Friday, November 9, 2007



6"= starting from RM80
7" = starting from RM90
8" = starting from RM120
9" = starting from RM180
10" = starting from RM200
11" = starting from RM260
12" = starting from RM300

  • price mention above are for cake with butter cream frosting. for choc ganache @ cream cheese frosting, additional price depend on the size of the cake
  • price shown are for round shape cake only
  • for drawing certain character, additional cost depend on the drawing


  • 25pcs = starting from R120
  • 16pcs = starting from RM90
*additional cost will be charge for drawing 
*not for fondant deco

.:mini cupcake:.
  • 36pcs = RM45 (normal)
  • 25pcs = RM40 (sorts of cheese tart)
  • 25pcs = RM45 (fruit tart)


  • price base on deco. price start with RM10.00/cupcake.
  • for mini cake, price start with RM45/mini cake.
*final price base on design

Buttercream/Choc Ganache/Cream Cheese
  1. 7" round cake = price start from RM150

Hantaran cake
  1. 7" round cake = for ready made flowers, price start from RM190
  2. 7" round cake = for handmade flowers, price start from RM250

Cutting cake

2 tier (non fondant) = start from rm650
3 tier (non fondant) = start from rm800

2tier (fondant) = start from RM900
3 tier (fondant) = startt from RM1300

  1. placing must be made at least 1 week ahead. but the date chosen subject to availability;
  2. order for more than 100pcs @ fondant cake/cupcake, must be made 1 month in advance;
  3. payment upon collection;
  4. order with total more than RM100, 50% of deposit will be needed upon confirmation. i only will proceed once i receive the 50% deposit.
  5. 3 days before the pick up date, full term of payment needed and no refund on cancellation made 48hours and less;
  6. adhoc order (less than a week), will be charge extra;
  7. cancellation MUST be made via sms only.

*all prices are subject to change without prior notice

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