Sunday, August 31, 2008

.:suspend for a while:.

dear valued customers and viewers, please bear with me. im so sorry that i have to make this announcement. like it or not, i have to suspend all the orders starting from today until ... ermmm mid of september due to my tight schedule in study (but i do consider for order in small amount and simple deco. but again subject to available date). i cant take even a single of risk since this is my finale semester and i have tonnes of works to be done for my final project. looking back at the schedule makes my heart pump so fast and i almost cant breath! for those who already place orders, worry not okay. ur orders will be fulfilled! till then, wish me luck!

do scroll down for latest entry =D

.:salam ramadhan al-mubarak 1429H:.

assalamualaikum wbt

lagi beberapa hari kita akan menunaikan ibadah puasa 1429H. sempena ramadhan yang bakal menjelang, saya mengambil kesempatan ini dengan memohon maaf andai ada terkasar bahasa, andai ada yang terguris perasaan sepanjang berurusan dengan saya, sama ada pelanggan saya mahupun pembaca setia blog saya ini. mohon dihalalkan segala apa urusan jual beli. saya mendoakan agar Ramadhan 1429H merupakan Ramadhan yang lebih baik dari tahun-tahun yang lepas buat diri saya dan juga anda semua.

Salam ikhlas,
Bake Freshly
27 Syaaban 1429H

.:happy birthday papa:.

naj, hows the surprise? hope it goes smooth as u plan. thanks for choosing me to be part of the surprise =P have a bless ramadhan ya. thank you

.:selamat bertunang izza:.

she's my ex-staff @ XXX co =D actually she did ordered cake for her BF somewhere in early of august but due to our communication break down, we miss it. so in order to make sure her engagement cuppies tak terlepas lagi, both of us always contact each other =D to izza, selamat bertunang and selamat berpuasa. thank you ya

Saturday, August 30, 2008

.:Im LiVerPooL Fan!:.

ordered by yani, from colombo for his hubby (yani, i dah betulkan =D). im so glad to hear that the cake were still intact when u landed =D *phewwww. and serius i tak sangka u kawan mama luqman =D what a small world. thank you yani and have bless ramadhan al mubarak 1429H

.:love is in d air:.

she prefer to be anonymous =D she requested to have choc peanut butter cupcakes with the strawberries deco. im so glad she & others enjoy eating the cuppies. to you know who you are =D thank you ya. its nice to meet u. selamat berpuasa

Monday, August 25, 2008

.:3tiers wedding cake (blue theme):.

sometimes i feel like making cake like this is a great therapy for me. creating such creation need me to focus 101% and it will make me lost in my own world! i really really enjoy making wedding or engagement cake @ cuppies. i can express my feeling through my creation, though it is simple =) for this 3tiers cake, i feel very happy with the end result.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

.:happy birthday everyone!:.

running out of time. can write too long. those are for last week. to all, happy birthday!!

julie, iman's mama, ordered cake with superhero theme. since i cant find any edible image of superman at my favorite baking supply shop, i decide just to draw the logo (julie dah kasik permission awal-awal pun utk guna the logo). i dont want to order the customize edible image since it will increase the cost of the cake (mind you, this cake is small, around 7"). beside this cake, julie also order a box of mini cuppies. and chima also order a box of mini cuppies and how silly me forgot to snap the photo. thanks julie & chima

and this one ordered by farah for her hubby. hehehehe farah datang nak tengok bunga api erk =P apa-apa pun, im glad that ur surprise cake menjadi =) thanks farah!

pardon the photo quality. still cant get the rhythm of the new toy =( this one ordered by kak ton for her daughter. hope the birthday girl happy to get a box of this cuppies. thanks kak ton!

.:token of appreciation:.

this person whom shall i refer as X ask me to do this kind of cuppies since last month. X said that she/he owe Tuan Mazlan so much. i really hope that Tuan Mazlan enjoy eating his cuppies since the date of his birthday is very special this year, 20.08.2008. happy birthday sir!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

.:Zul & Awin's Wedding:.

both of them are my cousin =D yeah u read it right. both of them =D the groom is pak ngah's son and the bride is mak itam's daughter. all of us were so excited when been told that this couple agree on the arrangement. and everybody is looking forward to attend the reception. and of course the guest will be among our family members =D

on my part, being cake maker what else should i contribute other than cakes & cuppies. i made 400 cuppies, of course with mom's, sister's and maid's help. cause i need to concentrate more on the cake and decorating those cuppies. very tiring but im so happy and please with the end product. and this 3tiers cake is the simplest deco i ever made. to zul & awin, congratulations form all of us!

Monday, August 18, 2008

.: happy birthday aqeef:.

happy 5th birthday aqeef hilman! semoga aqeeq berjaya di dunia & akhirat. sorry lynn & ein, tak sempat nk jumpa sbb ada hal urgent lain. inshaAllah we can always meet bebila ada masa & rezeki. and tp lynn, thank you for the nice sms =) hilang penat

dalam banyak-banyak, i love this the most.
tho it look simple but when it come to arrange it to be like this, amik masa

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

.:the blooming garden:.

ruby, selamat tak cuppies ni naik kapal terbang? i really hope they landed safely at KT =D thank you so much dear. akak pun suka sangat dgn cuppies. did told my mom, "tak mo kasik boleh tak" =P but i think i should thank to kylie sebab dia bagi kebenaran to copy the idea. but of course i cant do exactly like her! im amateur where as shes a professional.

to ruby, selamat bertunang ya!

owh yes! i do have lots of photos for this cuppies. and i really really really in love with it!

for this type of cuppies, min order is 10pcs (RM70)

Monday, August 11, 2008

.:wedding & engagement cakes:.

this is the reason why i cant accept orders anymore. i have 3 wedding & engagement cakes to be done within 1 day only! and the best part, all theme colors are different. cantik je rasa tengok warna warni. 1st wedding cake is for adzlin. congratulations adzlin! her cake theme, beige and red.

the 2nd wedding cake is for my dad's cousin, the daughter's wedding. since i dont know what's the theme color and to be on safe side, i use white and silver.

the 3rd cake is for shikin's SIL engagement. glad to read ur offline message dear. rasa berbaloi penat lelah i tak berjaga awal pagi menyiapkan.

.:for mak & wawa:.

zilla place this order somewhere in end of june together with july's order. at 1st she wanted to have 11" cake. i was like "mak aih. besonya. bape org nk makan ni". so i call her and ask how many people going to eat this cake and she said "dalam 10 orang". wohooo 11" cake for 10 people is too big =D so i toldher to have 9" cake which is just nice for them. and this is my very 1st deco with weaving style. wanted to do like this long time ago but i didnt have courage to do the weaving.

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