Wednesday, April 15, 2009

.:the 100th follower:.

peace be upon u

auchhh! my head...sakit sangat rasanya. and i dont feel well. dah mula terasa masa pagi tadi pun, somewhere around 330am. masa tu tengah dok ralit deco this cake and i mula sneezing. and now, my eyes rasa pedih & panas-panas. pleaseee jangan la tak sihat =(

i look at my follower and wohoooo! 1 more to reach 100 follower. therefore, in my previous entry i did mention who ever be my 100th follower, will receive 16pcs of premium cuppies. and few minutes after uploading the entry, my phone beep saying that she's the 100th followers =D thanks pel and im so glad u enjoy the cuppies so much =)

p/s: how i wish tonight i could keep away all my baking thingy items yang dah berterabur kat dapur tu. my mom dah bising saying i keep on buying things but tak kemas =P sorry mom!

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