Wednesday, May 6, 2009

.:aiman is 4:.

peace be upon u

i kenal aiman's mommy, ina, lama dah. sejak zaman i active @ dunia FP lagi and masa tu mommy aiman cuma ada aiman jer and aiman was about less than a year and now aiman dah 4 tahun. meaning almost 4 years jugak la i kenal ina.

if there is award what cartoon of the year, defnitely i will vote for ben10 =D serious i dah kentandusan idea on how to deco cake with ben10 theme. so this time, for aiman's cake i do a lil bit different from the wrdings. hand mould ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. kang ada yang ingat i use special cutter la plak.

to aiman, happy 4th year and to ina, do take care ya dan semoga semua selamat. inshaAllah

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