Sunday, September 21, 2008

.:happy birthday dato' and datin:.

assalamualaikum & good day

flu, fever, headache, running nose...what else. lemme see .... ahhh thats all. cant write to much. kepala rasa ringan je ni as i didnt take any medicine. im so lazy as medicine will put me on bed for the whole day. cant do that as i have bunches of cuppies & cakes waited to be make up!

isnt it would be great when ur soulmate not only share everything in ur life, but the birth date as well! when ive been given task by my dad to deco this cake, i was a bit blur. ya la, cake utk orang-orang besar and some more 'mature' couple, tak kan nk lukis sana sini kan. so this is the best deco that i can think at that moment. something simple yet soooo sinful and devine!

cake details:
10" choc moist cake
layered & frost with choc ganache
deco with almond flakes, choc grate and strawberries
weight around 3.2kg

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