Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.:suraya & saiful:.

peace be upon u


both of them are my schoolmate or to be precise my classmate when i was in standard 5 until standard 6. then suraya @ yaya off to kuantan & me soon after that follow dad to new district. but me & yaya, we keep this friendship strong. lebih-lebih lagi our family memang close. and yes,i love the cutting cake. its 4 tiers and special delivery all the way frm putrajaya to kuantan!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

.:comfort food:.

peace be upon u & hello

sila drool okeh =P
syawal dah nak habis & makin banyak la org buat open house kan. u guys jangan terlebih makan dah la ya. thoughi have lots of pending entries, but can we make way for this entry? i really cant wait to show this to u guys. it is premium red velvet. this is what i call comfort food. no? well, it does to me. thanks elin!btw, im planning to giveaway this kind of cake to my 800th follower. or should i buat pertandingan? u guys can drop ur opinion kat FB Bake Freshly

Thursday, September 22, 2011

.:sleeping beauty:.

peace be upon u

these cakes are for hantaran and i love to make cake like this for hantaran. kindda 'kewl'. thanks saiedah and dayah!

.:a dash of love:.

peace be upon u & hello

gosh, i am extremely tired. been working since early morning. then stop for a while for discussion with client who came to house. take 5, pastu sambung balik kerja-kerja buat figurine. itu pun tak selesai lagi. 

victoria sandwich my way

if u ask me, what kind of deco i would love to do, surely i will answer ALL. but among all, i really love to deco my cake with fresh fruits...fresh cream. i always believe that less is more. dont you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


peace be upon u & hello

its raining out there and im a bit sleepy due to lack of sleep (alasan je kan. walhal lambat sleep sebab tak ngantuk semalam). i dont seldom nap and i would never like to make it as habit. okay now i feel a bit sleepy. better rest for few mins before i start my work. till then, have great day ahead!

thank you

.:Lightning McQueen:.

peace be upon u & hello

just finished my task for tonight. and i didnt feel sleepy (penangan minum ayaq kacip fatimah PW). so might as well i use this opportunity to update this blog right?

im trying my best to catch up tho i know i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind. better late than never right =) i really love making children's cake. especially 3D but trust me, wasn't easy process IF u were not in the mood. thank you to saeidah and sabrina for having faith in me to produce these cakes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


peace be upon u & hello

seriously im not very sure u guys can view photo in my last entry or not but according to some of u, they can see the photo. a rustic deco cake with pink carnation =)

i miss my blog very much actually and im kindda lost with this new 'face' of it. sumpah rasa buta IT sungguh la. nak baca semua-semua instruction rasa penat sangat and my eyes already rolling up and down just by looking at it. dasar pemalas nak baca kan =P

my layer too thin. next time need to make a lil bit thicker but taste wise, still the same

Sunday, September 18, 2011

.:eid mubarak:.

peace be upon u & hello

yes i know im way behind but hey, its still syawal rite. baru 20th syawal after all. but i guess u guys mesti busy with all the open house invitations kan. this year my parents tak buat open house since both of them busy traveling to & fro putrajaya-ipoh. so memang tak sempat la kan nak buat.

my schedule, alhamdulillah. been running like headless chicken since 2nd week of syawal. but for september, i dah tak dapat nak amik new order ya except for cheese tart & mini cupcakes. btw, let me see...boleh ke tak i upload photo kat blog ni =P kalau nampak gambar, please drop comment kat my FB ya & cakap yes u nampak photo attached =)

till then, enjoy ur sunday!

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