Thursday, May 7, 2009

.:me and mini me:.

peace be upon u

sometime less is better right. i mean in everything, not only in decorating cake/cupcake. in our life too! again, kak rokiah orders the same like her 1st orders, mini carrot walnut and mini cuppies (choc chips & vanilla choc chips). thank you sooo much kak rokiah and memang rezeki dapat jumpa akak that day. and it was such a great pleasure dealing with u. thank you kak =)

i dont know what esle should i say but the only thing i know i feel super extremely snubbed when receive an email. i guess i need to make a clarifications since the situation is getting serious. abaikan je la. lagi layan lagi buat pening kepala. baik i buat banyak-banyak cake. betul tak?

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