Wednesday, May 6, 2009

.:syah+erna=3 years:.

peace be upon u

erna did place these orders quite sometimes. she ordered 2 boxes of mini cuppies, 25pcs of cupcakes with her sketch for every each deco and 8" cake. alhamdullilah, the feedback from her put one big smile on my face though i've did a mistake for the cake. notice that the frosting didnt look like always? well, i very very seldom frost my cake use pour technique for choc ganache (memang la nampak berkilat but i dont like sebab banyak kerja and some more the choc layer tu nipis and tak sedap =P ehehehe). i did a mistake by frost it with blue buttercream where as the request colour is either pink or black. since i dah buat all the deco in pink, so black is the background colour la kan. sebab tu la nak tak nak, terpaksa la use pour method. to erna, thank you so much ya. semoga bahagia bersama sampai bila-bila.

owhh i love this so much! cause im a coffee lover!

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