Friday, February 29, 2008

.:bumble bee busy:.

i had fun tho had headache & backache. but that is not excuse for me to cancel the order that have been made before. unless le sakitnya teruk & chronic kan. yeah i do have my own QC.. my mom of course. to aisyah from ICU, thank you for having me. it was a pleasure making deal with u. i bet ur hubby mesti seronok masa sampai kat tempat dia kan. rugi la i sebab tak dapat nak tengok expressiont do u muka dia to see those boxes. sorry aisyah i couldnt draw the items u request. i did try and the output transform into UFO *LOL

the carrot walnut cuppies

the choc moist cuppies

this is lela's order. its for her 28th burfday or to be specific 7th burfday :P its because her burfday is today! hope u guys had great party and enjoy the cuppies. she ordered 2 sets of chocky crazy cuppies.

the 50pcs choky crazy cuppies

and this is the limelight for this week i guess. the boobs cake! my 1st ever boobs cake. what do u think? is it okay? and mind u ya, this is the output from a person who never attend formal class for this types of cake! at first i thought it is easy and wont give me trouble. but im wrong! sangat le renyah okeh nak buat. i would say its easy to do irdina's cake rather than this. but somehow i manage to produce such lovely boobs! (puji diri sendiri :P) *i will upload the photos later on as i have something else to do now

surely this boobs already beaten pamela & dolly :P

side view

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

.:Chocky Crazy Cuppies Promotion:.

are u choc lover? well if so, i think ive good new for u. im having promotion for this set that i call Chocky Crazy Cuppies. why did i call like that? because as u can see from the photos, there are lots of choc! the cuppies itself made from choc moist frosting with choc ganache. and the finishing deco is from choc too! grated choc, choc duo curls, choc duo stick, choc buttercream...strawberries.. owh heaven!

for this set, normal price is RM60. but from 10-19 March 2008, this set, only RM55 and it is limited. and strictly self pick up. i would consider to do deliver only for Putrajaya and Cyberjaya (foc) area.

all 5 designs shown here are the formation in the Chocky Crazy Cuppies

im so sorry that i forgot to put the details for this set. details as below:

1. cake flavour = choc moist
2. frosting = choc ganache
3. quantity = 25pcs (medium)

.:project for this week part 3:.

kindda hook to my cuppies project and sometime i do think...why on earth i continue study in environment? why didnt i take proper course for baking and decorating. but then think again, tak pa la. doesnt mean u dah ada education yang lebih tinggi u cant bake right? my intention in doing this baking & decorating is just to fill up my leisure time.

these 2 orders were made by lin and she requested to have few cuppies with naruto on it. alamak. when ever customer request such order, i would ask my self, can i draw it properly? would they recognize what have i draw on the cuppies? so dear viewer, u judge my drawing ya. does they look like naruto?

can u spot naruto? he's smiling

there...naruto. does it look like naruto?

gosh... i like this one very much!

this is meen's order. she want to give to her colleague (i guess so. betul ke meen?). she mention to me that her frenz so intoo chocholate so i decided to do this! and to tell the truth, i also heart this set. for this chocky crazy cuppies, i have something to announce. but wait for the nexy entry.

the chocky crazy cuppies set

Sunday, February 24, 2008

.:quickie update part 2:.

my teacher lynnhassan called be suddenly and ask me whether i can accept adhoc order. i was surprise when she told me but hey! doesnt that mean ur teacher approve u? ehehehee thank you so much lynn for having trust in me. to siti, hope u satisfied with those cuppies.

does it look like arsenal's logo??

siti's order, for her niece & nephew

ira order choc moist cake for her nephew. she also request to deco the cake with spongebob. nasib baik le pakcik spongebob ni senang nak dilukis. dear ira, i am so sorry that i forgot to spell in ammar's name on the cake. my bad, my mistake. so sorry dear.

Friday, February 22, 2008

.:quickie update:.

didnt have much time to write longer than usual. apart from tonnes of schools work, lappy went out till today. had to use my lil sis lappy which is sangat la banyak virus & dah outdated! so here are some photos of the photos cuppies that i made last week & this week. thank you to jojet, jojet's frenz and nana.

nana's, strawberry flavour fot both, cake as well as the buttercream icing

jojet's frenz; carrot walnut
(jojet, aku lupa nak snap gambar kek yg ko order. kiranya ada boleh tak ko email kt aku :D terima kasih daun keladi ya jojet)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

.:close for february order:.

due to tonnes of assignments and early orders, sadly to say that i cant accept any order/s for this month, February. i am very sorry because i cant compromise with the quality. afraid that i might loose concentration and this may lead to failure. as for march, it is limited also. nanti la yer. i will put calender, so u guys can see which day i am available. to my valuable customer & viewer, thank you for ur support. thank you so much!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

.:dear darling irdina's bash:.

finally.... its over. phewwww... too tired, too exhausted but too happy. who doesnt when u see ur own kids happy with what all u had done for their burfday bash rite? seeing her glowing face when the balloons arrive, omg! that the best moment i ever experience. im not going to tell that details bout her bash. enough said that we are super happy with everything tho it is small bash. im so happy with my task & manage to cook eventho without my mom that time. she manage to cook rendang to coupled with pulut kuning. the rest, i cook alone with miads help. special thanks to dear hubby (i know u also enjoy yesterday rite), beloved family (tho not all were there), my sister's maid and all frenz. i heart all of you. ur attendance the most valueble present to me & dear darling irdina. the best part, yippie, horray to me for making dear darling irdina's burfday cake wonderful. mind u, this is my 1st attempt in making such cake. to all, thank you very much!

the bottom layer, choc moist cake. at first i wanted to do the topsy turvy @ whimsical cake. but due to lack of time, i just make as below.....

my 1st attempt in making birthday cake using fondant.
bottom cake made from choc moist & top from carrot walnut

cake after been cut. can u spot the hole at the upper part? itu kerja irdina yg cucuk lilin. kes nak tiup lilin lagi

the texture....

the ambient... not only those kiddos excited when these balloons arrive, the mothers also!

those that i made by myself

Monday, February 11, 2008

.:celebration part 2:.

jue from palace of justice repeat her order. but this time she ask for vanilla & choc cuppies with the writing as shown in the photos. one thing i heart these cuppies is the colour that i use. the violet+sky blue combo really make them 'alive'. to ernie zuraida, happy burfday and hope u enjoy the cuppies.

jue's order

next order is from ira. she ask me whether can she mix the flavor for the cheese cupcakes? the answer is yes BUT with few conditions :) and i am so happy to deco todays cheese cupcakes cause i can use my new choc duo curls! goshhh i really love the end product. and off course i do enjoy chit chatting with u ira. merasa la i pegang beg u tu *wink wink.

the carrot walnut

the new york cheese cuppies i alter the topping to choc ganache + choc powder since ira lurvesss choc!

the choc hazelnut cheese cuppies

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