Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.:a'fea & duckie:.

peace be upon u

those who call me yesterday, so sorry as i really cant pick up the call. got something urgent. therefore i would highly recommend if i didnt pick up ur call, pleasee.. pretty please text me ya

had so much fun making this giant cupcake cake! and putting all the 'bubbles' on top of it much more fun =) its for eqin's daughter, a'fea, whos celebrating her 1st birthday. theme splash duckie.

suppose the giant cupcake cake is the cutting cake and the orange small cake is the smash cake. but due to unforeseen circumstances, it is vice versa =P hehehe biarkan eqin je tau citer

to a'fea, happy birthday. sorry aunty & co cudnt join ur bash. perhaps next year ya =)

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