Saturday, May 2, 2009


peace be upon u

1st, sape-sape yang call i pagi tadi, sorry if i tak angkat or i jawab suruh refer to my blog. reason, pagi tadi memang i tengah tunggang terbalik menyiapkan orders for today. and i would say sepanjang setahun lebih i bergelumang dalam dunia cake maker ni, last night was the nost insance night i ever have! no, bukan i tamak amik semua but silap i sendiri yang tak update my schedule. for today's orders, i ada 4 orders from 4 different person yang deco dia agak vast! why did i say vast? sebab i ada 2 birthday cakes with fondant+figurines deco yang i buat semua malam tu!
Ya Allah...tuhan je tau cemana penat i malam tadi. but to think positive, i menang dalam dare diri i sendiri =) and yes, i haven't have good and great sleep for the past few days =) tak pe, tu semua berbaloi bila i terima sms yang cukup buat i feel happy. thanks you guys... thank you so much for the endless support!

im going to try out a new recipe tomorrow (which i will let know later the name of the flav). and therefore, definitely there will be extras of cuppies AND i would love to share it with you, my loyal viewer @ customer. 1st person to drop comment at my shout box after 8am tomorrow morning will be recieve 9pcs for FREE. but remember, this offer is valid only after u drop a comment (with ur email address) at my shout box after 8am tomorrow morning! ah, strictly self pick up ya =) PBUY and morning guys! yes we already have 'winner', ana_kiut! ana, wait for my mail ya =D and the rest who try to drop comment @ my shout box, thank you ya.

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