Tuesday, July 29, 2008

.:najmi is 5:.

it was najmi's 5th birthday! sorry masita for being late in posting this entry. was kindda busy & had a very tight & hectic weeks! i do hope the burfday boy did enjoy eating those cuppies. again, happy birthday najmi!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

.: sayang kamu:.

one of the set that i really enjoy making it. the original design was from yulia, maki cakes. and this is my second set for this design. im glad to hear that sue & his bf likes the deco as well as the taste of cuppies. thanks sue!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

.:the premium cuppies:.

i promised this entry long time ago. but due to tight schedule and LAZY some more, this entry keep on pending until today =D basically premium set is quite pricey from normal cupcakes as i need to do extra works on the deco. photos listed below are few example of premium set.

for a time being, price are as mention below. but somewhere in august or september the price will change due to price hike in almost everything.

16pcs = RM50
25pcs = RM70

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.:the cranberries lemon cupcakes:.

i've been received few smses, emails & call regarding cupcakes. bukan nak tipu, but the souffler cup mmg out of stock. so if u guys dont mind to have cupcakes in the silver linear, im more than happy to make for u guys. at least for a time being, before the stocks hit the market. do let me know if u okay with it. but for july and august, i need to check with the date 1st =D till then, photos below are the example of the silver linear and the cupcakes are cranberries lemon =D trust me, the taste are damn great! and i would put this flavor in the list but of course it will be the premium set since cranberries a bit pricey =D

the cranberries lemon cupcakes

.:bumble bee busy pt3:.

and all these cuppies were made the same day as the cakes in previous entry! serious tired!

premium set for kak sue from serdang. thank you kak!

for adilla. thank you dear. sorry sangat termiss that part

and this, for diana. thank you so much diana. all my fatigue ease when received ur sms =D

.:bumble bee busy pt2:.

4 cakes in the same day??? plus some more cuppies! definitely my body dried up! serious i was like a zombie. but somehow, it shows that whenever u are in the pressure stage, u will push ur self to the max! =D thank you guys for the endless support. owh ya, i just manage to log in my mail and currently replying all the emails. be patient ya ;)

haiyoo tergelap la pulak. still cant get the momentum with this new toy. i MUST master asap! if not all my photos will turn out bad!

happy 2nd year fahmi! thank you siti =D

from amierul to beloved grand pa =D thanks yatie. mierul sangat la hensem okeh =D

and this is for my sister who is celebrating her birthday today! happy birthday sister.
stadi la...jgn malas-malas

last cake of the day, for elly from jaring. its for the bbq nite. ada cerita disebalik cake ni =(
but eventually i manage to overcome the prob

Sunday, July 20, 2008

.:bumble bee busy:.

i don't know where to begin as i have so many to jot down. but let us go one by one. or else, i will get blank! let us have a peep into what i've done for past few days.

ordered by khadijah for her sister. im so happy to know that you sister enjoy the cuppies =)

shelly ordered 16pc of choc hazelnut cheese cuppies. normally i didnt cut off the calyx, but this time i need to cut off as the calyx look so bad *sigh

few samples to go, orange, choc moist and cranberries lemon cupcakes =D

.:1000 apologies:.

some may said "anna dah sombong" or some may said "nape email i u tak reply". 1000 apologies from me. inshaAllah, by tonight, i will reply all emails that pending in my mail box since i can open my mail today. thank you so much for having trust with me. TERIMA KASIH BANYAK-BANYAK =D

starting from next week, im not able to accept any orders for sunday (yg dah place order earlier worry not as i wont cancel it). meaning sunday will be my offday. this is due to tight class schedule =D for availability dates, do check on the 'announcement' column at the left side.

.:happy birthday yaya:.

KC, betui ka nama besday gurl ni yaya? kalo salah, habaq na. bule tukaq =D kc, ni nak habaq. kita kidnap photo awak utk set ni ya. baru perasan lupa nk snap sbb that day mcm kalut tgh wat cake AJ. lepas tu nk attend the party pulak. so kita kidnap je la erk pic dia

photo collage taken from KC

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

.:happy 3rd burfday AJ:.

betul-betul rasa macam hilang ingatan sekejap. tak ingat hari ni hari apa. kejap-kejap tanya orang, what day is today??? mana taknya, dah agak lama jugak la berehat dari baking. so masa mmg terasa rilex. tp dalam rilex-rilex tu, otak tetap berjalan. mana taknya, cemas fikirkan perkara-perkara berkaitan dgn study. haihhhhhh. pening kejap otak. makin kerap la mirgin akan menyerang kepala ni. okay tak yah pening-pening. lets have a look this cute cake =D

last sunday was AJ 3rd celebration and alin did ask me to make photo cake for AJ.alin did give me 3 AJ photos and i guess i choose the right photo =D i did try to order this image from other than normal place i used to. and happen to be, the photo image was superb! but yes a bit pricey. but if u ask me, i wouldnt mind to spend a lil bit on this because the quality is up to the level.

to alin, thank you so much for having trust in me in preparing AJs cake. glad to hear all of you enjoy that cake =) AJ dearie, happy 3rd birthday!

i love this part very much!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.:engagement cuppies:.

wake up too early this morning. perhaps due to enough rest from yesterday & today. really, i had great rest, enough sleep. i would say that since i involve in this baking thingy, my sleep was like hell in a handbasket! dah tak teratur langsung.

forgive me for being late in replying emails but as promise, this morning i have already cleared all my inbox mail =D so guys, please check ur inbox mail ya. some who leave ur hp number, i did smsed too right? and yes, i did received few calls and emails, asking do i still accept orders for this week. i am so sorry that i cant accept any orders. its not that im fully occupied, but this week is buffer week for me as i just started back my class last week. so i will take orders back after 20th July 2008 =D


okay cut those craps! ewam my jr @ semsas or to be sepcific, my doormate =D order cupcakes for her brother's engagement. but suddenly the date have been change and i only have 1 week to complete. being a bit busy last week, im not able to make my own roses. and yes, i feel pretty bad bad or shall i say really really BAD that i have to use ready made flowers. i dont mind to use ready made flowerd IF for big cake as they will look nicer. but for cupcakes? macam kureng la. but somehow, im very blessed with the spontaneous idea. so here we go... to ewa, i love the way u present the cupcakes! nnt email akak ya gambar

Monday, July 14, 2008

.:thank you so much:.

i was sooo lazy lately...lazy due to my migrin. lucky i didnt have much orders to do. or else i need to cancel those orders. since im running out of words, here are the orders fro last week.

to zila and zilla's friend, thank you so much for ur endless support =D i really hope u guys had great time with those cuppies.

choc chips for her fiancee

carrot walnut cuppies

choc chips

mini cuppies, choc chips

next orders are from ina. i really enjoy making this big cake =D she requested to put few clowns on top of it. cuma satu je la slack, she forgot to give me her daughter's name. so guys, please remember if u placing birthday cake, do give me the birthday boy/girl's name okay. apart from that, she also order cuppies for her friend's engagement (ina correct me if im wrong okay)

.:blog archive:.