Thursday, July 29, 2010

.:khilfi & khazin:.

peace be upon u

thanks elin!

.:ng xi is 9:.

peace be upon u

ordered by my gym mate @ FF puchong. gosh i miss them very much cause im taking my break (kalo teruskan pegi gym sumpah kurus kering lagik)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.:twilight saga:.

peace be upon u

yea yea i know it's girls thingy but who cares! i love the series as well as the movie too and of course, im team jacob since the 1st saga, twilight. omigosh, my heart beat rate will goes up whenever see him shirtless ... opsssie =P cant control when talk bout jacob =D

btw, ordered by yanti's friends. kindda sweet coz its a surprise cuppies for her (also another kipas-susah-mati twilight). happy birthday yanti!

btw, i have extra (mix of all, choc, blueberry & strawberry) cheese tart only for 1 box, RM40. strictly self pick up. do sms me ya. thank you

.:gia rihanna is 4:.

peace be upon u

unique right the name? sweet combo. to gia rihanna, happy 4th birthday dear!

.:rifqi syahmi is 1:.

peace be upon u

i love the name, rifqi. sedap je bunyi. happy 1st birthday dear.

.:nurin aina qistina is 6:.

peace be upon u

to nurin, happy 6th birthday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

.:cheese tart:.

peace be upon u

headache! seriously had severe headache. cant think properly and the worst part, i think i have vertigo. but never mind. put that aside. valued viewer, i have extra 1 box of cheese tart (choc & blueberry). should any of u would like to have it, please sms me at 0172001135 and strictly self pick up only. thank you

ampunnnn, lupa nak update. sorry sangat-sangat those yang keep on sms me and ask for the extra cheese tart ni. dah ada yang empunya. btw, esok inshaAllah ada 1 @ 2 boxes extra. please let me know if ada yang nak ya. thank you

Monday, July 26, 2010

.:commercial break:.

peace be upon u

kindda kewl rite? to have such great party with great deco and of course within ur budget =D i always love to attend her party. seriously, u will feel drift with the theme create by this lady. rasa macam siti di alam fantasi!

i would say shes among the good great party planner u gonna have. always trust her magical touch. owhh, please party planner doesnt mean birthday party only. of course she can cater for baby shower, stag night, hen night, hi tea party or maybe proposal event! how sweet it is =D

well, to see more of her magical touch, please visit her humble place at here! u will amaze, trust me =D btw, u can call her raz

Friday, July 23, 2010


peace be upon u

do u guys know what is the most annoying being a home base cake maker @ cake designer? raw material goes up due to petrol price hike! i hate it so much! very very much =(

therefore, there will be new pricing for certain products (tak semua ya). for cheese tarts, the new price will be RM40/box, regardless 1 flavor @ mix (up to 2 flavors per box).

i am very very sorry as i cant avoid this matter.

thank you

p/s: by the way, im taking order for cheese tart on daily basis BUT infrom me at least 1 day before the pick up date. thank you

Thursday, July 22, 2010


peace be upon u

1st, those who place ad-hoc order for tomorrow pretty please confirm with me latest by this afternoon (12noon). else i have to decline it.

2nd, i have extra cheese tarts and only 1 box. the best part, it have 3 flavors (strawberry, blueberry & choc) together in the box. price @ RM40. sms me @ 0172001135. strictly self pick up only =)
SOLD. thank you
thank you

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.:commercial break:.

peace be upon u

zatul, ampun!! i was suppose to come out with this commercial break quite some time ago. but due to unforeseen circumstances, the delay take over. but better late than never kan.

omg! i love all her art work! seriously cantik N kindda kewl! dont u guys think so? for any occasion, from birthday, farewell..anything! u name it. u can make it such memorable event. feel free to browse her 'home' at here!

p/s: owhh saya adalah sudah rambang mata melihat semua ini dan sedang merancang untuk birthday party anak saya tahun depan =P mummy over kan =D

.:mimy & syam:.

peace be upon u

thanks rina!

Monday, July 19, 2010

.:we're engaged:.

peace be upon

thanks hani. the design have been given to me by hani and im so sorry for not asking permission from whoever this design belong to. im very very sorry as i know it's very unethical. again, thank you to hani and to the original designer of this design

btw, okay now im officially hate that shout box. seriously it damn freaking annoying gila! if i remove it, there's no other fastest way for u guys to reach me kan. haihhh, pay extra for something stupid really pissed me off la.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

.:irfan is 4:.

peace be upon

thanks niezan!

p/s: the only way for me to know my art work success is by asking my lil daughter what character this figurine represent. if she answer it correctly, meaning i did my job quite well =P

p/s: btw, im sick n tired with the spam in my shout box. i did ban but it still keep flooding my shout box. should i take it out or just let the shout box at there? i tak larat la nak ban, report spam & delete. i seriously feel such a waste me use the premium shout box. haihhhhhh

.:happy birthday along:.

peace be upon u

thanks hanis!

.:happy birthday mel:.

peace be upon u

thanks hanis

.:fantasy lover:.

peace be upon u

aiseh, hat ni betui-betui lupa sapa yg order. but thank you very much!

.:papa turns 28:.

peace be upon u

thanks kema!

.:papa's big day:.

peace be upon u

thank you suraya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


peace be upon u

dear valued viewer, i have 1 box cheese tarts extra to let go and it will be mix flav (blueberry & strawberry) @ RM40. should any of u interested, please leave message at the shout box with ur hp number and i will get back to you. its 1st come 1st serve basis and strictly self pick up. thank you
~ taken! thank you

Monday, July 12, 2010

.:suspend from taking orders:.

peace be upon u

dear valued customer, i am sorry to inform that i am not going to take any new orders until further notice. to those i already agree, worry not. ur order/s will be delivered as promise. just send reminder to me as instructed in email.

sorry for any inconvenience caused.

thank you

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


peace be upon u

whenever i feel down, i always think on how to overcome it. and sometimes, drawing on cuppies would help too. therefore, this morning, after sending my daughter off to school i draw this set. and i would love to give this set as a gift for my loyal viewer. the 1st commenter who drop comment at the shout out box, would be getting this set. 1st come 1st serve basis. please leave ur handphone number as well and i will get back to u.

thank you very much and i love u guys very very much!

this cuppies belong to SITI. siti, i just send u sms. please check ya. thank you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


peace be upon u

thank you sab!

Monday, July 5, 2010

.:arissa is 4:.

peace be upon u

if u ask me, i would say that i love very much making this kind of cake. i mean kids birthday cake =D dont ask me why cause i dont have the answer. the only thing i know, i really enjoy and it is sort of therapy for me. i feel very serene. owh ya, please. this kind of deco, at least notify me 1 month in advance ya. else im afraid that it will be a nightmare for me

to ju, thanks a lot!

.:love u:.

peace be upon u

i dont know why i feel very calm seeing this cupcake. perhaps the colors that ive choose really a good choice kot =) though the deco is very simple, but wel .... enough said, less is more

thanks ain!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

.:ellyssa is 5:.

peace be upon u

thanks akma!

.:purple theme:.

peace be upon u

thanks lela!

.:blog archive:.