Sunday, May 29, 2011

.:express rakyat:.

peace be upon u

thehehehee...cant think any other title to put there...gasak la. janji ada title kan =P

*photo courtesy of ain frm JPA (thanks dik!)

esok i ada extra 1 box of mini cuppies (yg normal) and 1 box of cheese tart (blueberry & choc). any of u guys rasa wish to buy it, please text me @ 017 2001135. 1st come 1st serve basis and self pick up only ya =) opsss sorry for the late update guys. dah habis pagi tadi lagi. esok inshaAllah there will b 1 box for mini cuppies too =)

thank you

Sunday, May 15, 2011

.:long silent:.

peace be upon u

yes...yes... i know. i have been 'anak tiri' kan this blog. i a truly sorry. i was totally super duper busy past few weeks. running like headless chicken. and i guess my experiment on creating new blog unsuccessful =( dont know why la i cant upload photos even in my new blog. so i guess i need to create facebook for new place to 'lepak' (dalam process ya tuan tuan & puan puan).

other than that, i wanna make an announcement that im fully book till 4th June 2011.

thank you very much for the endless support


dear all, feel free to add me at facebook, Bake Freshly (still dalam process pindah rumah.pardon the mess ya). thank you

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