Wednesday, February 29, 2012


peace be upon u & hello

im too sleepy+tired to jot anything. congrats to mastura & hafiz!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

.:upin ipin:.

peace be upon u & hello

both of the are too cute kan. even i sendiri pun suka to watch them. happy 1st birthday jazlly!

.:friends forever:.

peace be upon u & hello

tengok gambar je la ya. tekak saya sakit semula. batuk dah beransur pulih, tekak pulak buat hal. ada harapan batuk lagi ni 

happy 19th birthday to amalia & 18th to pei quan!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

.:cinderella wedding:.

peace be upon u & hello

normally when saeidah place order with me, im a tad nervous but at the same time im excited. because she always challenge my creativity (which i like it the most. at least berjalan sikit otak ni nak berfikir) and at the same time, i learn new thing too. remember the1st sleeping beauty hantaran cake? that was her engagement cake =) and for her wedding, she go for this kindda cake...cinderella carriage. 2 small carriages and 1 big carriage, for cinderella of course =)

thank you so much dear!

p/s: btw, im thinking nak buat contest and of course prize will be cake. but this one specifically untuk those yang ada anak who will turn 1 year old =) so just wait and see. will make announcement once i get the whole idea =D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.:Dental Service:.

peace be upon u & hello

1st please dont get me wrong ya. i didnt get any commission at all doing any advertisement in my blog. i do this because i really feel they deserve some credit for the good service been provided. as some of u know that im wearing braces somewhere in 2010. i didnt do any research regarding range price and just follow what my dentist had suggest and i end up pay damn freaking extra (i really mean it like bukan extra seratus, dua ratus. its like more than rm4k extra!!) apart from that, u have to settle all within 6 months!

recently i just figure out that my gynea's (Prof Datuk Dr Hamid Arshat) son in law ada dental clinic and it is specialist clinic. the name of that dental clinic name is Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist. i did ask the price range for doing demon metal braces and to my surprise, the cost for it is half than what i've paid to my ortho! actually i was planning to have the ceramic one (yang transparent tu) but guess what's the price? yeah almost RM15k!! dah boleh buat downpayment kereta okeh. thats why i opt for demon metal brackets.

u guys can correspond with staff via FB, HERE or to get any extra info visit their website HERE. seriously, u are not going to regret. it just that parking a tad horror if u guys go during weekdays. location? u know bangsar LRT? sebelah tu ada new building, UOB right. it just behind the building. and the easiest place to park ur car is at the UOB building. how did i know? because i just bring my daughter to their place yesterday and awesome service they gave to us! hats off to the team!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


peace be upon u & hello

ya Allah! its like dream come true when one of my customer request to have this kind of deco. sorry ya, i've to give way to this entry as im too excited with the outcome (tak de la hebat mana but i feel very happy with the end product). the tedious work really paid off once i assemble all the flowers. i really like the dusting part. my inner part of nose turn into purple+pink+red!

to amaleena, thank you so much!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

.:rainbow & me:.

peace be upon u & hello

im just too tired to type though there are few things in my mind that i would like to tell u guys. but nevermind, perhaps later on. but do u see this cake a tad slant towards leaning tower of pisa pulak. u want to know why? well, im too lazy to do cake leveling. so when u put layer by layer without having leveling process, ur cake will end up like a mountain. buruk kan? thats the reason why i always bake my cake slightly tall. so eventhough after the leveling process, ur cake will still tall (saya tak suka cake rendah). 

owh yes, its a rainbow cake and its for my daughter, who's celebrating her 6th birthday (mak dia tahun ni tak larat nak buat cake comel-comel)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

.:super ZIQRYL:.

peace be upon u & hello

dont feel like wanna write that much. not really in good state of mind. so, enjoy the photos. thanks dilla and happy 5th birthday super ziqryl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

.:double celebrations:.

peace be upon u & hello

1st, u guys notice the name of birthday girl? yerp, i tersalah susun. only perasan after the mom call me & ask how to rearrange it. tu la, bila dah fikir macam-macam, gini la jadinya kan.

sorry sgt dear. aunty dah tersalah eja ur nama. apa pun happy birthday darlings!

Monday, February 13, 2012

.:dani the racer:.

peace be upon u & hello

alhamdulillah. im done with my  days of puasa nazar. now left only puasa ganti. hehehe tak banyak, 2 days only =D after breakfast tadi, i can feel my body react to the sugar intake ...i feel much more energetic  (kebetulan mama buat pengat labu tad sweet). so i guess the sweetness from the pengat labu save my day, alhamdulillah

owh not that good in making other characters in the cars movie, except for mcqueen & mater. the rest, i really need to improve. happy 2nd birthday dani!

.:party planner:.

peace be upon u & hello

im fasting today and i dont know why i am very very tired. lembik semacam badan. perhaps kurang minum air the day before i guess

by the way, i really really fall in love with latest of zatul's touch. very pinkish...very gurly...very nice! seriously cantik sangat tau! feel free to visit her fb, CreativeGeniusPrintable

photo courtesy of CGP

photo courtesy of CGP

Thursday, February 9, 2012

.:shaun the sheep:.

peace be upon u & hello

got work to do in a while but im feeling very tired. some more my right hand still in pain due to CTS. was suppose to meet the orthopedic but i missed the appointment and haiseh it wasnt an easy procedure to set the date to meet them.

btw, happy birthday dini & aqil. dah dapat adik baru pun derang =)


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