Friday, May 15, 2009

.:p/s, i love u:.

peace be upon u

alhamdullilah, im getting better but my angel, still not so good in shape but thanks Allah, she's doing much better. and due to this, i'm not able to join the Foto Kids Outing. aiseh, i miss the chance to have a short tutorial how to use the speed light correctly with some sifoos. the only thing that i manage to do, contribute cake & cuppies. guys, i bet u gonna have great time since the place look sooooooo 'tempting' *jeles okeh

okay forget the Foto Kids Outing. have a peep at these photos. again, Suz from Little Flower Pot. thank you ya Suz.

p/s: soon i'm going to introduce new size for the hantaran cuppies. worry not, i will remain the normal size that i've been using now.

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