Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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peace be upon u

tau, lama tak update sini since i already have FB Bake Freshly =) so feel free to browse my FB ya

by the way, this coming Ramadhan I need to (no option) reduced in taking orders for cakes and cupcakes. But for cheese tarts, you are most welcome =)

and here's the limelight for this entry. i know it's still early (puasa pun belum kan). but no harm right to prepare early. so that i can arrange my schedule properly. tak banyak jenis sebab i buat yang mana i suka je =P cookies yang i akan buat are like below:

1. pineapple tart
2. london almond
3. chips of chips (to die for!)
4. ice cream

and the only cake that i will accept for raya is prune layer cake....errrr if u guys wanna place order other than prune layer cake, boleh jugak. cuma deco adalah terhad ya. sorry guys. mom told me that prune layer cake terpaksa di KIV dahulu.

photos, pricing & ingredients will be updated soon in FB, click HERE ya. and one more thing, currently im preparing sample for the 4 cookies mentioned above. should any of u would like to have it, do let me know ya.

thank you
p/s: dear my sayang, should i engage u as my editor =P

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