, i owe A LOT to u! the support and trust been given to me, it was one of the most priceless moment through out the journey me being cake maker. thank you very much!

i do hope asyraaf really happy & proud of his mcqueen =) happy 4th birthday asyraaf!

its a big cake actually =) and heavy too

yerp, this 26th memang i akan buat class, inshaAllah. tempat memang very limited. to know details, feel free to drop email to me. tq

Thursday, March 10, 2011


peace be upon u

dear all, im sorry that i have to tell not feeling well. my right hand injured. nothing serious but i sprained my wrist due to overwork 'playing' too much with fondant. therefore, i really need to limit in taking new orders. for those that i already agree, worry not as i will deliver the cake on the date we've dealt. till then, take good care of urself.

lots of love

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


peace be upon u

sorry if i didnt pick up any call today and late in replying ur sms. im not feeling well..mata panas, kepala pusing2 and the most, my right hand still feel a lil bit pain.

Monday, March 7, 2011

.:the day im urs:.

peace be upon u

i love making figurines. be it human @ animals. to me its like a way of me getting lost in my own world or shall i say therapy? one thing that i notice, i always make the groom a bit shorter than the bride =p

Sunday, March 6, 2011

.:red berry:.

peace be upon u

im happy once when i know the korean strawberry is back on the market. reason why i love to use korean strawberry because they are sweet and the size are almost the same. not like US strawberry, sour & uneven size. confirm tak cantik kalau tertenggek sebijik atas cupcake tu kan. though korean strawberry a bit pricey compare to US, but trust me, u will never regret for paying extra because the taste really sweet!

.:tanjyobi omedetou daddy:.

peace be upon u

when i got her mail, i was am i suppose to make a katana? then i suggest to her, to make 2D katana and she agree with it. but she request that she would love to have some Japanese element with the deco, apart from the katana. and since sakura is very synonym with Japanese culture, there u go.

thank yana!

.:sinful chocolaty:.

peace be upon u

if u are truly chocolate lover, i guess this is the right choice. from the cake itself, the frosting (double layer of choc ganache), the choc curls on top and finger choc from cadbury on the side...seriously for chocoholic like dayah.

thanks dayah!

.:adri's birthday:.

peace be upon u

this is 2nd cake ordered by sheela (cantik orangnya). and this time, she wanted to have cake with the office logo.

thanks sheela!

.:laila is 2:.

peace be upon u

seriously my right hand not in good condition. i guess too much of playing with fondant really taking toll on it. adalah sangat sakit okeh masa kena urut dengan umi (yes, my previous maid .... dia nak keja lagi dengan i).

btw, happy 2nd birthday laila. i love the name...rasa lembut je

Thursday, March 3, 2011

.:miniature cake:.

peace be upon u

dear valued customer, sometimes i do make mistake because im merely normal human being too, just like u guys. miscommunication ... misunderstanding are something beyond my control. but of course, i will try my utmost effort to satisfy my customer.

dear nomy, im truly sorry for misunderstanding about type of flowers that u want. i thought that by changing the normal with no vein effect to this type of flowers would make u happy. but i was truly wrong. i didnt expect u want me to follow 100% with the one u've attached. i am very sorry.

dear valued customer & potential customer, whenever u attach any sample of photos to me and u wish me to follow exactly like in the photo, please let me know. so i wouldnt be smart to change here & there.

on the other part, for those who confirm ur order, kindly sms me within 3 days before the pick up date as reminder and finale confirmation. else i would assume that u guys canceling the order. dont just email to me because i might didnt notice the email.

i feel a lil bit demotivated and think of having rest from baking for a while =( think of teaching in making figurines...anyone interested?

p/s: tolonglah..i mintak tolong sangat sangat-sangat dengan u guys. if ada any changes u guys nak buat in less than 3 days, send me sms. tell me apa yang u guys nak ubah. and please bear in mind, yang i really need u guys to sms me 3 days before the pick up date as the finale confirmation sebab i tak amik any deposit. so once u guys dah sms, then only i will give instruction on method of payment. dah banyak kali terkena cake dah bake, esok nak amik, petang ni cancel. apa i nak buat dengan cake tu kan. and one more, in every replied mail, i did include my hp number.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

.:happy birthday papa:.

peace be upon u

sorry, i lupa siapa order ni but whatever it is, thank you very much!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

.:get together:.

peace be upon u

thanks wawa

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