Friday, January 30, 2009

.:i heart purple:.

peace be upon u

the unwell feeling still wrap me tightly. but i must fight it back. or else, sumpah malas nak buat kerja.

can we skip that. let us go straight to the details of the entry. lela already book the date quite sometime. sufficient time for me to think of the deco that i want to use as she told me "buat la apa-apa pun asalkan purple". wahhh i love this type of instruction. but sometimes if i'm running out of idea, how i wish my customer give guidance =p ni le manusia kan. tak pernah nak rasa ok dengan apa pun =P

she ordered 16pcs of cuppies & 9" vanilla sponge cake (i layered with bluberry filling). goodness me! trust me, if u are my flickr follower, definitely u guys know nicky & bev. both of them are my cyber friend =D trust me, u will amaze with all their creations. i never feel bored looking again and again their art works. and here they are, i try to copycat the style but not even 10% look like them =p owh well, at least i make lela feel happy =D

and the style was inspired by nina as well as kak jun

to lela, thank you so much. to nicky & bev, thank you for being such good friend though we never meet =D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

.:the big day:.

peace be upon u

i dont know why lately my mood in decorating cuppies goes down. maybe because of not feeling well kot. ye la, dah dua-dua tumbang.

aida, my jr @ SEMSAS and also my earliest customer .. andddd my very loyal customer =D order few items. this time is for her sister's wedding. remember the 1st bride & groom figurine that i made? it was her brother's wedding cake. thank you so much aida for the endless support =)

this is the cutting cake. memang pengantin perempuan sendiri nak 1 tingkat je

yang ni plak, cake hantaran. pengantin sendiri request simple =)

yang ni plak, kek birthday aiman, anak aida @ anak sedara pengantin perempuan

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

.:gold yellow hantaran cuppies:.

peace be upon u

bangun je pagi ni, tekak terasa semacam. sah, i had sore throat. then after had breakfast, i took my cough med and few mins after that, off to lalaland sampai le noon.

cuppies below were ordered by kak linda from MMU. sorry kak linda, tak dan nak jumpa malam tu. apa-apa pun, thank you ya kak linda.

p/s: yeah i know same old deco but what else could i do if customer request the same design.

Monday, January 26, 2009

.:happy 59th birthday papa:.

peace be upon u

agaknya musim sakit kot. saya yang dah mula nak ok, jadik tak ok plak lagik. especially tang batuk. makin menjadi-jadi. lepas tu tekak mula rasa sakit. alah, tak sukanya. sib baik malam ni tak banyak order. maka boleh le berehat-rehat sikit.

kepada customer saya, minta maaf ye kalau saya lambat upload cuppies korang. ni pun dah habis laju dah saya try to update.

below, cuppies eleena tempah untuk papanya. papa eleena navy kot. sebab tu dia minta buat theme navy. and dear eleena, it was a great pleasure to receive such nice compliment from u. and im very glad to know that ur dad enjoy it. thank you eleena. tp uncle, happy 59th birthday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

.:for him:.

peace be upon u

huwaa tak mo banyak cakap la. masih terasa sedih lagik. already call celcom centre. tapi sah-sah kena tunggu lepas cuti CNY la kan. mana de org keje. paling cepat pun bleh dapat balik nombor ari rabu la kan. so for time being, i will be using this number, 013- 32 888 13.

okay back to baking story. fiza order 2 sets of 16pcs cupcakes and 25pcs of blueberry cheese tarts. tapi ampun fiza, akak lupa nak snap gambar blueberry cheese tarts. seronok buat salah satu set fiza ni. dia cakap asben dia minat SA rugby team. tapi dia nak set tu ada unsur-unsur romantik jugak. to fiza, thank you & tahniah ya =)

*huwaaaa henponnnnn .. walau berganti, tak kan serupa =(

.:damia is 2 (and ive lost my hp!):.

peace be upon u

damia's mommy told me that they gonna throw a birthday bash for damia and wanted to have barney theme cake with damia's face on it. as usual, i ask my hubby to design the image. scenario at damia's 2nd bash can be view at here. gosh, i love the way dila capture at damia's bash. or shall i say all dila's work are so good!

nak marah pun dah tak termarah dah. to all, i've lost my handphone. for a time being, i can only be contacted through email, once you already send an email to me, kindly drop a line @ my shout box saying you've send an email to me. goshhh! sakit giler hati okeh walau handphone tu dah lama. yang buat rasa sakit hati, the memory stick pro duo 1G okeh. when i try to call my handphone, dah masuk voice mail. nampak sangat orang dah amik sebab my handphone full bar

for a time being, i can be contacted @ 013-32 888 13. my number, 013-32 888 31 will be activate after CNY.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

.:double celebration, irfan & momma:.

peace be upon u

cute kan irfan =D ada cerita sebenarnya disebalik tempahan reen kali ni. owh yes, reen is my return customer =) dari zaman irfan infant lagik =D but alhamdullilah. i manage to overcome the problem. reen pilih thema animals. but she told me "lebihkan gambar tiger ya". orait reen. no prob. and yes, i enjoy sangat-sangat making these cuppies & cake. cute je those animals. especially the lion =D
to reen happy birthday yg ke *tuuuut* and to irfanm happy 1st birthday.

.:her day:.

peace be upon u

hishhh have u ever face bad camera day?? i do! haiyahhh look at the cupcake photos. sangat la tak lawa =( but i do hope fara's sister happy with it. to fara, thank you ya =) comel kecik je orangnya


peace be upon u

love the design so much. it was ann's cuppies. she request to have paisley design as deco and pink+baby blue as the colors. it does look easy but actually need lots of patient! to ann, thank you sooo much. it easy to deal with u.

.:our birthday celebration:.

peace be upon u

well, this is my 3rd time creating same design of spongebob cake. this spongebob 2D cake was ordered by ita (yang, betui ka akak eja nama awak ni. correct me if im wrong). at 1st place there is only 1 name she wanted to put on it. but few days before the collection, she told me to put few others name. dear ita, thank you ya dik. hope u guys enjoy the cake

.:bubbye noi:.

peace be upon u

sleepy, fatigue ..... tu je la yang mampu diucapkan. serious terasa macam badan ni longlai. actually ni tengah ngantuk tahap kritikal. sebab tu lari kejap update entry.

these 16pcs carrot walnut were an ad-hoc order from a return customer, linda. when she called me to place the order, i was like "aiseh linda. i dah penuh la dear. takut tak sempat nak deco". but then she agreeded with the simple deco. and here we are... simple deco (tak puas hati, tapi nak wat cemana. dah memang tak sempat). to linda thank you. to noi, all the best in new place

Thursday, January 22, 2009

.:gong xi fa cai:.

peace be upon u

i have few pending entries but i think i cant wait to upload this one. fatin order 2 sets with chinese new year theme. and thats the reason why i wanted so much to upload this entry fast =D tuan punya pun belum tengok lagi cuppies dia. fatin told me its for her hubby's collaegue. to all chinese, happy new year to you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

.:putri is 2:.

peace be upon u

watie came all the way from seremban just to pick up this cake and then bring back to seremban. and the cake is for her darling, putri who turns 2 last week. and this is 2nd time watier order cake from me. watie, thank you so much ya. sanggup turun dari seremban =) to putri, u are so lucky to have uncle & auntie such caring. happy 2nd birthday putri!

p/s: the buttercream for dress, i smooth like the normal method. trust me, it take me ages nak smooth kan, sampai naik give up pun ada. i cant use hot spatula as it will make the color of the skirt tak sekata. so, nak tak nak, terpaksa la guna rasa biasa


peace be upon u

my daughter's temperature hasten this morning =( im very worried whenever she caught with fever. had a terrible experience when she was about 6mos++. she has been warded for 2 weeks because of endless vomit & diarrhea and of course, high temperature. tapi tak de la sampai fit ke apa kan, alhamdullilah. i just hope she will recover soon as i dah tak larat nak perang dengan dia setiap kali bagi ubat. ast skali, kasik suppository je la.

okay back to cakes story. this set was ordered by linda, return customer too. and since it is very very ad-hov. i can only make simple design. linda, i hope u and ur friends enjoy eating the carrot walnut cuppies ya. to noi, all the best!

.:its ur day zura:.

peace be upon u

this is the designs lyana gave to me. since she gave me the designs, i feel a bit relax in making these cuppies. its for her friend zura. thank you lyana. and to zura, happy birthday

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

.:happy birthday qalys qaisara:.

peace be upon u

qalys qaisara... pretty name right? fara email to me and mention that she want 16pcs of cuppies with princess and girly theme. i cant think much of princess theme. so i just repeat the same deco that i've made in previous. thanks fara. betul-betul suka la nama qalys =)

.:iman mikhail is 3:.

peace be upon u

this is iman's cake. it is his 3rd birthday. wawa actually request to have sort of 2D lighting mcqueen cake but i wasnt able to make it. the easiest way is, use edible image. as usual, i will ask help from dear hubby to make the image and send to ayu for printing.

to iman, happy 3rd birthday dear =)

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