Tuesday, October 14, 2014

.:Baby Blues:.

peace be upon u & hello

see...the photos sooooooo tak lawa =( because my speed light decided to give way that day *sob sob

these 3 photos (above) taken with my camera without speed light

and 3 photos above, taken with my phone

.:Hariz turns 7:.

peace be upon u & hello

happy 7th birthday Hariz!

.:Hadif Turns 4:.

peace be upon u & hello

sorry for MIA for a while. was too busy as im in the middle of transfer to new place. u know whats the worst part of all? there's no Unifi service for a time being at my new place!!! owh no. how would i survive without internet? now i need to find other option (tapi dalam hati tetap nak jugak-jugak Unifi. anyone from Unifi can help me?).

and on top of that, my very old speed light suddenly give way =( sadisss

btw, happy 4th birthday Hadif!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

.:ring around the rosie:.

peace be upon u & hello

this is a very very very super late entry....somewhere early of this year. im so sorry for being late in posting this entry. design inspired by kak yani from thekitchenguardian. well of course mine can't be as neat as her's =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

.:my Irdina turns 7:.

peace be upon u & hello

a year behind! yeah i know but better late than never =P
daughter request to have this cake for her 7th birthday 

.:Ihsan & Izyan:.

peace be upon u & hello

im not so sure whether i already upload this entry or not. but never mind if it's double =)
happy birthday Ihsan & Izyan!

.:Capt Alif Aiman:.

peace be upon u & hello

hectic Wednesday for me, thus expect delay respond from me. till then, have great day ahead.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

.:hantaran cakes:.

peace be upon u & hello

my very first camera cake and that's the reason the cake not that neat. well, i believe there's always room to improve =)

.:happy 8th birthday MH Dina:.

peace be upon u & hello

it's public holiday and it's 57th independent day for Malaysia =) taking this advantage to restock my fridge, top up all my ingredients to cook for few days. it's easy for me.

well, enjoy ur long weekend Malaysian!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

.:dance with me?:.

peace be upon u & hello

the hantaran cake

.:mikha turns 3:.

peace be upon u & hello

happy 3rd birthday Mikha! there's a stroy behind this cake actually =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

.:yummy naked:.

peace be upon u & hello

pardon the bad quality of the photos. sometimes i didnt have much time to capture nice photo. just use my phone.

.:dash it on:.

peace be upon u & hello

100pcs of carrot walnut & 100pcs of red velvet. thank you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


peace be upon u & hello

i always love making 'cake hantaran' like this. something different =)

congratulations to newlywed! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

.:the garden:.

peace be upon u & hello

well i'm not so happy with the end product. should never ever use the ready made fondant as i dont like the so soft texture. should just stick to my own fondant but at least i learn something right.

.:tea with me?:.

peace be upon u & hello

when comes weekend during Syawal month, it's very synonym with open house. sad, i can't enjoy food being served as i have bad heartburn. makan sikit-sikit pun dah cause me heartburn =(

so people, do take good care of urself & please watch ur eating habit ya

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

.:prune layer cake:.

peace be upon u & hello!

my all time layer cake, other than cadbury layer cake of course, prune layer cake or i prefer to call it prune layer cake setahun sekali =P why setahun sekali? i cuma rajin buat masa time raya je =D tedious, time consuming, tiring but one word... WORTH! use about 500gm butter & loads of eggs AA. ambil masa dekat 3jam nak melapis. but this year i manage to bake 2 cakes. rasa macam nak buat lagi...IF rajin 

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